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Do you get enough search engine traffic? Do you know that you could dominate the local San Antonio searches, Google Maps and YouTube listings? You might have done SEO before with no success, but that does not mean that you have exhausted the SEO potential.

I am talking about getting traffic from Google, the principal traffic source. When the developers delivered your web page, they insisted that it is SEO-ready and Google compliant. Let me doubt the statement as all developers believe that they master SEO but the facts show otherwise, and I always end up fixing coding that breaks the SEO. So, the best thing is to start by doing an SEO audit and come up with a list of technical points to fix. With SEO issues present you cannot expect any decent SEO performance.


About Me

Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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phone: (815) 981-8846
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With the San Antonio SEO Expert you will stop spending your money and time in amateur tactics or paid ads. Not counting the technical blockers, your strategy may not be suitable for the right customers - speaking concerning the SEO channel. The part concerning the consumers is your field, and I value your niche insights. Nonetheless, I will need to make sure the details are enough to create steady SEO growth. I am looking into the natural channel, so some adjustments and factors may not be present in the overall strategy. What I will be looking is what are the available traffic sources for your niche, what is the best approach, agree on a satisfactory budget, and plan for growth. Since SEO does not run on infinite resources, I need to validate that it is the best solution for your business goals. The natural channel requires in-depth knowledge and resourcefulness that you can only meed in an expert situation. I will explain below why the elevated expectations.

Typically what you need are more views and clicks. I manage to deliver the result with better page positioning. Hire me as your SEO Consultant to optimize your content and promote it in places that make sense for your niche. In short, I will disseminate your message in industry blogs, professional networks, and other sites where someone might be interested in reading your offer. The next step is optimizing for conversions. When I achieve both results, I bring in additional benefits, such as the brand visibility as you will be showing up in lots of online locations. Another advantage is trust in your brand. People will likely trust your company more just from seeing it everywhere. Did I mention that by multiplying the appearances I will also limit the marketing chances of your competition? In brief, I will work to bring in clicks, conversions, content relevancy, high rankings, brand visibility and trust. My work will apply to all devices/search channels, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



How does SEO work?

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization will provide free traffic originating in search engines, i.e., Google, Bing, etc. My work is to optimize your page content, make it more visible to San Antonio folk when they spend time online, searching in Google, going through the Maps listing, watching YouTube videos, or visiting any other online page that hosts your offer. I like to know what your consumers are searching, then create the right content, devise a way to hit them with your message, then track the SEO metrics and conversions. The crucial point is to pitch the residents of San Antonio with the best solution in time and place where they likely prone to making a purchase decision. What better way to showcase your products/services than having them in front of their eyes? I do it by displaying your pages in the highest positions for San Antonio related queries.

With over a decade in-house and agency experience in Digital Marketing and SEO, I have seen websites dominating the search stack; webmasters hit with penalties due to spam link profiles, pages with top-notch content enjoying massive visits, spammers, hackers, doorway pages, etc. If I am to answer whether spam or Black-hat SEO still works, I would say it does. However, I like to keep away from it because I do not believe it can bring added value to my clients. I work with HQ content and try to build the best site structure, which will benefit my on-page content. Is it possible that with the necessary fixes and content optimization a page will advance to the first page? Absolutely, but you will have more luck if you grow the site in all SEO aspects. Why? On-site SEO is the first step. The next step is promoting your content/offer. When you achieve the two goals, you can enjoy cheap, evergreen, targeted traffic. Believe me when saying that SEO delivers way more than paid advertising, and costs less in comparison to struggling for a top-spot ad. If you achieved both results, a page ranking #1 in organic search and an advertisement in the highest position, you could see more hits with your organic (SEO) page and not your ad. Giving a rough estimate; I would say SEO can bring you a +50-200% increase in its initial phase.


What to expect from SEO?

