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▶ I'm Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach.
▶ I rank in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms.
▶ Masters Degree, 10+ years in Digital Marketing.
▶ Google Certified Partner, SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.


Are you satisfied with the search channel performance? Do you think there is more you could do to exploit your page search potential? Read carefully. I am the Raleigh SEO Expert who can help you remove all the blockers and boost your traffic in Google Search, Google Maps, or YouTube search. I have developed a White-hat strategy that fixes all issues currently breaking your SEO. I rank in many US locations for competitive terms, and I could protect you from the spam services that destroy your marketing efforts.



You will be astonished by the superficial knowledge of people dealing with SEO. There is lack of experience in all things having to do with optimization; there is confusion between the organic search traffic with paid, plus people like to do things fast without thinking so they end up breaking websites. My answer is, better go and spend money running ads if you do not know how to build the evergreen traffic. I have met with a team (million business FinTech) recently, and it was like a Déjà vu to me. The Head of Marketing she was asking me how to boost SEO with paid ads, the CMO could not comprehend the landing page optimization. No surprise they show metrics of -42% growth MoM. Another multi-million Finance company with an internal SEO manager showed 4% organic growth YoY. They are niche leaders, have all the money they need but no proficient SEO people, pity.

What about the programmers? There are issues with developers too. You see, when you buy a website, they sell it to you as SEO-friendly. When the owner receives no traffic/leads, then they find out that it is not Google compliant. Coding errors, old methods, and misconceptions break the SEO. Do not let ignorant people, i.e., developers, link builders, even marketers mess up with your revenue. Let me clarify one thing: Websites with SEO issues will never make it to the first page.

I am the guy who will boost the traffic and protect you from failing marketers. I will run an audit to highlight technical failures and content issues that obstruct and forbid SEO. I need to check speed, redirects, metadata, backlink profile, content structure, keyword mapping, CTAs, conversion metrics, and more. The channel has individual characteristics, technical requirements, traffic sources, audience behavior, and ROI. Beware that most of the ″experts″ out there can equally break your website. I would suggest working with a pro who ranks in many US locations, in-depth knowledge of search spam, and can bring you growth. With growth, I mean more page visits, clicks, conversions. A significant growth step is to rank your pages on the first page, so the Raleigh residents click your pages instead of the competitors. I work with page content, make technical improvements, and increase brand visibility. Conversions are the number one goal to generate revenue. I do a lot of branding that builds customer trust and reduces the competitor marketing. Branding shows up in the direct channel (SEO benefits the Direct). I look into metrics: clicks, conversions, content relevancy, rankings, brand visibility. My work suits all devices and platforms, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.


How does SEO work?

For starters, each SEO consultant works with own methods and delivers different results. I cannot say that my entire strategy is similar to anybody else I know. Some tactics are the same but what makes the difference is the choice of tactics, research quality, time, intensity, and other factors that produce so much diversity. Simply put, I use content (White-hat method) to generate traffic. I make the page material to relate with my target-audience (here the residents of Raleigh) and showcase your solutions or products. The places where this happens can be Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, industry pages, social networks, etc. When you know what your customers need you can go and create the material to reach them. Another step is to pick the time for your reach right when they are going to make the buy decision. With a healthy website (no SEO issues) I can take over the queries and generate massive flows. My clients get value from top-notch content, structured pages, no outsourcing, and from keeping spam away. All the metrics are beneficial to your domain and help achieve first page rankings. The result of all the above is cheap, evergreen, and targeted visits. Search engine optimization will take over the digital channel with up to 200% increase in the first trimester.


What should I expect?

Expect targeted traffic that generates more leads. With paid ads, your high bids cause a counter-reaction from the competitors, with both end up paying more. With social media campaigns, you are not getting any ROI. SEO is the opposite. Cheap channel, outperforming except comparing to email marketing costs and not visits. As previously said, SEO will benefit the direct channel, so expect visits by searchers typing the domain or brand. I will explain the SEO opportunities to your in-house team, if available. I will clean up the site from spammy residue that can break it and remove it from the Google index. Some marketers do not get it with search engine optimization and can cause extensive damage. There are damage degrees, i.e., the light harm that you can recover from, and massive loss from burning the site (in this case you abandon the domain and start from scratch). It is always better to have more pages to avoid the risks and dominate real estate on the search page.

Why is the SEO channel so stressful and exhausting? You see, Google gives us with the +90% of traffic and likes to keep the revenue coming. As they release a series of search products, they keep them up to speed with regular updates or enhance them with new features. To generate revenue, they need to have a working engine that serves their advertising program. They optimize to offering the best user experience, minimize resources, produce practical search results, and drop any spam. The latest Google update rolled out this week (the Mobile-first Index, read below). The previous update was about two weeks ago, focused on the core algorithm and some content quality tweaks. The new find was Google saying there is no recovery option for websites that lost rankings with no quality content!


