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How do you work your Houston web page? Have you hired a Professional SEO Expert or an SEO Agency? Do you have an internal team dedicated to the growth of your website, costing you a lot of resources? You may have chosen one of the above options, but still, you do not get to see results.

Why is that? What is wrong with your SEO strategy? Do you need more backlinks or do you need to expand your customer reach with more traffic sources? These are questions that may trouble any business owner, but rest assure that there are solutions. At times people do not dedicate enough of their time to a project, or they just do not have the expertise to run it. They may say that they do, but the reality discredits them judging from the results.


About Me

Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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This Houston SEO Expert will assist you in building up your online traffic from organic sources. I will do that by finding out what your local customers need and optimize your online presence for maximum revenue. People located in Houston will probably be looking for specific answers and solutions within their reach. When your products or services show up in prominent positions in those searches, it is natural to assume that people will click to visit your pages. After studying your audience, I will need to optimize your business message. It is a two-step technique where I examine what is the right content for each audience, as you appreciate there are more groups of people with different demographics/interests requiring a more individual approach. Following the research, I will define the correct time and place to hit the audiences with your offer. This SEO research is not much different from the typical online marketing campaign if you exclude the various traffic sources and audience behaviorism.

About the placements. The distribution of the company message/offer will take place in relevant networks, blogs, forums and other online properties. The overall goal is to share your brand message on numerous online sites. The sharing will have a threefold positive effect; 1) More people click to visit your website maximizing your conversions; 2) Your brand shows up together with your message/offer; 3) Those multiple brand mentions will beat the competition as your competitors will show up in fewer places. The content, on and off-page, should match your niche, and of course, rank well in the Houston area making it easy for locals to find you without any effort. When I say "rank well," I mean to show up in prominent positions in Google Search and Google Maps on all devices. Only then, prospects and buyers will see your offer/page and click (convert) to read your offer. The incoming traffic goes to the pages that rank well in search, the landing pages optimized for each topic/offer/keyword group. The conversions will happen when seeing and calling your phone number, subscribe to your email list, click the buy button, etc.



Why you may want to do SEO?

It makes sense to include SEO in your growth strategy. Business-wise you would not want to leave out a robust traffic channel, the organic or Search Engine Optimization. Based on my 10+ yrs experience, SEO is cheaper than most of the digital channels, and it will build up generating more and more leads even if you stop it for a while. When done with a modern view SEO is gold, when you risk stuff it can destroy your business. Most agencies outsource their SEO to off-shore specialists and companies to reduce the costs. A higher risk has critical consequences for the website health of their clients. I know one thing. Do you need to do SEO? Then do not outsource it and adopt a modern strategy to reduce risks. Every other method will break a site or deliver nothing. You are investing a lot of money to it, after all, you need to get at least your money′s worth.

It is a fact that little has changed in the ways most SEO agencies work, but the search engines are getting smarter, more efficient and start including Artificial Intelligence methods to compute the rankings. If one stays with old-school tactics, it will reflect on the client profile. The client/website profile will become toxic on/off-page. Toxicity can only bring trouble, meaning less traffic, more issues, penalties, etc. Risky methods is a fast way to compromise a website and let the competitors pile up sales. Getting first-page results is hard as one competes against oneself first, then against the competition. Experts with modern means come few in numbers and work hard to deliver high rankings for competitive terms. Good work means evergreen traffic. For my part, I put a lot of effort to put this powerful organic channel into working for your business. I add more digital channels, i.e., video marketing, social media, content marketing that can help the natural growth and produce evergreen results. When one is not limited to a single source of traffic and mix different tactics that offer measurable results. Working in many cases under budget limitations, one must be resourceful to discover growth opportunities. Bottom line is I work with what delivers results and always look for a window to optimize.


So how important is SEO to my business?

Optimizing the natural channel is of great importance. Most startups use only a few digital channels and throw loads of money into paid advertising or try to work, mostly erroneously, with social media. Having a monoculture does now work well and depletes your marketing budget. When you optimize the paid ads, you need to consider that your competitors will not stay put and react. The result is that you and all of your competition will fight for two to three places and this is not productive. Higher competition spends everyone′s budget. When a team mixes more traffic channels, it can get measurable growth. But when all businesses work the same channels then other channels are free to grow. I understand the difficulty most marketers have with the SEO channel as it is hard and requires a lot of expertise. Thus the logical choice is to throw money into the paid pit.

Why is it so hard to grow the search channel? It is a widespread belief that Google is the most significant source of online traffic. The role of the search giant implies that they always try to make their engine better for users. The search improvements roll out as updates, hundreds of them each year. The situation for the search industry is a fluid one where things change all the time and marketers that employ spam tactics face the consequences. Search optimization is not a simple software program or an online interface like where you do some adjustments clicking on buttons. Also, the industry includes marketers and agencies that sell hype, outsource their projects to cheaper providers and profit from entirely spam methods. There is lots of confusion, hype, and frustration. Are those enough reasons? Well, I say they are enough, and I have a solution to alleviate all those issues. Simple, spam-proof strategy that works all the time without compromising any website. When you need first-page rankings, I am afraid you do not have a lot of options out there.


What can you offer in regards to Houston SEO?

Ranking on the first-page for Houston-related searches in Google. Want more? The focus is to optimize for conversions, so traffic is not the only goal. Traffic is just one step in the growth process. Remember, you need to put SEO into working for you, meaning converting into sales, subscriptions, or generally, contacting your business in some way. Depending on your niche, you can increase your visitors from all search engines. Plus, you can list your business on the Google Maps, so area visitors can see your website when in the area and using their mobile phones. Or, when looking up for a local business from their desktop PCs, the shops show up in the respective map area. I can then complement the traffic with more sources like organic search queries happening on YouTube, where one or more videos can cover the entire Houston niche and rank in the first spots. Lastly, some branding via social media networks where posts with a link to your landing page usually suffice for the initial traffic boost.


