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Does your Cleveland page generate leads from the SEO channel? Are you confident that there is nothing more to optimize from its search potential? Such questions may concern you for months with no apparent solution yet. I could provide an answer by helping you fix all issues and making your pages show up in all Cleveland searches, i.e., Google Search, Google Maps, or YouTube. My White-hat strategy is the ultimate protection from cheap/spam services that break your site.

I rank in many US locations for competitive terms. Beware of the misconceptions and myths overrunning the search industry. The latest typical event was a conversation I had with a Head of Marketing from a finance startup when she asked me if I could boost her SEO channel with paid ads! Along with her, the CMO could not understand how SEO could grow to a dominant traffic source. I am not surprised although they should know the details of all digital channels. In fact, most of the people dealing with the search industry just do not get it right. They confuse the performance of organic search with paid. They have never optimized a page, and they are unaware what this traffic source could offer them. They just do not get it! Better for them spend money on ads than working for evergreen traffic!

My work is about improving Google traffic from non-paid sources. A note here about developers selling SEO-friendly websites. There is no such kind of site! The last decade I have not seen a single page that is Google compliant. In every occasion, I fix programming errors that break my SEO. Lack of experience and knowledge regarding search engines is all about the marketing/programming industry. For once and for all, pages with SEO issues cannot make it to the first page. When you market with SEO blockers, you can forget the first-page rankings and free traffic.


About Me

Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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phone: (815) 981-8846
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As your Cleveland SEO Expert I will optimize the performance of the search channel, and protect you from floundering marketing tactics. I will audit your site to discover any technical and content issues that break up the SEO. I will check the speed, redirects, metadata, backlinks, etc. The content audit will check the site structure, keyword mapping, conversion elements, page performance, etc. The organic channel is a beast by itself, so it requires an individual method, has its traffic sources, different characteristics for audiences, and ROI. Let the other "experts" break their client websites. Work instead with an expert who ranks in many US locations protects you from spam and looks for opportunities to bring you growth. Growth means more page views, clicks, and conversions. I optimize your pages to rank on the first page, so the Cleveland residents prefer visiting your site instead of the competitors. My work focuses on the page content, technical improvements, and make visible the brand to the consumer′s eyes all over the web, i.e., industry blogs, professional networks, etc. My ultimate goal is to increase the conversion rate to facilitate the revenue influx. Added benefits are the brand awareness, which builds customer trust and limits the opportunities for the competition. To close this paragraph, I reiterate that I am looking into generating more clicks, conversions, content relevancy, high rankings, brand visibility, and consumer trust. My method is suitable for all devices/search channels, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



How does SEO work?

I use the content (White-hat method) to generate free traffic. I make the page texts more discoverable to residents of Cleveland when they browse for online solutions, search in the Google Maps, watch YouTube videos, etc. I am interested in what the customers want so then I can prepare my campaigns (content, call to actions and metrics), and reach to them when ready to make a purchase decision. In SEO terms the first positive metric is more traffic, which originates from the best positioning and content marketing. Websites that have no issues can dominate the searches and generate massive visits. My clients need the value that only White-hat tactics can provide. When I work with top-notch content and benefit from a well-structured website, I see the best results. To reach the first page, I will need to grow all the SEO modules. When my work matures, the analytics will show cheap, evergreen, and targeted incoming traffic. Search engine optimization can outperform the other digital channels, as it provides massive visits following a +50-200% increase from the first trimester.


What should I expect?

You can get expert targeted traffic that facilitates your lead generation. What I will be doing has no relation to paid advertising where the placements cause the competitors to raise the bids and both end up paying wages to Google. On the other hand, social media campaigns are mostly ineffective in networks least suitable for doing business. SEO will be outnumbering all digital sources and save your marketing effort. The direct channel will benefit vastly from SEO given the massive brand visibility. If there is an internal marketing team, they will need some consulting to understand what is SEO is. Another important point will be to disinfect the website from old marketing actions that may break it or remove it from the search index. Without experience, an amateur marketer spams Google massively and breaks the SEO. When a site breaks, the owner must abandon it and start from scratch.

Why is it so hard for a marketer to work the SEO? You understand that the Google engine represents the number one traffic source. As such it gets down to optimize its search product together with its advertising program. A series of updates aim to the best user experience, minimize the use of resources, offer the best results, and remove all spam. Dozens of updates roll out each month. It makes sense that with so many changes working with Google raises the stakes for the SEO consultants. The latter should raise their sleeves and embrace a modern application in the light of all changes. Unfortunately, those who opt for innovation are the exception rather than the norm. Most SEO professionals and agencies associate with old tactics (spam) while they aspire to minimize costs by outsourcing work to cheap (spam) providers. Google is not ignorant. They keep an eye, utilizing pattern identification, on the spam tactics across the industry and know how they can impact their search products. The response comes in the form of critical updates that mean to eliminate one or more spam tactics. The algorithm improvements weigh on millions of pages and the hits remove pages from the search index with few chances to recover and no traffic. How do you address your spam issues?

