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Is your Portland page performing well in Google search? Do you any competitors getting more traffic? Have you done everything to optimize your search potential? These are all questions that reflect the current SEO status of your website, and there may be a lot of issues blocking the ROI.

There is a way to fix all the problems and dominate all local searches, i.e., Google Search, Google Maps, and YouTube search. You just need to have a competent SEO method and stay away from ineffective/cheap services that break your site. Note the amount of confusion in the search industry. Recently, a Head of Marketing - a known finance firm in-house team - left me speechless when she said that paid ads could boost SEO performance! Good luck with such perception, let me see what you have left in your marketing budget after running ads for three months! It is just another misconception between the two search channels. What I do is strictly improving Google traffic from non-paid sources.

Another delusion is that the website developers build SEO-friendly websites. I challenge any developer to show me how their product complies with modern SEO standards. What I know is in every occasion I end up fixing developer wrongdoings that breaks my SEO. Issues like that are the rule, not the exception. I am saying the above to show that there is a widespread lack of experience regarding search engine knowledge and performance. Websites with SEO issues cannot make it to the first page. When you remove all SEO blockers, then you can enjoy the full power of the search channel.


About Me

Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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phone: (815) 981-8846
email: ted@ergoseo.com
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Hire the Portland SEO Expert who is going to tweak the efficiency of the search channel, it′s spending, and will protect you from clumsy marketing tactics. I start by fixing the technical blockers, all elements that break or temper the SEO, i.e., speed, redirects, metadata, etc. Then I run a content audit to check if the site structure is OK, how you map the topics on landing pages, and generally, whether your strategy aligns with your pages. With differences between the digital channels, SEO is an animal by itself requiring individual approach, has distinctive traffic sources, target-audiences and ROI. The lack of experience that many marketers show, plus the damage they inflict due to spamming, leaves the chances to save the channel in the hands of a few experts. Things are pretty simple. We need to have more page views, clicks, and conversions. That means me that I need to optimize the page rankings, so people click on them instead of the competitors. I will tweak your texts and display your message in all places that make sense as in industry blogs, professional networks, and other locations. The final step is to make the landing pages convert and generate revenue. The above goals will translate to brand visibility, which increases customer trust and limits the chances for your competition to market their products/services. In brief, I am looking into generating clicks, conversions, content relevancy, high rankings, brand visibility, and consumer trust. My method fits all devices/search channels, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



How does SEO work?

I use the website texts to turn them into suitable landing pages with the aim to generate free traffic. My goal is to make the website content more visible to the residents of Portland when they search online, scour the Google Maps listings, view videos on YouTube, etc. I check what the consumers want, then formulate my approach, show them the marketing message, and track the performance. A marketing tactic is efficient when you expose your products/services to interested customers or ready to make a purchase decision. In this case, it translates into positioning the marketing offer to all relevant Portland queries. That is not an easy thing to do. For the past ten years, I see pages dominate the search stack; webmasters hit with spam penalties, excellent content that generates massive visits. If you ask me whether Black-hat SEO works at all and if it produces fast traffic, my answer would be affirmative. My personal view is that my clients need more value and safety, qualities that you can never find in Black-hat tactics. I appreciate what top-notch content can deliver, refrain from doing spam, build the best site structure possible. When you eliminate all technical issues, you only have way there but getting first-page listings requires way more work and patience. I like to grow all the SEO aspects, so I am confident to have done the 100%. The next step is marketing off-site that generates most of the SEO growth. After all things in place, you will enjoy cheap, evergreen, targeted traffic. Search engine optimization will deliver massive visits as no advertising can ever achieve. You can expect a +50-200% increase from the first months.

What are the SEO expectations?

You can expect targeted traffic that generates online leads. The search channel will overtake the performance of any other digital source, and be cost-effective. If your in-house team has marketing experience, you will see optimum results. If there is no team, I will take care the whole works. Internal marketers have no skills in SEO, and I say that because marketers usually have a misconception of what SEO is and what is not. Old tactics, questionable methods, high-risk spam, amateur techniques, lack of understanding the SEO potential, paid advertising and social media, all the above is not SEO. Marketers soon discover that paid ads cost too much, perform lower than expected. Competitors react when they lose their placements, and parties pay more for the same positions. On the other hand, social media is not a smooth channel, not all networks are fit for doing business, and performance is disappointing. The result is the low performance from the social channels. So the time comes to try the SEO channel. Without enough experience, the amateur steps deliver no ROI, and they spam Google massively as everybody uses the same sources and want fast results. When the site breaks, the inexperienced marketers will say that SEO is too complicated or even useless, and that is a shame.

Why is it so hard to work the SEO channel? Google is the primary source of traffic and #1 search engine. With numerous fixes and updates, Google makes a significant effort to optimize its engine and paid results delivering the best user experience. Releasing the updates aims to use resources, and offering high-quality results with no spam if possible. How many updates are we talking here? We are looking into dozens per month. You understand that all the changes increase the complexity of Google′ search engine, including the need for an SEO professional to follow and adjust his approach to serve better the clients′ needs. Is it what is happening in the market? No, the SEO consultants stick to using old-school spam tactics, they seek to reduce costs by outsourcing work to cheap (spam) service providers. It is precisely the opposite one should do in such fluid industry. Google is keeping an eye on the industry as it impacts its products, so it releases critical changes to eliminate SEO spam. Its updates follow a bulk approach; they affect millions of web pages without looking who is the responsible for breaching their guidelines. The penalty hit results in removing pages from the Google index, leaving them with no traffic. The last news from Google is that a penalized site will never recover. What should you do if your site has spam problems and how to save your revenue source?