You may fall short in steady organic traffic either with an established business or a Start-up. In any case, you can expect higher traffic and conversions than any other digital channel. When your in-house marketing team is skilled, you can anticipate the best ROI. However, in most cases, I either meet in-house marketers at a junior level with no relevant SEO experience or no domestic team. Why do internal teams fail in SEO? The marketers use either paid advertising and social media to grow the website or amateur tactics that shatter the SEO growth. When you have an oligopoly of channels, you cannot expect a steady development, and you may be exhausting the marketing budget with ineffective marketing like the paid advertising that targets your wallet. When you are competing for a top spot ad, you can expect that your competitors will raise the bids and you will end up spending more than expected. When you mix more channels into your strategy, you can have measurable growth and fixed spending. Another issue is that quasi all the competitors work the same channels, and you have hardly any opportunities for growth. The reason is that marketers find SEO too complicated or deceive themselves thinking they do something in SEO but it is not enough. It is true that the organic channel needs a lot of know-how missed by the marketers who engage in old/risky tactics.

Why so hard to grow the natural channel? Being the #1 source of traffic, Google likes to update its engine towards better user experience. The updates rolled out aim to enhance the quality and relevancy of search results, reduce spam, promote the program, and fix programming errors. New changes happen all the time amounting to hundreds per year. In such a fluid industry one would expect the marketers to adjust and raise their work quality. Instead, they still use spam tactics, sell hype, outsource work to spam providers, and play the Google game by offering reasons to blame the entire SEO industry. Note that you do not need to hire a spammer. Google can go ahead and penalize your website for tactics of your own! Google will remove your pages from its search index; you will end up with no traffic at all and no recovery option. What you need to do is hire an expert with spam-proof tactics with no compromising. Most marketers either are ineffective or cross the line, then go crazy with each update, instead of spending more time on research and testing.

The other engines Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and Yahoo!, show little progress in updating their algorithms, plus provide no considerable traffic. In spite of the numerous Google updates, I see no reason to agree that there are radical changes in its ranking system. With some pointers triggering spam or introducing new features, the way one should do SEO remains unchanged. The same statement stands for the SEO agencies, which show almost no development in their tactics. Do some research, and you will soon discover that the standard policy in agencies is to reduce costs by outsourcing work to smaller firms or freelancers. The cost reduction impacts the quality of work and ends up in increased spam risk. Google will promptly remove a website from its index upon discovering toxic link profiles. When they see spam, they hit the brand website, most of the time with no warning. Why should Google spend its resources to study each case when they can run a site-wide penalty and get over with it. They work with pattern identification, toxic profiles or over-optimization tactics, send their bots to check and hit the "spammers" where appropriate. Inexperienced marketers do not understand how Google works with patterns and get caught all the time. The problem is that their clients pay the price. I like to stay safe, study and test, comply with policies, use white-hat tactics. I can then be confident that I safeguard the client website, save them money, work for evergreen traffic, increase conversions, and build branding.


Go Mobile

How many new devices do you see released each month? Have you noticed that all smart devices are connected? Does it make sense to expand your marketing to all known technologies? Here are some reasons to go mobile: The Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly creates a new market. Millennials own more than one device and are 24/7 connected to the web. Google for its part, measures a considerable amount of traffic from mobile, that is smartphones, not tablets. Let us think how a customer in the wide San Antonio area behaves; They may walk the commercial districts or drive by, searching for solutions or products. Would you like to reach to those consumers when they are close? The answer is: take advantage of the screen they use. They get suggestions in their displays, event-triggered queries for useful business listings. You should be able to reach to them by offering a version for smaller screens. Next, your marketer needs to understand the mobile consumer and market with all available channels. I would say even formulate an approach to enter voice search available in most phones, i.e., the virtual assistant offers solutions to the user in the likes of Siri in Apple iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch. Voice search is also available in Android with Google Now (Google Voice Search). Windows phones have Cortana also embedded in PCs via voice commands. Figure out an approach to exploit the new technologies, Mobile, IoT, Voice Search, and Artificial Intelligence that influence the state of search. Get the grip of those competitors still using old tactics. Hire a developer, offer mobile-friendly pages. Google will give you a boost (at least so they say) in search results. Optimize for mobile conversions, and you will see the gains.


What can you do for San Antonio city?

Fix the issues impacting the performance of your San Antonio pages and make it ready for first-page rankings. Research the consumers and optimize for conversions. Elevate your website as the standard in the San Antonio niche, dominate all local Google queries. Add a couple of digital channels to the mix, i.e., video marketing, social media, content marketing. Get measurable growth, justify your spending. Boost your local traffic, improve your lead generations, make visitors want to contact you, join your list, reach out in a way we can track.

