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Are you sure that your website generates traffic from the search engines and have you done everything to benefit from the Philadelphia search potential? Do you know that you can rule over all local searches in Google Search, Google Maps, and YouTube listings? The SEO that you tried in the past had no success. Still, you have not exhausted the SEO potential of the local niche.

A Head of an in-house Marketing team recently surprised me by saying that she could boost SEO with paid ads! The comment shows how people confuse the two search channels. I focus on improving Google traffic from non-advertising sources. I am positive that your developers vouched that your website is SEO-friendly, right? I challenge the statement as I have seen all developers not complying with SEO standards. I am repeatedly called to fix their programming that breaks the SEO performance. So, we should start by auditing the SEO efficiency and based on the findings amend the SEO issues. Without a solid base, you will not enjoy the full power of the organic search channel.


About Me

Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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phone: (815) 981-8846
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Let me be your Philadelphia SEO Expert and optimize the performance, spending, or avoid all the clumsy marketing tactics. One thing to do is get rid of the technical blockers, then audit the marketing strategy to verify that is up to the SEO requirements. The search channel is somewhat distinctive from the other digital channels, so I need to check what traffic sources are there, what is the best approach, and how much money we need. Search engine optimization is for experts only and only a few people out of the crowd can deliver real ROI. First things first: we need more views and clicks. I do that by optimizing the page ranking. As your SEO Consultant, I will fine-tune your texts and showcase your offer in places that make sense. I insert your listing/message in industry blogs, professional networks, and other locations in front of sharp eyes. The next step is to optimize the conversions. Having achieved the above goals, we see the benefits, i.e., increased brand visibility (your business name showing up all over the web). Branding in multiple locations increases customer trust. The more brand mentions we have, the less space for your competition to market their products/services. My work focuses on getting you clicks, conversions, content relevancy, high rankings, brand visibility, and consumer trust. Plus my marketing applies to all devices/search channels, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



How does SEO work?

I optimize the website content for search engines with the aim to generate free traffic. I boost the performance of the texts, so they become more visible to the residents of Philadelphia area when they run online searches, scan the Google Maps listings, watch YouTube videos, etc. I examine what the consumers look for, then design the right approach, display the marketing message, and measure its performance. I am driven by offering the best solution to customers when they are ready to make a purchase decision. The efficient marketing is exposing your products/services to interested customers. A method that works is positioning the pages containing the offer for all relevant Philadelphia queries. The last decade I have watched pages dominate the search stack, business owners struggle with spam penalties, top-notch content with massive visits. My work is White-hat, but I am not saying that Black-hat SEO does not work. It is just that my clients will not find any value in Black-hat methods. Let us work with top-notch content, stay away from the spam, have the best site structure out there. Fixing the SEO issues can only get you there but getting the first-page listing requires more work. Why not grow all the SEO facets to be sure we have done the 100%. Starting from on-site technical and content optimization, marketing off-site is the next step that generates most of the growth. Having done the required works, you will enjoy cheap, evergreen, targeted traffic. SEO will deliver massive numbers above the advertising that costs a lot of money. When you mix the first-page listing with paid ads, the hits will skyrocket. SEO-wise you can expect a +50-200% increase from the initial phase.


What are the SEO gains?

More traffic for all businesses who do not generate enough online leads. SEO is the channel that exceeds in performance any other digital channel, plus it costs less. Do you have an experienced in-house team? Expect impressive ROI. Do you have no internal marketers or juniors with no SEO experience? I can help you make your first steps and then grow further. Note that most of the marketers have no clue about the SEO potential. They believe paid advertising and social media are enough to boost the growth. In relatively short time they discover that it costs too much and delivers so little to exclude SEO from the channel mix. So they make some steps but the amateur tactics they employ have no performance plus they spam Google massively. With paid ads, you can expect that your competitors will react and raise the bids, so both parties end up paying more for the higher positions. Social media is a complicated channel and not every network is suitable for doing business. The result is the low performance from the social channels. Then, in SEO everybody uses the same sources and all spam the engines. When the site breaks, the amateur marketers say that SEO is too complicated or useless!

So why so demanding the SEO work? As you may be aware, Google is the number one search engine and likes to stay this way. Google releases fixes and updates to its engine looking to offer the best user experience. What each update brings is better performance, higher quality, fewer spam results, and engineer fixes. The number of updates reaches dozens per month. All the above factors increase the complexity of the engine you are dealing with and raise the requirements for monitoring the changes. Marketers tend to use spam tactics, outsource their work and sell hype to clients instead of study and test more. Google understands what is going on and releases more fixes to address the SEO spam. When an update is out, it follows a bulk approach thus impacting millions of websites. The person to blame for doing spam might be the ″professional″ you hired, a competitor spamming your site, or one from your team buying cheap (cheap is always spam) SEO services. Google hits and runs without personalizing! What you have let′s are pages out of the search index, meaning no traffic. The website is history. So what is the point of buying cheap (AKA spam) services, and letting amateurs mess with your revenue?

Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo!, do so little to keep their engines up to date, and in the end, you cannot expect massive traffic from them. With all those Google updates, there are no significant algorithm shifts. With spam blockers and a few new features, SEO is more straightforward than in the past days. One would expect from an SEO agency to update its tactics to match the changes. Not true. The agencies place cost reduction on top of their to-do lists and keep outsourcing work to smaller firms and freelancers. As a consequence, you can expect low-quality of services with a lot of spam risk. Google has built tools to track spam and throw it out of its index. The penalty is usually machine triggered with no prior warning. Why spend human resources tracking the spammers when they can hit with a site-wide penalty? They put in line their pattern identification, search for toxic profiles, and over-optimization schemes, then hit and run. Inexperienced 'SEO consultants' have no clue about Google patterns; they put their clients at risk each day. I like to stay safe, protect my clients, comply with policies, and work exclusively with white-hat tactics. I want to feel confident for my work, do the best for the client, build evergreen traffic, increase conversions, and branding.


