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You know that Google is the leading source of traffic but are you sure you are drawing enough to your business? Where do your competitors stand? Could you do better? I am talking about generating leads in Memphis from online search, Google Maps listings, and YouTube videos. You can undoubtedly do better with the right approach.

You may have tested the search engine optimization in the past with hardly any success, but that does not mean that you have used up all the search potential. Are you convinced that the previous consultant knew all the components of optimization or did he engage in any paid advertising? Running paid ads has nothing to do with SEO. Another fact is that 99% of the alleged "SEO-ready" do not come even close. The reason is that developers have no SEO skills as they sell non-compliant, unsatisfactory websites with low SEO performance. There is a high likelihood that your pages are full of issues that clog their natural channel performance. The first step would be to spot and fix all the drawbacks.


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Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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Bring on board the Memphis SEO Expert to optimize your pages, and save money and time instead of working with unqualified marketers. On top of technical issues, there might be more problems with your SEO strategy. I will need to verify that your SEO setup targets the right consumers. I will need the valuable insights from the niche research to beef up the SEO system. I will need to apprehend your Memphis niche, come up with the best sources, delineate the planning, set a fit budget, and monitor the growth. The SEO campaign does on infinite resources so it must fit the short/medium-term business goals. The natural channel requires high expertise that a few consultants possess in our industry.

One of the points I focus is to generate more views and clicks from search. To this end, I make sure that your (landing) pages get more visibility in search and clicks. My role as the SEO Consultant is to optimize for competitive topics or keywords and forward them in places where it benefits your business. I describe here the lead generation that could improve from relevant blog themes and network placements with a following from Memphis. The next step is to optimize for conversions. An added value comes from the enhanced brand visibility when people see your brand emerging in the place of a competitor. Consumers by then will likely want to trust your brand because they see it everywhere. On the whole, I will focus on clicks, conversions, content relevancy, high rankings, and brand visibility. The customer touchpoints should happen on all devices/search channels, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



How does SEO work?

We work with the search engines, i.e., Google, Bing, because they provide us with free traffic. In its fully grown phase, the visits become "evergreen" (uninterrupted). To achieve the traffic we need I optimize a page by making it more relevant to the search queries and more visible to the Memphis consumers. The result is more views and clicks when searching online, look through Google maps, view a video on YouTube, or visit a social network listing page. My starting point is researching what the consumers need, then produce the content fit for the landing pages, monitor the analytics and fine-tune my process if required. The unarguable point is to offer the best solution to the residents of Memphis, so they interact with our online properties. I believe it is an excellent opportunity to display your products/services when having listings in the highest positions for all Memphis queries.

I started working as a project manager then got into Digital Marketing and SEO, where I spent another ten years in-house and agencies. During the last decade, domains have governed the search stack; others were penalized for their over-optimized efforts, pages doing great due to their top-notch content. Many still question if Black-hat SEO works. The answer is yes, but why go down that road? You can have ten times or more the growth of Black-hat when you invest in world-class content that you have strategically structured on your site (landing page optimization). Another question is whether the on-site fixes and texts are enough to grow? Sometimes they are, but SEO can do more. You can beef up your site elements to reach the point of cheap, evergreen, targeted traffic. SEO over-delivers way beyond paid advertising, it helps you reduce the massive advertising costs, and the visits can last for years. During its starting phase, it can quickly show a +50-200% increase.


What else to expect?

Expect high-volume lead generation regardless of the business size. It works whether you have an established business or a Start-up. I reiterate here that the SEO metrics often grow higher than those of the other digital channels. The unparalleled growth I see coupled with a skilled in-house marketing team, but in most cases, there will be no in-house team or the in-house marketers will have no SEO skills. Experience shows that the internal teams spend money only on paid advertising and social media. I see it differently as I try not to limit my options on costly -and comfortable- solutions that deplete the marketing budget. It is a fact that paid ads are too expensive because of the competition and deliver limited ROI. When your setup limits the traffic channels, you have limited options amidst a highly competitive environment where everyone struggles for the top spot. On the other hand, social media has shown no signs of substantial growth; it is very fluid and only good for branding. You may disagree with me, but your stats do not lie. Go ahead and check what each channel delivers compared to your spending. The issue arises from the limited trust in SEO. If people do not understand is how they can build something great out of it?

