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How much traffic do you measure from organic sources, i.e., Google searches? Do you have enough or do you believe you are not getting as much as your competitors? Do you know that you can dominate any local Austin search query, the Google Maps listings, and the YouTube video listings? It is possible when working the right way.

You might have tried working the natural channel optimization (SEO) before, but that does not mean that it was the correct method. You see many consultants will offer services of the such but what matters is having results and ROI. I am not talking about paid advertising as it is not related to SEO, and I am not implying any other kind of advertising, i.e., banners, email marketing, referrals, etc.

On the other hand, when you received your website, you were told that it is SEO-ready. I doubt that because no developer is proficient in SEO. What I say here is that you might have some issues (technical, strategy) that you need to fix to claim a good percentage of organic traffic that is sitting there. Fixing the SEO issues is critical for generating leads and making sales.


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Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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Having the Austin SEO Expert working on your page can be very beneficial to avoid wasting money and time with inexperienced providers or paid ads. Besides the technical issues, your online strategy may have some flaws, and I will need to verify that you are reaching the right customers - regarding the SEO channel. I will not do the market research as I believe you are very knowledgeable regarding your niche. However, I will need to interpret your insights into building more traffic. In SEO we need to know what are the available sources of traffic, define our approach, set a comfortable budget, and monitor the growth rate. Our campaigns cannot run on unlimited resources so they must serve all business purposes and goals. Note that the organic channel requires a degree of high specialization that only a handful in the industry master. I will explain below why the restrictions.

Your business message needs more views and clicks. To get noticed you need a better positioning. The Consultant will optimize your offer and advertise it where it makes sense for your business. That is relevant blogs, networks where visitors might be interested in what you are offering. The second step is maximizing the conversions. Another benefit is the increased brand visibility stemming from the many places you show online. Customers will trust your brand more when they see you everywhere, plus you limit the chances of your competition. We need clicks, conversions, content relevancy, high rankings, brand visibility. We should expect the above marketing actions to take place on all devices/search channels, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



How does SEO work?

Search Engine Optimization will give you free traffic from the search engines, i.e., Google, Bing. When I optimize your pages, I make them more visible to the local customers, when searching online, checking out the Google maps, viewing YouTube videos, or stopping on any online property belonging to your business. I find out what the consumers are seeking, then produce the landing pages content, lastly monitor and maximize SEO conversions. The pivotal point is to offer the best solutions, be them products or services, to the residents of Austin when running their queries. The best way to make your products/services more visible is to place them in front of their eyes, displaying pages in the highest positions for Austin queries.

I count 10+ years in-house and agency experience in Digital Marketing and SEO. I have watched pages dominate the search stack regardless of the size and niche, others penalized for unnatural growth (spam link profiles), others with massive visits because of their top-notch content, churn and burn spam sites, etc. It is a fact that a chunk of spam or Black-hat SEO still works for various reasons but I like to exclude it from my work, which is about building a cornerstone content and site structure, then advance the on-page content. It is also possible that the groundwork (technical fixes/improvements and content optimization) is enough to deliver growth. But SEO is more than the foundation; it can provide cheap, evergreen, targeted traffic in its completion phase. SEO is more prolific than paid advertising, way less expensive than the massive cost of securing a top ad spot, produces more hits compared to an ad, and offers regular traffic. SEO is the best supplement to a marketing approach and depending on the niche; it can display a +30-200% increase during its initial phase.


What to expect from SEO?

If your business has no steady organic traffic or it is a Start-up now entering the market, you can expect higher lead generation metrics compared to the other digital channels. Having a skilled marketing team is the best option, but usually the in-house marketers either they are juniors and have no idea how SEO works. They try to grow the website traffic using paid advertising and social media. Monopolizing the traffic channels is not right in any case and will quickly exhaust the marketing budget. Paid ads target your wallet. It is good when you include the paid channel into a combined strategy with more channels, but when you are competing for a top spot, you can expect that your competitors will react and increase your spending. Mixing more channels is recommended, and it can deliver measurable growth. The problem is that most of the businesses work with the same channels leaving little opportunities for growth. Most marketers find complicated working the SEO channel or they "think" they work it using old/risky tactics. SEO requires a lot of expertise and it the wise choice to not throw money into a pit.