Is it necessary to have a mobile website?

A website version suitable for mobile devices will help a lot generating leads. There are a lot of mobile devices out there, and millennials tend to use more than one daily. When you offer a mobile version or a responsive site you hit a significant traffic source, in many cases more significant than the desktop systems. Take for example a potential client that does some errands in the Houston area and wants to check some local businesses. Why so much trouble for a mobile site? Mobile is nowadays a significant traffic source and continues to grow. There is also a new challenge in the form of voice search, personal assistants that answer questions for the users, i.e., Siri in Apple iPhones, iPad and iPod touch. In Android systems, there is Google Now or Google Voice Search, and in Windows phones, there is Cortana with cross-platform availability. Cortana also gives the possibility to users to talk to their PC the same way they give orders to their smartphone or tablet. Voice search presents the future of search in some way where Artificial Intelligence will play a role.

An additional point to consider is if all of your competitors have the mobile-ready advantage. It takes time and money to prepare mobile web pages, with the design, optimized content and conversion elements. I bet you that many of them will not be ready. Why miss a considerable traffic source and get the most from your online pages. Google has also promised, and some studies prove that they give a boost to brands that have a mobile-optimized page. With the mobile shift, you optimize the website speed, review your content and take a step towards modernization.


How can you generate revenue from SEO?

First, you need to have visits from the organic channel regardless of the device. The traffic you need should be relevant, meaning generated from related search queries. Targeted visits that make sense for the business (leads) not just-browsing visitors; For lead generation, your marketer needs to research the opportunities, produce relevant content for your business audience, and upload it on your landing pages. When you generate leads following the above steps you will have high-quality traffic and you can expect better conversion rate. The same way each marketing campaign you run, again targeting natural traffic, should follow these steps. Qualified traffic is expensive but converts better. It is precisely what your business needs. The visitors will now turn into clients by calling your business phone, subscribe to your newsletter, click the buy button, and other things that convert into revenue. Even after having all elements in place, you need to monitor the growth and optimize to increase the conversions. Analytics is essential to optimize your campaigns, and I will talk about that below.


What are the challenges with organic content?

It is a fact that the traffic sources in the search industry are not many. Everybody tries to exploit the same sources, that is why each of us is keeping its sources and methods for traffic and lead generation secret. What I do is to put the foundation and build up gradually. I use less exploited traffic sources, and I complement with promising content opportunities. Each niche is different, and the ways to generate traffic may differ. An advantage here is that most marketers leave a lot of possibilities unexplored as they focus on building backlinks. For me, content presents an evergreen source that offers real, targeted traffic. When people find something interesting in your content, they will likely want to click and visit your page. The more readable and helpful your content the more engagement and conversions. Plus, high-quality content that drives engagement helps establish your page as an authoritative source within your niche, meaning your pages will rank higher. You do not need thousands of links just targeted content and user engagement. By engagement I mean interacting with your content, clicking, reading most of it, sharing it with their peers. Google will appreciate the engagement metrics and give you credit (rankings). Gradually, with each content piece, you produce Google will position it at the top of the search stack. Remember, that most of your competitors will not have quality content available, so there is an opportunity for your business. Study the niche and audience needs/interests, offer targeted content, optimize the conversions, analyze the metrics, adjust if needed, then repeat the process for each campaign/landing page.


What will I need to rank in Houston?

In alignment with the points that I have mentioned above, each website had different growth expectations depending on the competition and the work on its landing pages. I start with formulating a marketing plan that meets the needs of the business in hand. The blueprint includes the audience research and content opportunities, marketing actions, traffic channels, analytics and performance, and lastly, growth expectations and marketing costs. I believe the marketing blueprint is essential to growing your traffic. After auditing the client website, I single out the strengths and weaknesses and recommend action points to fix existing issues. The strategy above will include the singularity of the Houston market, the challenges of content production, the existing web page, any statistics available, etc. It will propose the optimal monthly budget for the marketing actions and will try to involve possible niche influencers that can trigger user engagement.

A monthly retainer is the best option to grow a website, startup, or further increase the lead generation for an established online shop. For example, we can agree to work for six months, then regroup, see what we have gained, and decide to stay on the track or add more traffic channels. The focus will be on clicks, landing page optimization, and conversions. To do that I need an online property, might be the business website, a YouTube channel or an online shop. I can work on all the optimizations on the site, or I can assist the webmaster and the marketing team. It would be best if the business has some established social accounts that can distribute the targeted content we will produce.


Is there a list of services?

In Houston I provide the following services: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Mobile Marketing.


Do you follow the latest Google updates?

I abide by the Google guidelines and follow all the latest updates to keep track of what changes and how I can fix things. Since I do not outsource my SEO projects and I stay on the white-hat path, I am confident of my work quality, and there is no risk involved besides someone doing negative SEO to my client. Negative SEO is a considerable risk whether the website owner is into SEO or not. A competitor might want to harm your rankings in many ways, and the consultant will save you from unwanted risks. On the other hand, outsourcing the work for a client to external agencies or freelancers could be a nightmare. Assuming the task to answer to the client on what is going on regarding the marketing campaigns cannot include third-parties that fail to keep up with the quality standards. Hence, I am counting on doing nothing but the safe stuff and wait for the positive outcome.



I also optimize websites in the state of Texas and the cities of Austin -- Dallas -- San Antonio.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
email: ted@ergoseo.com
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