Why do I care about the other channels? It makes sense to list your business on Google Maps, so they pull your page with each relevant search. On the other hand, YouTube offers a search function that is easy to optimize. I could rank your videos at the top of the search stack and get you extra traffic. I could run branding campaigns on social media as it makes sense showing your brand to consumers who take more steps to make a purchase decision. Mentioning your brand a lot helps to build trust and limits the competition.


What are your requirements?

Need your feedback to draft a plan or insert the SEO part into your project. With each niche and website having individual requirements, I like to do extensive research to be sure I market it right. I start from competition research, define the content needs, prepare landing pages, schedule the marketing activities, set budget and expectations. Any additional feedback, reports, insights, social accounts, will help. Regarding the website statistics, I would like to look into visitors, conversions, channels, keywords, referrals. My method is easy to apply to any online property you have, i.e., video listings, e-shop catalogs, etc. I could carry out all the technical improvements myself or send the list of requirements to your webmaster.


Marketing plan topics

My plan will include the findings of my SEO audit, strengths and weaknesses of your site, content opportunities, marketing steps, traffic potential, projected performance, timeline, growth targets (MoM, YoY), and budget. I will take into account the San Antonio market status, advise on content production, landing page setup, engagement activators, performance metrics, targets, and spending. I generate more clicks using content optimization (White-hat approach).


How do you use content to boost SEO?

There are only a few ways to generate SEO leads. Content is the number one way, and do not mind those saying that you just need backlinks as they have spam tactics. Going for backlinks may break your website. Backlinks can work when content supports them (relevancy). Content needs to show originality, have a proper length, and other quality pointers. When one uses article marketing to boost SEO, I say this is over-optimization and spam. I get it, agencies are happy with it, they can automate content distribution, but here is the weak part. Article marketing does not offer ROI. I prefer to study the market, create a few optimized pieces, and promote them to places where customers are likely to see my offer. Why should I market the same way the others do since each niche is different from the others? Why should I share the same sources with everybody? I should probably find out what I can do differently with my message to have it stand out from the stack. I believe in producing top-notch content that engages (attracts more clicks) the readers. My goals are: i) Generate leads, facilitate conversions; ii) Build stronger backlinks, iii) Raise brand awareness. Google will want to highlight your HQ content; the readers will want to interact with it. So, I only need a few posts that follow my research findings and generate engagement (clicks, shares).


What is your SEO strategy?

i) Generate clicks from the natural channel. Stay relevant to the niche, lead the clicks to the optimized landing pages. ii) Understand how consumers behave when they search or visit your pages. iii) Find content opportunities, create interaction. iv) Track and optimize for conversions. v) Raise the branding.


Do I need to worry about spam?

Stay calm with each Google update. I monitor the changes and comply with Google guidelines. If I need to fix anything I will get in touch with your webmaster. My method is White-hat, so I do not worry about an update. I know that nothing will break your website, I do know though that a part of your competition will lose business with their spam tactics. I have extra security in place. Outsourcing to other agencies or freelancers is a no-go. No quality standards, no control over their work, lousy communication, need to do damage control afterward. I stick to my in-house work, which makes me very proud and confident. Note that there might be something going on outside my control. When somebody runs spam against you, it will hurt your rankings. Please take care and include the Spam SEO Monitoring in our agreement if you know or suspect a competitor. In any case, if I detect something is wrong, I will let you know and adjust our approach to minimize the risks.


What are your services?

To my clients in San Antonio I offer: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), Negative SEO Monitoring, and Mobile Marketing.


What are the ways of payment?

The best option is the retainer. It works well with a single or stack of sites, Startups, or established brands. I would suggest working for six months, check the targets, keep the excellent work or adjust accordingly. My 10+ years experience says with a clean website (no prior issues) I can see the growth from the third month, sometimes rankings rise even from the second. When the rankings stabilize, you will start measuring the ROI.



I optimize web pages in the state of Texas, the cities of Austin -- Dallas -- Houston.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
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