And now it comes to answering why so much complexity in the natural channel. It turns up that SEO can too technical and challenging for ordinary marketers, its lack of automation posing another obstacle. With Google, our leading source of traffic one has to cope with the daily industry changes. The regular Google engine updates can be a risk factor for a business owner as they can put him out of business. The algorithm changes extend to hundreds per year. Marketers need to tailor their approach when Google flexes its muscles with each update, so they maintain their traffic. Each update brings in more confusion. You have no confirmation that there was a change, no one knows what the fix will be, what you need to optimize anymore. Search optimization has nothing to do with software automation as it is the routine in other digital channels. You need to work your SEO; then it is all manual work for you and your team. Automation will only bring havoc to your site when Google spots you spreading spam all over the web. Automating the SEO is one big red flag, and the consequences can very well be de-indexing of your pages, minor over-optimization penalties, not complying with quality standards, your rankings and traffic drop. Do you want more risk factors? The massive hype advertised in the search industry with all agencies outsourcing work to cut down costs. Google has an eye again here for spam tactics, partners of SEO outsourcing, and penalties, traffic drop for the clients. A positive SEO consultant would want to use just simple things that limit the risk and are spam-proof, monitor the updates closely and jump into when needed. Most marketers do just the opposite, make things too complicated, panic with each update, never test to have the first-hand experience, outsource work, and over-optimize.

The updates are the rule for Google, whereas Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and Yahoo!, do not update their engines a lot. All the same, after the continuous changes I could not say that Google SEO has changed much. Each update could bring some businesses down, but in essence, the central core is there with minor improvements. Hence the status of how we do things in SEO remains unchanged. Automated spam flags, lack of transparency, knowledge graph snippets, what are the changes after all? That said, the SEO agencies show inadequacy to follow even the minor modifications. As described above, the eagerness to cut down costs with outsourcing is so big that White-hat goes down the drain. What is the point of working with a provider who engages in low-level tactics (spam)? How does Google react when spotting the spam? It pulls off the plug, no traffic anymore, another update to block more SEOs. Google does not spend its resources on monitoring individual spammers. Google engineers work with patterns; when they detect a red flag, they hit the website automatically in question with no hope of recovery. Marketers often go wrong believing that Google has no system in place for them and that they transfer the risk to their clients. I prefer staying on the safe side, keeping current with the updates, testing things, and complying with Google policies. I focus on building evergreen traffic with engaging content, augment SEO conversions, work the branding.


Mobile opportunities

Have you noticed how many new devices with small screens we see released daily? As a modern marketer, I could not refrain from researching ways to generate leads on all new technologies. The interconnection of smart devices and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) will leave a profound mark on our daily routine. Add reasons like the use of pioneering technology by the Millennials, the verification coming from Google that a fair amount of traffic originates from mobile devices (cellphones as tablets are in recess). Take, for example, your regular Memphis consumer who drives through the city or walks in the center, while incoming suggestions from nearby businesses appear on the smartphone screen, like restaurants or shopping ideas. The ideas may generate in the system (Google Maps and Google My Business) or triggered when searching for solutions/products/entertainment options, whatever. Does it make sense for an online business to go mobile so it can reach the nearby customer? The idea behind going mobile is to have a business listing in the Google Maps and Google My Business for location related queries. A new technology that has already reached our phones is Voice Search. In it, a virtual assistant does all the work for you when you as a question by offering its feedback. In Apple iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch, we have Siri, in Android devices, we have Google Now, and in Windows phones we have Cortana. PC users can also make use of Cortana when they enable voice commands. Closing this section, all voice technologies, namely IoT, Voice Search, and Artificial Intelligence will leave their mark on the search industry. It remains a question what your response will be and what of your competition? If you offer mobile-friendly pages, you will have a competitive advantage. Google has already promised a rankings boost for mobile-optimized/AMP pages.


How to do SEO for Memphis?

You may have some issues described above, so I will need to provide a solution to all problems impacting your Memphis page performance and first-page rankings. I will then need to produce top-notch, relevant, and engaging content. I will research the niche, come up with the best traffic sources and optimize your conversions. The goal is to position your Memphis site as the key player in the market, and that concerns all SEO factors; traffic, content, branding, conversions, rankings. I will then add some digital content to complement the growth of video marketing, social media, content marketing so we can measure the growth in a way that justifies your spending. A mix of marketing channels could boost your Memphis page, make it easy to convert into sales, customer requests, subscriptions, or any other quantifiable interaction.

A couple of words about the marketing channels; I plan to list your business in Google Maps, so people can find your business when going through the Memphis listings. On the other hand, there is a search feature in YouTube, another source of traffic to exploit. I could optimize brand or product videos that target Memphis keywords and rank them ranking at the top of the search stack. On top of Google Maps and YouTube search, I could do some branding on social media to make consumers trust more in your brand. Note that customers could take up to seven steps before making a buying decision. And lastly, the listings mentioning your brand will surely limit how much visible are your competitor products.