The issue with penalties is a Google thing as Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and Yahoo show no intention to update their engines regularly, besides offering no traffic. Albeit the numerous updates, Google is conservative in changing its core algorithm. Occasionally, we see new features (snippets), new spam filters, still the classification system remain pretty much the same. So it would easy for SEO agencies to plan a practical approach and dominate the SERPs, right? Not at all. Agencies focus on cost reduction even if they compromise the quality. They tend to outsource work to smaller firms and freelancers receiving low-quality services with increased spam ratios. Why is that? I guess they are too lazy to innovate, do some research and testing, or just they do not care. Anyway, Google has an entire arsenal to fight spam. They detect patterns and fight the spam with machine-generated penalties with no prior warning. The penalties are routinely site-wide with few recovery options. They look either for toxic backlink profiles or on-site over-optimization schemes. From the victim side of things, the marketers see the damage quite late, with their clients finding out for last. The spammer will want to blame Google for not sparing his/her "ingenious" tactics and offers an excuse, something like "Google has changed something, and we need to adjust." Not so professional as you appreciate. For my part, I have an entirely different method. I like to stay current with the updates, find what ratio I could comply with Google policies, do not outsource to external providers, thus protecting my clients from risks. I am so proud of my work and try to give value to the client. I create the best content structure, provide evergreen traffic, increase conversions, raise the branding.


Mobile marketing notes

Have you ever tried the mobile marketing? I see new challenges ahead with the latest technologies. Look at all those smart, connected devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Voice search, Artificial Technology, which create a fluid environment. Google now accounts mobile devices as the number one traffic above desktop PCs. Mobile marketing is an animal by itself with separate funnel optimization requirements. Voice search opens up opportunities. Do you know how many Search Assistants are there? Siri in Apple iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch. Google Now on Android devices. Cortana in Windows phones and PCs. Google Alphabet Inc. now aspires to introduce Google Language assistants in product search. With its new program, they work with retailers, i.e., Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Costco Wholesale to have consumers use voice commands to search for products and buy them. The products will show up in Google search, its shopping service and linked to loyalty programs. Voice search is already the standard in Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. The search products create new niches and customer segments. A marketer needs to define an approach to market to those segments. Let us take a step at a time. I recommend hiring a developer to offer mobile-friendly pages. Google already gives a slight boost to mobile pages and prepares its mobile-only index that will make desktop systems somewhat obsolete. Think about your customers in Cleveland, what they will be looking for their smart devices. Why not reaching to those consumers within your service radius with your solutions and products. The mobile website will give you the opportunity to enter a market not yet saturated by your competitors.


SEO for Cleveland

Hire me to remove all the issues blocking your SEO. Here is my simple strategy; Research the customer needs, build a reasonable content structure with landing pages, raise the site to the point of reference for the niche with content. I could add some digital channels to reinforce the marketing mix, i.e., Google Maps, Social Media, or Video Marketing. I want to facilitate the customers to contact you. Take for example a customer browsing the local businesses in Google Maps; I expect your brand to show up on his screen. Video marketing could be an extra traffic source as YouTube offers a search function. Thus I could rank your videos at the top. Social Media could help raise brand awareness. It is vital to have the brand visible to a broader audience when they make a purchase decision and to limit the competition.


What are your expectations?

I expect your feedback when I draft my plan. I will need to research the competition and the content themes, to continue with the landing pages, actions scheduling, budget and expectations setting. Please provide any insights like website stats with visitors, conversions, channels, keywords, referrals. As a last note, I could optimize any online property, i.e., videos, product listings, external landing pages, etc.


Marketing plan

Will list the findings from the SEO audit, content opportunities, marketing actions, traffic potential, projected performance and targets (MoM, YoY), lastly the budget. Some content ideas, mapping the landing pages, and other points. My strategic goal is to facilitate lead generations with optimized content (White-hat approach).


What content can do?

Content is my number one SEO tool (not backlink creation) and fits perfectly in my White-hat arsenal. Plus, it is the safest way to increase rankings and boost traffic. I deem the backlinks building a tactic that may swallow you in and break your website raising over-optimization, spam flags. When the backlink is contextual, and the content of high-quality you reach topic relevancy, and Google will compensate for the work. Except for gaming Google using Article Marketing where the result is pure spam, no value at all. I like to take the opposite direction, research the opportunities, create a handful of optimized articles, and promote them to interested viewers. I am confident that my top-notch content offers: i) Quality leads that facilitate conversions; ii) Relevant backlinks; iii) Brand awareness. Google appreciates my work with content well written, original and engaging.


What do you intend to achieve?

1) Clicks originating from SEO. 2) Relevant content. 3) Funnel traffic to landing pages. 4) Understand consumer behavior when in SERPs and landing pages. 5) Create engagement. 6) Optimize conversions. 7) Complement with branding campaigns.


How can you limit the spam?

Since my work is White-hat, I care only so much about spam. I monitor for Google updates and abide by spam policies. I do not outsource work to other agencies/freelancers as it does not bring any value to my client. I keep all work in-house, and I am confident that my clients enjoy a healthy, spam-proof website that does not break.


What are the services you offer?

To my Cleveland customers I offer: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Negative SEO Monitoring.


Payment options

Working on a retainer offers the best results. It fits the needs of startups and established brands. I recommend running SEO for six months, then extend if it makes sense. With a healthy website (no penalties or technical issues) the ROI comes in from the third month.



I optimize web pages in the state of Ohio and the cities of Akron -- Canton -- Cincinnati -- Cleveland -- Columbus -- Dayton -- Lorain -- Parma -- Youngstown.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
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