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Do you have an online website or an e-shop in Dallas? You might want some extra traffic from the search engines or dominate the searches and Google Maps. Right now your pages only get a few visitors.

You have already tried different methods to generate leads and make sales. Worked some paid advertising, put a couple of banners somewhere, tested the email marketing with bought email lists, and your developer has persuaded you that your site is SEO-ready. But when you check your stats daily you see no change. There are some visits but people do not visit your products or your landing pages, and they do, not convert into customers. What can you do? There must be something wrong with your online strategy; you might be leaving some channels out of the equation or not reaching to the right audience.


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Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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Testing different tactics can be beneficial or just wasting your money and time. I believe you need a Dallas SEO Expert to put your business on the right track. For example, ensure you are reaching the right customers. I do not intend to do the market research for you. You have already figured that by yourself. I just mean that the SEO specialist can help you identify the right marketing channels, methods to approach your prospects, the suitable budget, and a comfort growth rate for the next months. There are a lot of marketing actions or campaigns that need the expertise to run just because nobody has unlimited resources and everybody expects the ROI. When you take the organic channel (SEO) or Google traffic into account, I could say you are dealing with a highly-specialized topic that only a few marketers of the people working in the industry can master. It reads as a bold statement and sadly, is it the truth as I will explain below.

More information on the positioning. I will optimize your offer and place it where it makes sense for your niche. In relevant blogs, networks where people from your niche use to visit, forums and more online places. The goal here is to ensure your message attracts more views and clicks. When people click your offer we can maximize the conversions; When prospects see your message online you gain in brand visibility and augment the customer trust in your brand; When you have more mentions your business is there instead of your competition. The key points when optimizing an online property is relevancy, high rankings, high brand visibility across channels. When we have reached all three above points, we can see the traffic boost. Important to add, that all key-steps should take place on all devices/search channels, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



What is the benefit of SEO?

When you consider whether or not SEO would be beneficial I can give you only an affirmative answer. In general, terms, what you should expect from the SEO consultant to do is to augment your traffic from the search engines, i.e., Google, Bing. As I am an expert in this field, I would start researching how your business proposition can generate profit from the area you market online. The goal is to make sure the local customers have no problem finding your business offer, whether they are searching online, looking into the Google maps, watching YouTube videos, or visiting other online properties. When I know what the prospects look for, I could then prepare the content for the landing pages and the off-site campaigns, and maximize the SEO conversions. The key is to offer to the Dallas residents the answers and solutions they look for within their reach. How I do that? I position your products/services in front of their eyes, displaying your pages in advanced positions for the Dallas queries and then, expect more clicks and visits to your pages.

I have 10+ years in-house and agency experience in Digital Marketing. I have seen websites dominate the search stack, others penalized from Google for reasons of abnormal growth (link profiles), pages getting massive traffic because of their content, spam sites, etc. If you cut out the spam or Black-hat SEO, which still works in many cases, what is left is a robust groundwork optimization and capitalize on your on/off page content. As I have excluded the spam means above, remain the two points to optimize. Working with the technical prerequisites and the content optimization is enough to get you where you want. SEO will deliver cheap, evergreen, flourishing traffic when your page reaches the maturity phase. It goes beyond the paid advertising, way below the costs of paying for one spot, more clicks/hits from the organic results compared to the ads, steady traffic, and healthier online business. SEO is an excellent addition to any channel/marketing approach you currently run. Depending on the niche, people may see +30-200% during the initial phase and develop more.


So how important is doing it right?

Businesses with no steady organic traffic and startups with no marketing experience, hire junior marketers or use only a few digital channels and throw loads of money into paid advertising or try to work, mostly erroneously, with social media. Having a monoculture does now work well and depletes your marketing budget. When you optimize the paid ads, you need to consider that your competitors will not stay put and react. The result is that you and all of your competition will fight for two to three places and this is not productive. Higher competition spends everyone′s budget. When a team mixes more traffic channels, it can get measurable growth. But when all businesses work the same channels then other channels are free to grow. I understand the difficulty most marketers have with the SEO channel as it is hard and requires a lot of expertise. Thus the logical choice is to throw money into the paid pit.