Mobile marketing questions

Do you have a plan targeting the mobile audiences? Millenials and the Internet of Things (IoT) pose new challenges for the marketers. Google shifts to mobile devices recognizing how much traffic potential they have. Consumers in Philadelphia are looking for solutions and products via their smartphones. Why not reach to those consumers when close to your business? When you offer a mobile experience to users, you are entering a resource not yet exploited by your competitors. Mobile marketing is a new traffic source that requires a broader understanding of how the new channel behaves and delivers ROI. Plus, there is another search option via voice search, i.e., Siri in Apple iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch. Android users have Google Now voice search. For Windows phones, Cortana does the same job, plus you can enable it in PCs via voice commands. All the new technologies, Mobile, IoT, Voice Search, and Artificial Intelligence pose challenges for the medium-term state of search, and marketers need to figure out how to optimize the mobile funnel. For those who stay behind things will be harder shortly. Go ahead and hire a developer to design mobile-friendly pages and benefit from the Google boost.


What can you do about Philadelphia?

Go ahead and hire me to fix issues that hinder the SEO performance and prepare yourself for first-page rankings. My strategy consists of finding what your customer needs and optimize your offer pages. I intend on making your website the point of reference, showing up in all local queries. I would like to add more digital channels to the marketing mix, for example, video marketing, social media, and content marketing. I will track the growth, boost local traffic, and improve lead generation. I plan on making customers want to contact you, join your list, and justify the spending. Why adding more channels? It is good to have a prominent listing in Google Maps whenever someone searches a local business. Furthermore, there is a YouTube type of search, which has similar characteristics with Google search, plus with each video that ranks well, you get more hits and visits. On the other hand, social media are good for branding. It helps when you expose your brand to wider audiences as it helps them make a purchase decision, builds trust, and limits the competition.


What are your requirements?

I appreciate you giving me some feedback when drafting my plan. I will need to do some research starting with the local competition, research the content needs, define landing pages, schedule marketing actions, set budget and expectations. To this end, reports, insights, social accounts that you can share will help me reach the best result. Furthermore, I will need your website stats, i.e., visitors, conversions, channels, keywords, referrals. My method applies to any online property, i.e., I could optimize videos, e-shop catalogs, external landing pages, etc. I implement the technical fixes, or I send the requirements to your webmaster.


Marketing plan

My report includes the findings from the SEO audit, content opportunities, marketing touches, traffic potential, projected performance, content distribution, growth targets (MoM, YoY), and budget. I will also include suggestions for creating content, mapping landing pages, engagement triggers, performance metrics. The strategic goal is to generate more clicks utilizing top-notch material (a White-hat approach).


How do you use content?

I use content to boost SEO, which is 100% White-hat approach. I consider it the best way to increase rankings and traffic. Building backlinks for the sole purpose of raising search engine performance will trigger a spam flag (over-optimization) and can break your website. When you insert backlinks into relevant text (contextual backlink), you create the much-needed relevancy, which influences your Google ratings positively. To get the best out of your writing, you need to make it original, have an acceptable length, plus more quality pointers. Note the tactic of producing enormous numbers of articles to game the search engines (Article Marketing) is an over-optimization/spam method. You might find the tactic among agencies who run massive article marketing campaigns to get fast rankings with questionable ROI. Google hits webmasters for doing utilizing such methods. I prefer going slow, research the topics, create a few optimized articles and make them visible to consumers. I do not market my content using the same methods and sources with everybody else. My campaigns need to be original and provide value to the client. With top-notch content you can get traction, here is how: i) Quality lead generation that boosts conversions; ii) Strong backlinks within relevant content, iii) Brand awareness. Google shows its appreciation if the content is well written, original and engaging. Bottom line is you only need a few good posts to generate leads and engagement (clicks, shares).


What is your strategy?

i) Generate clicks from search. Create relevant content, funnel clicks to landing pages. ii) Know how customers interact with search results and landing pages. iii) Discover how to create engagement. iv) Track and optimize for conversions. v) Do a lot of branding.


How do you keep spam away?

For starters I keep calm. When you work White-hat, you care so much about Google updates. I monitor how Google changes the market and abide with Google guidelines. When I need to improve anything I will contact your team or fix it myself if N/A. I am confident that nothing will break the client website, and convinced that a few competitors might lose business because I have seen their work. As I refrain from outsourcing work to other agencies/freelancers this is my extra security layer. Outsourcing is only trouble, no quality work, no control, no good communication, no value at all. I keep all work in-house to control as much as I can. Things with no oversight can be someone spamming my client but it is something you can monitor (my Spam SEO Monitoring service) to prevent the damage.


What services do you offer?

To my Philadelphia customers I offer: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Negative SEO Monitoring.


What are the payment options?

The retainer is where I get best results be it a single site, startups, or established brands. My suggestion is working for six months, track ROI, and renew if profitable. I assure you if you have a clean, flawless website (no penalties, technical blockers) you can see ROI right from the third month.



I optimize web pages in the state of Pennsylvania and the cities of Allentown -- Bethlehem -- Erie -- Harrisburg -- Lancaster -- Levittown -- Philadelphia -- Pittsburgh -- Reading -- Scranton.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
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