The problem is with Google, as Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and Yahoo! do only so much to keep their engines up to date, besides the fact that they provide not much traffic. Aside from all the updates, Google demonstrates no core algorithm change. They have introduced some spam filters, a couple of new search snippets, but the way rankings work remains pretty straightforward for years. How comfortable for an SEO agency to keep up to speed with so little changed? Well, they do not. Agencies prioritize regarding cost-efficiency, not results. They will gladly outsource work to smaller firms and freelancers with no spam concerns. Hence the low-quality services with high spam ratios that they transfer to the client. Note that Google has all the necessary tools for spam detection and elimination. The hit usually is machine triggered with no prior warning. Google spends no human resources tracking spammers. They just discover spam and hit it hard (site-wide penalty, non-recoverable penalty). How they detect spam? Their spam team has pattern identification systems that look out for toxic backlink profiles, over-optimization schemes. Do you think that all SEO providers have any clue about how Google detects spam? They surely do not; else they should have figured out a way to protect their clients, right? That is the amount of risk one takes when hiring those people. For myself, I prefer to comply with Google policies, protect my clients, and work entirely with white-hat tactics. Doing that makes me confident and proud of my work that is to create the best website structure, build evergreen traffic, increase conversions, and branding.


Mobile marketing topics

How is your mobile marketing doing? New challenges ahead for marketers with all the latest technologies. Connected, smart devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), Voice search, Artificial Technology create a new competitive environment. Google acknowledges the contribution of mobile devices to traffic and revenue generation. Mobile marketing calls for a broader understanding of lead generation and ROI. Voice search sets a new standard in search. Look at all the search options: Siri in Apple iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch. Google Now on Android devices. Cortana is available in Windows phones and PCs. Google Alphabet Inc. changes product search enabling Google Language assistants with a new program involved retailers such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Costco Wholesale. The products will show up in Google search, the shopping service and linked to the respective loyalty programs. Consumers will search for products by voice commands and then buy them. Plus, voice search is available in Amazon Echo devices. You understand that the new technologies pose significant challenges for the state of search, and marketers need to revise their approach to new customer segments. My advice is to hire a developer to design mobile-friendly pages. Google promises to boost the rankings of mobile pages. Consumers in Portland will be looking for solutions and products via their smartphones. You should be able to reach to those consumers when they visit your service area. Plus, when you offer a mobile experience, you are entering a market not yet saturated by your competitors.


How do you optimize for Portland?

Hire me to fix all the issues that block your SEO. My strategy is simple; Find what your customer needs, optimize your pages for rankings and conversions. I make your website the point of reference for all local queries. I then add more digital channels to the marketing mix, i.e., Google Maps, Social Media, and Video Marketing. My goal is to make customers want to contact you in any way we can track for ROI. When someone searches for a local business in Google Maps, it is good to have a listing. Video marketing is an additional traffic source as YouTube offers a search function. I could rank your videos and multiply the website visits. Social media is fit for branding. When you expose your brand to a broader audience, it will help when they make a purchase decision as it builds trust, plus it limits the competition visibility.


What are your expectations?

I would like to have your feedback when drafting my approach. I do some research on the local competition, the content topics, organize the landing pages, plan the activities, define the budget and expectations. Insights that you can share can help. For example website stats, i.e., visitors, conversions, channels, keywords, referrals. I can optimize any online property, i.e., videos, product listings, external landing pages, etc.


Marketing plan

My feedback will include the technical insights from the SEO audit, content opportunities, marketing steps, traffic potential, projected performance, content schedule, targets (MoM, YoY), and budget. I will also share content topics, landing page mapping, and engagement triggers. The strategic goal is to generate more clicks with our optimized content (White-hat approach).


What content can do?

Content is the ultimate tool for SEO and complies with the White-hat approach. It is the best way to increase rankings and boost traffic. When you build backlinks, you may trigger a spam flag (over-optimization) and your website. When relevant text supports the backlinks (contextual), you have the so-called relevancy, which Google will appreciate. On the contrary, when an agency uses enormous numbers of articles (Article Marketing) to game the search rankings, it triggers an over-optimization flag (spam). Massive article marketing campaigns cost money, offer no ROI, and break websites. My work is researching topics, create a few optimized articles, and raise their visibility by not using the same methods and sources with everybody else. I care about original writings and how to provide value to the client. My top-notch content can create engagement with the following pointers: i) Quality lead generation that facilitates conversions; ii) Strong backlinks and relevant content, iii) Brand awareness. Google appreciates my content as it is well written, original and engaging.


What are your strategic goals?

i) Generate clicks from the search channel. ii) Create relevant content. iii) Funnel clicks to landing pages. iv) Understand the way consumers interact with SERPs and landing pages. v) Trigger engagement. vi) Track and optimize Conversions. vii) Do a lot of branding.


How do you treat spam?

When you work White-hat, you care so much about spam. I keep current with Google changes and abide by guidelines. In the remote case that I need to improve anything, I will contact your team. I do not outsource work to other agencies/freelancers because it is only trouble, brings no value to the client. I keep all work in-house. Thus I am confident that nothing will break the website, but some competitors will lose business for their spam.


What is the range of services you offer?

To my Portland customers I offer: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Negative SEO Monitoring.


Payment options

With the retainer, you can get best results. It is suitable for a startup or an established brand. My recommendation is working for six months, then renew if profitable. With a perfect website (without penalties and technical blockers) you can start enjoying ROI right from the third month.



I optimize web pages in the state of Oregon and the cities of Beaverton -- Bend -- Eugene -- Gresham -- Hillsboro -- Medford -- Portland -- Salem -- Springfield.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
email: ted@ergoseo.com
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