Google will go on raising the stakes for marketers who need to do their homework. No surprise that consultants will not spend much on working hard for results. SEO agencies and freelancers love old tactics (automation and spam), strive to minimize costs. Thus they outsource client work. Google is very resourceful to detecting spam. They have tools in place (pattern identification) to spot any tactic that could compromise their search products. Google hits hard the spam releasing the so-called penalties and updates which impact millions of pages, and remove domains from the search index.

The search engines like Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and Yahoo make little effort to optimize and provide no traffic. Given the number of improvements, Google has not changed the way I do SEO. Why is that? I follow the changes, comply with policies, do all client work in-house, protect my clients from risks. Some agencies compromise the work quality by outsourcing to smaller firms and freelancers looking to reduce costs (check the article on the outsourcing stats). As described above, Google fights spam with machine-generated penalties. Their over-optimization patterns match the toxic backlinks and hit with site-wide penalties. You get no prior advice or warning. You only learn about the hit after the damage! The spammer will reject the blame saying that Google changes things and there is nothing you can do. Typical answer but it does not make sense for a business.


What is mobile SEO?

The last years we see new challenges in marketing. To run mobile marketing campaigns, for example, you need to know the funnel, metrics and optimization requirements. So far we have:

Voice search brings new opportunities with Search Assistants. Here is what he have:

You understand that all the new products generate new niches and customer segments. A marketer would love to reach those audiences. I would start by offering mobile-friendly pages. Google now gives priority to crawling the mobile versions of pages. The Raleigh residents move within your service radius, why not reach to them with solutions or products? A mobile page version gives you the opportunity to enter a new market.


What services do you offer?

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Negative SEO Monitoring.


SEO for Raleigh

I will remove all issues blocking SEO. I find out how to reach the customers and prepare the content I need. Next step is to build the best website structure in the niche funneling visits to landing pages (conversions). Following the rankings in competitive searches. I may complement with more ways like Google Maps, Social Media, or Video Marketing. I could then generate more traffic and leads. The final goal is to make customers convert. Here are a couple of examples: With Google Maps a searcher shows your listing amongst local firms and clicks to your business. With YouTube, I use the search function to position your videos and drive more traffic to your landing pages. With Social Media campaigns, I could help raise brand awareness. With all above examples, you reach a broader audience, drive their buying choices and limit the competition.


Marketing goals

Following the SEO audit, there is content ideation, landing pages, marketing calendar, traffic opportunities, performance metrics, targets (MoM, YoY), and budget. The goal is to drive lead generation with optimized content (White-hat approach).


What do you need to do SEO?

Some help when planning my strategy, i.e., when I research the niche. I will follow with setting the landing pages, schedule the campaigns, set budget and targets. I would appreciate any available insights, i.e., analytics with visitors, conversions, channels, keywords, referrals. There is no limit to the page type as I can optimize any on-site, off-site property, i.e., videos, product listings, external landing pages, etc.


How do you use content?

I use it as my number one SEO tool. It is White-hat and generates engagement. Since building backlinks can break your website for over-optimization, content is the safest way to boosting rankings. With contextual backlinks, you create topic relevancy that Google likes to see. When you over-optimize, you do Article Marketing, a no-value, spam tactic that Google punishes. My strategy is doing the opposite: Enhances the content instead of over-do it. When I know the opportunities, I produce a handful of optimized articles and promote to interested readers. This way I help conversions with quality metrics.


What about my spam concerns?

My work has nothing to do with spam as it is White-hat. I am confident of my work, and I have no concern about spam. I keep up with all Google updates and do not outsource work to other agencies/freelancers. I keep all work in-house, and my clients appreciate a website that does not break.


Payment options

I offer the retainer that produces best results. It suits all cases with startups or established businesses. I suggest to work with SEO for six months, then extend if you see the ROI. With no penalties or technical issues, you will track the ROI possibly from the third month.


End notes

Take action and fix all issues that block your growth. Optimize your pages, remove spam, limit the marketing options for your competitors, and generate leads. Contact me below to find out more or get a quote.



I optimize web pages in the state of North Carolina and the city of .



I optimize web pages in the state of North Carolina and the cities of Cary -- Charlotte -- Durham -- Fayetteville -- Greensboro -- Greenville -- High Point -- Raleigh -- Wilmington -- Winston-Salem.


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