What would be my involvement?

I will need your help when I design my SEO plan or to add the SEO details to your existing project. Each niche is different, and websites can be strong or weak, so everything needs customization including the budget, marketing actions, and targets to fit the SEO requirements (local competition, landing pages). I could use your traffic reports about visitors, conversions, channels, keywords, referrals, etc. It is within my skill set to grow any online property, i.e., a YouTube channel or network account. In regards to technical matters, I will need to work on your server or send instructions to your webmaster. If you have social accounts, I could use them for my campaigns and distribute targeted content.


What is included in your marketing plan?

My SEO plan starts by running a website audit where I mark the strengths and weaknesses, discover content and traffic opportunities, define marketing actions, anticipate performance, schedule content releases, designate SEO targets (MoM, YoY), and regulate the spending. The SEO strategy will include the distinguishing features of Memphis, what content meets our needs, how many landing pages we need, how to generate interest in our products/services, how to track performance, what targets to expect, and the budget it requires. Its emphasis will be on driving clicks, optimize content, and boost conversions.


Why do you mention content with SEO?

Content finds itself at the core of SEO. The industry does not have many options to generate interest. One cannot replace the value of content with a bunch of backlinks. Building solely links can be controversial, you either boost the traffic or break the site. Backlinks are okay if they mean anything inside a content topic, which acts as the catalyst. The material supports the and enhances the value of links using content originality, relevancy, and length. I am not talking here about Article Marketing as for me it is an old tactic with no value and high-risk as it results in over-optimization and spam. I understand that it is a handy tool for the agencies that outsource their work, and automate content production and distribution. Google has flagged it as spam, and I cannot define it as White-hat. Due to the low quality and the large-scale distribution, these articles have no value and no ROI. What is the point of distributing not optimized/targeted content just for the sake of building backlinks? Another disadvantage is that Article Marketing uses the same publishing sources for all publishers so what the point in competing if all competitors have the same publishers? My strategy is to keep my sources private and use content when it makes sense for the client, meaning in relevant topics, full of readers that will appreciate the content and interact with it. So, I try to match the message with the reader and the reading medium. I like to use articles that stand out from the rest. With top-notch content you can have an evergreen traffic source with benefits: i) Lead generation and Conversion optimization; ii) Energetic backlinks, iii) Brand awareness, iv) More engagement (clicks, sharing). You will find out that Google will reward the extra work to bring quality and informational value even with a handful of articles. The result is that your pages rank well above the competition with engagement metrics (clicking, sharing, visiting, converting).


What are the main objectives?

1) Bolster the clicks originating from organic search. 2) Build relevant traffic. 3) Drive the clicks to optimized landing pages. 4) Understand how visitors interact with pages in a query. 5) Discover content opportunities. 6) Prepare engaging content. 7) Track and optimize conversions. 8) Build consumer trust with the brand.


How do you work with Google Updates?

Do not spend your time on what Google says or does. If you have a first-rate SEO Consultant, let your competitors worry about the Google updates. Usually, your competitors will doubt their SEO Agency methods, find their traffic as static or diminishing, or feel uneasy by knowing their risky tactics. For my part, I stay current with the updates, follow Google guidelines, and have spam blockers in place. When there is an extraordinary Google change, I will devise a new approach and send instructions to your webmaster. When an update is rolling out, I have the confidence to my White-hat work and know that my client webpage will not break, although the competitors may have damages. Another blocker I have in place is not outsourcing my SEO projects to off-shore/third-party providers. When I realized that outsourcing might break things because the external providers have no quality standards, increase liability, offer lousy communication, I said it is time to drop it. Since then, I am proud and confident of my work standards, as I do not outsource thus not transfer any risk to my clients. I do all client work in-house. The only possibility to break things is when a competitor runs negative SEO against my client. To avoid damaging SEO efforts, I offer an additional service of tracking and fixing external threats.


What services do you offer?

To my clients in Memphis I offer: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Negative SEO Monitoring.


What are the ways of payment?

The best option is to keep me on retainer. I have verified its value either working with a single website, a group of sites, a Start-up, or a well-established brand. A superb way to start is working for six months, then check the gains and continue as before or beef up. From experience, I know that sites with no prior issues see their traffic growing from the 6th-9th week with some shining exceptions when rankings improve right from the 3rd week. With stable rankings, you can expect steady traffic and ROI.


I also optimize websites in the state of Tennessee, the cities of Bartlett -- Chattanooga -- Clarksville -- Franklin -- Jackson -- Johnson City -- Knoxville -- Memphis -- Murfreesboro -- Nashville.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
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