Now, why is it so hard to grow the natural channel? We all know that Google is the #1 source of traffic. Google always tries to offer better user experience. We call the search enhancements updates, and they come in hundreds per year. The search industry changes all the time, and marketers like to employ spam tactics then facing the consequences. Search optimization is not about using software like , push a couple of buttons and expect the traffic. The search business sees significant numbers of marketers and agencies that sell hype, outsource their SEO projects to cheap providers, a lot of confusion, and frustration. Google penalizes all the marketers and web pages that use spam to grow and removes them from the index (no traffic forever). The solution is working with simple tactics, have a spam-proof strategy that works all the time without compromising anyone. Most marketers over-complicate things, panicking with each update, and do not spend enough time on research and study of the challenging environment.

Note that the changes in the search algorithm, concern mostly the Google engine, as Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and Yahoo!, show little progress historically. Despite the many Google updates for my part, I see no considerable change in the web pages ranking in the SERPs. You may doubt my statement here, but the system that lists the most relevant pages for each query remains unchanged. It is a fact that few points have emerged or flagged as spam during the years, a few details introduced, yet the central ranking mechanism stays put. However, most SEO agencies show no change in their tactics. Big agencies still seek to reduce costs by outsourcing business to off-shore workers. The providers have no qualities nor innovation pointers besides being low-cost and spammers. Google quickly pulls off the plug for the websites with toxic link profiles and creates more barriers for all SEO professionals. Google does not care if some, alleged SEOs, engage themselves into churn-and-burn SEO spam for solely profit purposes, they have no resources to know how each one works, how much he spends, how much time, if any, he/she consumes on staying white-hat. For the sake of saving resources, Google has a pattern to check if everybody complies with it and a spam checklist to verify if anyone resorts to it for abnormal growth. Google uses models and all inexperienced marketers fall into the trap of using the same dangerous pointers again and again. My answer is study, research, test things, and stay with the white-hat indicators that can save you money, produce evergreen traffic, increase the conversions, and augment your branding.


Mobility is key

Today we see new devices and small screens. I focus on generating leads/traffic on all known technologies. With more smart devices hitting the market, we see most of them connected. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next innovation that changes our daily lives. Millennials use smart devices, and Google sees a respectable percent of traffic coming from mobile, mostly from smartphones as tablets recede. Take for example the consumers walking or driving through Austin, getting suggestions of online businesses in their phone screens, spontaneous system recommendations or user-triggered queries. Living a mobile experience is a fact and companies would need to customize their pages to fit the smaller screens. The next thing will be how marketers will answer to the burst of voice search, where the virtual assistants answer questions posed from the users, i.e., Siri in Apple iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch. Voice search is already a feature in Android with Google Now (Google Voice Search). In phones running Windows, there is Cortana with cross-platform compatibility. You find Cortana also in PCs when enabling voice commands. All the new technologies, IoT, Voice Search, and Artificial Intelligence will impact the state of search. How does your competition work so far? Do you see your competitors offering mobile-friendly pages? For those that understand the benefits, they hire a developer and produce optimized content for mobile pages. After all, Google announced a boost for mobile-optimized and AMP pages.


What about ranking in Austin?

I could fix all the issues of your Austin page that hinder it from getting first-page rankings. I research the consumer market and optimize your organic traffic for conversions. I make your page a key-player in the Austin area, to dominate all related, local Google search queries. I will add more digital channels, i.e., video marketing, social media, content marketing to complement further the growth. When I add more marketing channels I get best results, it is safer having the eggs in more than one basket, and deliver measurable development that justifies the spending. My goal is to boost the traffic coming from Austin, make it easy to convert into sales, contact you, subscribe to the newsletter or interact in some measurable way.

A couple of things about the added marketing channels. I will list your business in Google Maps so that your page displays in all screens around Austin. A type of search also happens on YouTube, and that means extra traffic when your videos target keywords about Austin, and those videos rank in the top of the search stack. I also do some branding on social media networks because it makes sense displaying your brand everywhere as consumers do not decide right away when they see a post. Consumers may need up to seven views before making a decision, and the multiple appearances help your branding.


What do you need from me?

