Utah SEO Expert


Utah First Page starts at $500/month. Ted has Google First Page Rankings in 90 locations.


Utah First Page starts at $500/month



Utah SEO First page positions in Utah (local search results). Prices start at $500/month.

Video SEO Your videos rank on the YouTube first search page (Optional service).

Google Maps Your business page shows up in local map listings (Optional service).

No outsourcing All client work is done in-house following high-quality standards.


About Me

Ted Politidis, First Page SEO Expert; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

Reach me at: ted@ergoseo.com


I will show you only a few results I've accomplished for this website using my winning SEO strategy.



Ecommerce SEO Eshops require special attention.

Medical SEO Awesome results in any health-related niche.

Legal SEO Prospects will find your services in their area.

Home Services Roofing, Plumbing, Landscaping, Moving, Cleaning, Electricians, Pest Removal, Restoration, Design.

Technology SEO SaaS, B2B, Startups, Mobile Apps, Science, Industrial, Conferences, Event Promotion.


What SEO can do for you

For the last decade, I optimize websites for traffic and conversions. My industry is 'Search Engine Optimization' aka SEO. I harness the power of SEO to compete against competitive industry terms and make my clients more successful.

My Services exploit the overall digital channel and all opportunities from the mixing of different techniques and channels. In most cases, there are unexplored possibilities regarding traffic potential and budget optimization. I do the stuff that works with the optimal budget. My results deliver more traffic, leads, and brand visibility.


How important is SEO today?

It is a fact that Google makes all kinds of changes to the way they classify the websites. The result is that the search results change with time. Google puts on top the sites that abide by its standards, whatever those are. The fact is that local queries in Utah will always see changes regardless of how long they have been online, how good they know their industry, or if they have a physical store.


What can SEO do for you?

Search engines are a significant source of traffic. When people are looking for a product or service nearby, they run queries. Those questions make sense when they produce relevant results and bring up websites that can serve the client due to their location proximity and their relevance to the query result. I make sure your website becomes relevant, and I maximize the area listings around Utah.


What about the mobile devices?

It is useful to note that the Utah locals will mostly use their mobile phones to look for products and services. The mobile channel is a great tool to grow your website as not every one of your competitors will have optimized their sites for mobile. Optimized for mobile means that all page elements work flawlessly on mobile devices and target conversions on mobile devices. Optimizing a site for mobile user experience (UX) is not an easy task and requires a lot of monitoring to perfection.

In regards to the inbound traffic, the mobile channel offers more than 50% of a site′s traffic, so it makes sense to work more for it than for desktop devices. The mobility that contributes to longer engagement with the net, the competition weaknesses, the opportunities for better UX, and the room for optimized conversions, make the mobile channel a significant tool.


What are the SEO conversions?

The conversions in SEO follow the performance trends of the other inbound channels. It is better to have an idea of how to design a site for conversions, and I do my best to help the webmaster increasing the conversion rate. By conversions I mean when people call the phones listed on the site, join the mailing list, fill in the online forms, request more info, buy products, all the elements that increase the engagement and generate profit. My take is that conversions are the most important factor on a site directly linked to the revenue. What I do to increase the SEO conversions besides the landing page optimization is to target and provide high-quality traffic that offers higher conversion rates.


How to make the site more visible?

Having completed the steps above, what is left is establishing the site as a key player in the local market or niche. Growing the site is a step that will judge the online success of my SEO services. To make the site more visible, I combine two tactics. First, I position it in the first page for competitive terms. When the site dominates the first page, it is inevitable to attract the largest share of the search engine traffic.

The second method is to list the site in eye-catching places and large networks with a significant following. The more places hosting a listing, the better. When the business message (content) is appealing people will likely click the listings, posts, or offers, visit the site, and hopefully share the content (making it viral). This way we will have targeted traffic coming to the site. The promotion stands upon the marketing of content (the right message in the right format, more below).


What does it take to rank in Utah?

A marketing plan, technical knowledge, and a budget. I could provide the strategy, work the steps, and monitor the performance. I could do all the work. I will briefly present what I do. I start by analyzing your site strengths and weaknesses (site audit), research the local competition, then formulate a plan to deploy the project.

The marketing action steps include the content creation, on/off-page optimization, and conversion best practices specifically for the Utah state. With the marketing texts in place, I start sharing it and influencing people. The goal is to attract targeted traffic and exploit the low-cost SEO channel.

When taking each action, I monitor its impact with a set of analytics and proven methods that will allow verifying the growth with facts. The monitoring process is critical to know which actions perform well and abandon or postpone others that do not work well presently. Knowing the performance allows spending efficiently and delivers massive engagement.


What about the Google guidelines?

The best performance comes when I have the full control over the site, and that is not the case with all websites for various reasons.

Outsourcing my SEO services to external providers is not my style. I am aware that most people do so and they will have a good reason to do that. I have significant concerns about the quality of those services, and since I will have to answer to my client when something breaks with those providers, I prefer to eliminate all risks. I stay current with all the updates in the search industry and work the best way I know.


Which locations do you serve?

I optimize Utah web pages in the following areas and local listings in Google Maps:

Layton -- Ogden -- Orem -- Provo -- Salt Lake City -- Sandy -- St. George -- Taylorsville -- West Jordan -- West Valley.


Reach me at: ted@ergoseo.com



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