Why is it so hard to grow the search channel? It is a widespread belief that Google is the most significant source of online traffic. The role of the search giant implies that they always try to make their engine better for users. The search improvements roll out as updates, hundreds of them each year. The situation for the search industry is a fluid one where things change all the time and marketers that employ spam tactics face the consequences. Search optimization is not a simple software program or an online interface like where you do some adjustments clicking on buttons. Also, the industry includes marketers and agencies that sell hype, outsource their projects to cheaper providers and profit from entirely spam methods. There is lots of confusion, hype, and frustration. Are those enough reasons? Well, I say they are enough, and I have a solution to alleviate all those issues. Simple, spam-proof strategy that works all the time without compromising any website. When you need first-page rankings, I am afraid you do not have a lot of options out there.

Besides some points of interest in the search engines algorithms, and I am referencing mostly Google, as the rest, i.e., Bing, Yandex, Baidu, or Yahoo!, do not show much progress in regards to Google. Despite the numerous Google updates I do not see any worth-mentioning change of how websites rank in the SERPs. I know it is a bold statement I make here, but the wireframe of what brings the "best" pages in front of the searcher′s eyes has not changed. Few things were dropped or flagged as spam during the years, new stuff introduced, yet I can prove the central ranking mechanism stays in place. It is sad though that the SEO agencies follow the same path without innovation. Big agencies try to reduce costs by outsourcing their projects to off-shore freelancers and smaller agencies. The latter they see no point to innovate due to the limited budget and laziness. The result is that Google pulls off the lid to their spammy tactics, the toxicity of backlink creation propagates, and all of us suffer from the stain of doing spam regardless how we work, how much we spend, how much time we devote to stay current with each change. So if everybody resorts to the same growth pattern why pay higher if you can find cheap SEO services? My answer is if you do not care about your web page, just go ahead and destroy it. If you do care a little, it is imperative that you stay away from schemes, instead concentrate on targeted/evergreen traffic, conversions, and branding.


Today mobility plays a key-role

Modern websites play on all devices and generate more leads. More smart devices hit the market each day, with most of them connected. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing that will change our daily experience, the Millennial generation uses all those smart devices, and Google says a sizable source of traffic comes from mobile, primarily from smartphones as tablets retreat. When your clients walk or drive through the city of Dallas, suggestions come up on their phone screens either spontaneous or triggered by its owners. Mobile is a reality and businesses need to adapt their pages to fit the smaller screens. How marketers will respond to the advent of voice search, where the personal assistant embedded on the phone answer questions for the users, i.e., Siri in Apple iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch? Voice search is a reality in Android with Google Now or Google Voice Search, and in Windows with Cortana offering cross-platform compatibility. Cortana is also an option for PC users with voice commands. IoT, Voice Search, and Artificial Intelligence will influence the future of search. What about the competition? Do all your competitors offer mobile-friendly pages or Accelerated Mobile Pages? One needs to understand the benefits, then hire a developer, and produce content for such pages. Google has promised to boost the mobile-optimized and AMP pages.


What can you do concerning Dallas?

I could grow further your Dallas site and help you get first-page rankings. Research your audience and optimize your organic traffic for conversions. Make your page a key-player all over Dallas for all related Google search queries. Add more digital channels into the soup, i.e., video marketing, social media, content marketing to boost further the growth of evergreen visits. I have seen that I get the best results when I combine more marketing channels. It is safer to put your eggs in more than one basket and have each channel deliver measurable growth that justifies your spending. I am looking into augmenting the traffic from the Dallas area, converting it into sales if you have an e-commerce page or leads if you need customers to contact you, subscribe to your newsletter or interact with you in some way.

I could also list your business on Google Maps (the so-called local pack), and that would be very helpful for visitors in the area seeing your page on their mobile phones. Search channels like the organic queries in YouTube can bring extra traffic with the help of one or more videos targeting a small set of keywords about Dallas, videos that rank in the first spots. I also like to complement with some branding done on social media networks as your brand should appear everywhere because customers do not decide right away when they see a post. It may take them up to seven times before making a decision, hence the multiple appearances and branding.


What do you need from my side?