I will need some help drafting a plan or insert the SEO details into your existing marketing project. Each niche and website is different, so before setting the budget, marketing actions, and expectations, it is recommended to research the local competition and set the landing pages for the SEO. Again in the following steps, your feedback, reports and other insights will help. Finally, I will need you to share the website statistics, i.e., visitors, conversions, channels, keywords, referrals, etc. I could similarly grow any online page, i.e., your YouTube channel. I either implement all the fixes or technical details personally having the access codes, or I could send the list of changes to your webmaster. It would be beneficial if your business has established some social accounts to distribute the targeted content.


What are the contents of your marketing plan?

My plan will list the strengths and weaknesses of your website (after the SEO audit), content opportunities, marketing actions, traffic opportunities, estimated performance, timeline, growth targets (MoM, YoY), and lastly, the costs. The plan will study the peculiarities of Austin, content production, landing pages, engagement activators, performance metrics, expectations, and spending. I focus on generating more clicks, optimizing the content, and boost the conversions.


In what way content is beneficial to SEO?

It is a fact that there are but a few ways to generate online leads. In the search industry content is the primary method, and there is not an easy way to replace it with any other means. Backlinks may work or may break the website depending on some factors. The only way backlinks can work within content is when the latter supports them strongly. It is what we call content relevancy. Plus, content originality, length, and other pointers can make the message more relevant, and the links more powerful. Note that to me, article marketing is an outdated tactic that leads to over-optimization and spam. I understand it is an easy way for agencies as they can automate the production and distribution, and here is where they fail. Content produced this way will never deliver the expected ROI. What I like to do is create less content, more targeted, and optimized for conversions. With each niche having different requirements, should not the ways to generate traffic be changed too? I study the content opportunities carefully, and I keep my sources not known to many because if all marketers use the same sources what the benefit of doing what everybody does is? How can we stand out from our competition if we use the same methods everybody else does? The advantage lies in content opportunities that nobody or a handful of people exploit. The goal is to differentiate the message and make it stand out from the stack. Excellent, engaging content can be an evergreen source of traffic as it helps: i) Generate more leads and conversions; ii) Provides a stronger backlink, and iii) Raises brand awareness. If the content is top-notch, you should expect it to attract more clicks. Google now understands that you offer an excellent article and will make its best to rank it higher than the competition. The bottom line is that you only need a few posts, well researched, targeted that can generate engagement. People will likely be happy to interact with an interesting post (clicking, sharing).


What are the primary goals of SEO?

i) Get enough visits from the natural channel. The traffic should be relevant to the niche, and the clicks should lead to the optimized landing pages. ii) Comprehend the ways consumers click or avoid clicking on our pages when in the SERPS. iii) Research well the content opportunities, produce engaging content. iv) Monitor and increase the conversions. v) Engage consumers with the brand.


Do I need to worry about the continual Google updates?

You need not worry about any Google update. I keep track of the changes and always abide by the Google guidelines. When I need to fix something I will contact your webmaster right away. When you work White-hat you do not need to worry about the updates as they will not break your website, but probably some of your competitors who engage in risky tactics. As an extra layer of security, I refrain from outsourcing my SEO projects to off-shore/third-party providers. Outsourcing to external agencies or freelancers can be a nightmare. Most of the third providers fail to keep any quality standard. No control over the work, poor communication and responsibility to do damage control and answering to the client. I am very proud and confident of my work standards, and I transfer no risk to the client. There is one exception when out of my control when someone is running negative SEO against my client. A competitor might be jealous of your high rankings and may want to harm you, so as the SEO consultant I advise my client to keep me in the loop tracking for unwanted risks.


What do you offer specifically?

To my clients in Austin I provide the following services: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), Negative SEO Monitoring, and Mobile Marketing.


What ways of payment do you offer?

The best results I have with monthly retainers. It is the best way when working a single website, a stack of sites, growing a Start-up, or generate leads for an established brand. An excellent way to start is working for six months, then see what we have accomplished, then keep on track or try something different. Experience says, that when a site has no prior issues, it could grow as early as the third month, or sometimes earlier when rankings rise right from the second. When the rankings solidify, you will see substantial traffic and start measuring the ROI.



I also optimize websites in the state of Texas, the cities of Dallas -- Houston -- San Antonio.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
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