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My name is Ted ★ Search Marketer w/ a Masters Degree & 10 yrs in Digital Marketing ★ Have managed 6-digit Marketing Budgets ★ Google Certified Partner in: Mobile Sites; AdWords; Analytics; Mobile Ads; Video Ads; Display Ads; Shopping Ads; Digital Sales ★ Certified SEO by the University of California, Davis ★ Startup Mentor.

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Optimize for local Seattle rankings

Local SEO works in Seattle following a proven growth path where everything targets the Seattle location. What I mean by that is an online business that needs good rankings plus local visibility. When the business website shows up in queries made in or near the location (Seattle WA), the search algorithm must serve the company site first instead of its competitors.

When you optimize for the Organic channel

The Organic traffic source is what we call 'SEO' or 'Natural' (search) channel. It is the traffic source that is way cheaper than other sources of traffic and evergreen (if worked the right way it generates long-term traffic without further intervention). For Seattle, every landing page built for the city of Seattle needs search and conversion optimization. It also requires the location signals that position the content in the Seattle periphery.

With all the above in place. We have the right base to grow something extraordinary. The website will start receiving local Seattle traffic exiting the anonymity phase for good. Locals will start visiting, requesting more details, hitting the phone lines, or subscribing to the website buttons. All the above conversion elements are growth metrics, and we welcome them. I offer to grow your Seattle site from a cheaper and reliable traffic source, the search engines.

Search Industry

Local & Competition Research

Seattle SEO Expert

The first step where I will base all future growth

Search Analytics

Deep-dive into your audience segments

Seattle SEO Company

With the target insights, I can offer them a solution or create a need

SEO Conversion

Landing page optimization

Seattle SEO Agency

All actions help to optimize the website Conversions


Put your business name in all places

Seattle SEO Consultant

When people see your company; they build trust and relates to its content

Seattle SEO Services

How my SEO method works

  • I stay current with all Google changes, month over month. The reason is that all websites regardless of their niche will be affected, local Seattle as well as national queries. When you know what has changed, you can fix or foresee things so you can minimize the issues affecting your traffic.
  • Google has made it so, that most searches now happen on mobile devices. Google has shifted the search industry to the mobile devices because their data shows that people visit or transacting more with their cell phones. I believe most of us do the same every day. For me that says that I need to have all the websites that I manage optimized for the current status of the search. If it changes, I need to optimize for the new ranking factors in place. It is a dynamic process that everybody needs to follow provided that they know what they are doing.
  • One word about Content Marketing. I classify this tool or promotional technique in the Top Of the Funnel (TOF) activities as it touches almost all the channels and is critical for business growth. What are the benefits of Content Marketing for SEO? Well, I work mainly with content. The things that I do on-site have to do with landing page research and website structure. Everything else on and off-site work with content. That means content is my primary tool and strategy.
  • I work a lot with Landing Pages. When I have researched the niche and sub-niches adequately (see above), I then built a page around the sub-niche, and this is where I expect my visitors to convert. I can have built a few or larger numbers of landing pages. It all depends on how many sub-niches I have. Since each landing page covers a subject/sub-niche/product/service, etc. (meaning optimized around it), it has all the prerequisites to rank for this sub-niche, and that is what does. The Landing Page solution is the best thing you can do to attract visitors, generate leads, and maximize conversions.

Enough with the technical stuff. Your Seattle website can take your business to the next level, and I am the person who can grow your organic traffic considerably.

What else do I need to rank in Seattle?

I do not require a lot of things. I need to have a detailed conversation with the business owner about the plan of activities and if there is an online strategy already in it. If not, we need to integrate it in some sort, define the marketing actions, budget and expectations.

Here are some early steps and my role:

  1. As part of the business plan, I will research the competition, your strengths, and weaknesses, then propose a marketing plan that caters all needs. When I have everything in place, I will set your budget and expectations.
  2. The marketing plan is custom built for each client website and includes all action steps, i.e., creating and maximizing content, optimizing website parts and pages for local Seattle queries, etc.
  3. Following the landing page optimization (with content), the power of the influencers comes into play as this will make attractive the page message/content/offer. When they share content enough, it will create the traffic influx we need to generate the conversions. It is a simple idea but hard to achieve if not done by a professional. The whole process is 100% white-hat (hence its difficulty), the right way to grow a website that will never break any rules.
  4. The last step after the content proliferation with all the powerful signals described above, I will monitor the search campaign and make any adjustments necessary to maximize the performance of SEO. I can go very deep into analyzing what is performing well and what needs to change, so we continue to grow with efficient spending.

I gave a full, yet not detailed, growth plan, as the scope of this page is to share the general way to grow a website. There are more steps intermittently and little fixes that my clients learn when working with me. I do not have any 'secret' method to rank a website in Seattle WA, other than using the current tools and strategies.

Here are briefly the services I provide: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Adwords (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Mobile Marketing.


Locations I service

In Seattle WA, I optimize websites in the following principal cities or areas, plus their local listings in Google Maps.

Seattle -- Washington.


SEO Expert Seattle

Maximum Performance

In which cases does my method deliver the best results? My performance tops up when I have full control over the client website. It is achievable with small businesses and obviously not with medium to large enterprises. In the latter cases, I prepare beforehand a list of suggestions, and all the fixes come from your developers.


Do I outsource my SEO?

I prefer not to. I am aware of most other SEO providers do, but it is not my policy to lose control of what I do on a client website. I like to keep the highest quality of services and simply get the job done without any risk.


How much does it cost?

That is a question that mostly comes early. The only way to answer it is by examining all the project requirements, strengths and weaknesses. It is a matter of know-how and work hours. I have no SEO packages that one can choose according to its budget. The sad truth is that those packages never work as they offer a placebo not a cure to a problem. Analyzing what a particular business needs is the only way to suggest a solution for its growth.


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