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My name is Ted ★ Search Marketer w/ a Masters Degree & 10 yrs in Digital Marketing ★ Have managed 6-digit Marketing Budgets ★ Google Certified Partner in: Mobile Sites; AdWords; Analytics; Mobile Ads; Video Ads; Display Ads; Shopping Ads; Digital Sales ★ Certified SEO by the University of California, Davis ★ Startup Mentor.

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Is your Washington site converting?

Do you have a website in Washington that you expect to generate revenue? I will make sure that your content can be found in the most important places online so that it can attract people from the local Washington to your website offers.

Note that all sites in Washington WA, regardless of the competition or the niche, can grow up to the level of an established site with abundant traffic, which a requirement for lead generation. When you grow up your traffic you get to the point that people find you in a prominent position in search, then people will want to work with you, link to your site, engage in some entrepreneurial way with you, etc. There are multiple ways to profit from the multiple page one results.

Talking with SEO terms

What I do is helping online businesses generate more revenue via the online search, what we commonly call 'Search Engine Optimization' or SEO. SEO means to work in such a way that your site competes among the first in the search results for terms that define your industry.

Why do we ever need the SEO Services? Because it makes sense exploiting this money-making channel the best way we can, meaning profiting from exhausting the traffic potential and at the same time staying competitive with such a low-cost method. Among other things, SEO delivers traffic, generates leads, maximizes the brand visibility.

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How important is to have a solid SEO knowledge?

  • Very important. Google keeps on updating its classification system each month. The changes they do affect the local Washington queries, national queries and so on. To rank a Washington site in search, you need to know what works now. Gimmicks that the self-called 'experts' use or cheap tricks that people sell online will only get you into trouble. Show me a good, reliable result of a website that has lasted and endured all Google updates with tricks. It does not work this way. You need to spend years to begin understanding how this machine works.
  • Now, most queries show the mobile devices. In our time people use and transact with their mobile devices. You can expect that all individuals who live or visit the Washington area have run queries in those devices. Bottom line is you need to show up in mobile search results. If people do not find you there you will not be making any money, your competitors who sit up front will. Things are as simple as that. You need to optimize your site for mobile search and then worry about desktop devices. Albeit simple, not many people get that. That also means that some of your competitors will take more time to figure this out, so you have more chances of ranking.
  • Then, the question is about conversions from the organic channel. Conversion experts are not many, and it is a science on its own to optimize for conversions. I do the best I can to influence and funnel the webmaster page design and template towards increasing the SEO conversions. If the client has a personal conversion expert then I work with the person, if not I give my best advice. What good is it for a site to have abundant traffic when this does not translate into conversions? What do I mean with conversions? Phone calls, subscribers to the email list, submitting website forms, online sales, things like those that matter for a company or e-commerce website.
  • When I have covered all the above, the groundwork, then I need to make the site robust enough to compete with the established competitors that currently profit from getting SEO traffic. That is a very demanding task and takes enough time, but it is critical to the success of the program. To put it simply and in few words, when this task is through anybody can check the quality of my work. The results are that for many local or niche queries the site shows up on the first page. Inevitably, the result is that the users will click on the web pages to find the solution or product they run the search. That translates into a lot of targeted traffic coming to the site pages and when the conversion optimization works, all good things will come as described in the last paragraph above (conversions).

What does my site need to rank in Washington?

Getting more practical, most things that are technical and a few helping hands. I could provide the strategy, the execution part, and the performance metrics.

Briefly presented here are the steps:

  1. Business analysis is matching the channel requirements, preparing a marketing plan, researching the local or niche competition, and taking the steps to success.
  2. Following the marketing plan specific actions on content creation, page and conversion optimization, all matching the requirement of ranking for local queries in Washington WA.
  3. Next part is the non-pertinent to website execution where a lot of influencing takes part, a call for people with followers to share the content. Like a brand ambassador who works on populating the right business message that will attract customers and exploit the power of the digital channel to its fullest extent.
  4. The last part is the monitoring of every action to measure if it contributes to the site growth. If it does, I continue exploiting it, if not I terminate it and look up for other opportunities. All these adjustments can work towards delivering excellent results and spend the budget efficiently.

Regarding the services I provide in Washington WA that contribute to the overall growth and maximize the SEO effect are:

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Adwords (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Mobile Marketing.


Locations that I serve

I optimize websites in the following areas for visibility in Washington WA, and local listings in Google Maps.

Bellevue -- Seattle -- Spokane -- Tacoma -- Washington.


SEO Expert Washington

What else you should know

The best performance comes when I have the full control over the site, and that is not the case with all websites for various reasons.

Outsourcing my SEO services to external providers is not my style. I am aware that most people do so and they will have a good reason to do that. I have significant concerns about the quality of those services, and since I will have to answer to my client when something breaks with those providers, I prefer to eliminate all risks. I stay current with all the updates in the search industry and work the best way I know.

You could hire me as your Washington SEO Consultant and collaborate to making your site more successful. Note that the other websites that currently occupy the search pages do not have any particular 'properties' that make them better than your site. The competitors position themselves likewise because they show more 'relevant,' for the lack of a better term, to the search query. Google looks upon them as more 'relevant' to the search query, and they rank. You need to make your site more 'relevant' to take one place next to them. Contact me to find out more.


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