Run a check to see if you can find your business in the Google Top 10 for Water Damage Restoration and related terms.

A small group of people (5%) look on the second page for services. Traffic drops by 140% from the first to the second page (10th to the 11th result). Google Ads are inefficient as only 6% click on them, whereas the Top 10 enjoy a whopping 94% of clicks. People click more than twice (208%) on the Top 10 listings. I believe these stats suffice to make a case for a Top 10 position.



Water Damage Restoration SEO


Your Business on Google Maps

Google Maps puts three listings on the first page. Users on mobile devices and desktop systems see businesses around their location for their search terms. Now, customers needing water damage restoration services should be able to see your business in Google search page widget or Google Maps.



Your Business in the YouTube Top 10

The first page of Google often hosts YouTube videos. If you optimize your videos for niche keywords, you can have extra spots on the search page. YouTube requires a little effort and short timespan to rank a video in the YouTube Top 10. The reason is that most marketers don't know how to do YouTube SEO.



Water Damage topics

We could create content on topics people search online. For example:

  • How water damage restoration works.
  • How to extract water from the house or basement.
  • How to repair water leaks.
  • How to cleanup the damage cause by flood or leaks.
  • How to find an emergency flood service.
  • What does commercial water damage restoration entail.
  • How to repair a water damaged plasterboard.
  • How to repair a water damaged ceiling.
  • How to repair a water damaged drywall.
  • How to paint over water damage.

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