First I will need some feedback to draft a marketing plan or take your existing game plan and factor in the SEO details. Given that each niche and website is different, before setting the budget, marketing activities, and expectations, I will need to study the competition in the local market and define the necessary landing pages for the SEO channel. Here again, some feedback, reports and other insights on the Dallas market are required. Lastly, I will need any website statistics you can share, i.e., website visitors, conversions, traffic channels, SEO keywords, referrals, etc. Please note that I could equally deliver growth to any online property, even to a YouTube channel. I could implement all the fixes personally on the site, or could work with the webmaster or the in-house marketers. It would be best if the business has some established social accounts that can distribute the targeted content we will produce.


What does your marketing plan specifically entail?

My plan will include the strengths and weaknesses of your website (audit), content opportunities, marketing activities, traffic means, estimated performance, timeline, growth targets (MoM, YoY), and finally, the costs. The blueprint will take into account the market uniqueness of Dallas, content requirements, landing pages, engagement triggers, performance metrics, expectations, and expenditure. I center my efforts to generate more clicks, optimize the landing pages, and increase the conversions.


How does content help SEO?

When we examine the ways to generate more leads, we can only find a few. Content is the primary traffic source in the search industry, and nobody can replace it by any other means, i.e., backlinks. We can find links to content, but the way they work well is with the content support. Relevancy, originality, length of the text, and other points contribute to making the message more on-topic, hence the link more powerful. One could think that I am describing the Article Marketing tactic, but I am not referring to it. Article marketing is an outdated method, overused by most agencies and has degraded to being a spam method. Note that most of the SEO consultants still work this way even though it is 100% spam. The problem is that due to the lack of resources and imagination, content produced this way will not generate the expected ROI. It remains a costly and tricky card. What I like to do is create less content with higher quality standards, optimized for conversions. I use sources not known to many, and research very well the content opportunities. As each niche is different, the ways to generate traffic should be different too, makes sense? Then, if all marketers are using the same traffic/backlink sources does it make sense to differentiate from the crowd? How one competitor stands out from his competition if everybody uses the same methods? The advantage should lie in exploring the content/backlink possibilities left unexploited and in producing a superior message that facilitates the conversions. I value the HQ/engaging content as an evergreen source of traffic that helps in three ways: i) Helps generate more leads and conversions; ii) Provides a backlink, and iii) Raises brand awareness. If the content is top-notch, it will attract more clicks and generate page visits. Google will understand that you offer an excellent piece of material and will rank this higher in its search stack. A few well-researched, targeted pieces can bring engagement and website authority. The goal is people to interact with your content by clicking and sharing it. When your competitors do not invest in producing HQ content, you should take this opportunity and outrank them, makes sense?


What is the ROI from SEO?

The first step is to get enough visits from the organic channel. The incoming traffic should be relevant to the niche, and the clicks should originate from niche queries. When we agree on the quality of visitors, then we need to understand the ways to make them click on our page in the SERPS. The lead generation entails researching the opportunities, producing relevant content, and setting up landing pages. When all the above steps succeed, you will appreciate high-quality traffic, expect better conversion rate, and higher ROI. Qualified traffic is expensive to get but converts better.


What about the frequent Google updates?

I make sure that I stay current to latest Google updates and always abide by the Google guidelines. It is essential for me to track all the changes so I can fix any issue. An extra layer of security with my work is that I avoid outsourcing the SEO projects so I can provide white-hat work. Outsourcing the work of a client to external agencies or freelancers is a nightmare. You have no control of the work, poor communication and when the damage occurs, you need to answer to the client without many options to fix things. The majority if not all of the external providers fail to keep any quality standard. Since I am confident of my work quality, I transfer no risk to the client, with the exception when something is out of control (someone doing negative SEO to my client). A competitor might see your high rankings and may want to harm you, so the SEO consultant should keep an eye on the unwanted risks. For my part, I have no doubt as to doing but the safest and expect the outcome.


What are your services?

In Dallas I provide the following services: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Mobile Marketing.


What ways of payment do you offer?

I have seen that I get the best results when using a monthly retainer. It is my favorite way of payment when working for a single website, more sites, grow a startup, or generate leads for an established brand. An excellent way to start is to agree on working for six months, then assess the gains, and either stay on track or try something different. Experience says, that when a page has no prior issues, it can grow from the third month, sometimes things change (rankings rise) right from the second. When the rankings consolidate and produce substantial traffic then begins the ROI.



I also optimize websites in the state of Texas and the cities of Austin -- Houston -- San Antonio.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
email: ted@ergoseo.com
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