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Charlotte First Page starts at $500/month. Ted has Google First Page Rankings in 90 locations.


Charlotte First Page starts at $500/month



Charlotte SEO First page positions in Charlotte (local search results). Prices start at $500/month.

Video SEO Your videos rank on the YouTube first search page (Optional service).

Google Maps Your business page shows up in local map listings (Optional service).

No outsourcing All client work is done in-house following high-quality standards.


About Me

Ted Politidis, First Page SEO Expert; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

Reach me at:


I will show you only a few results I've accomplished for this website using my winning SEO strategy.



Ecommerce SEO Eshops require special attention.

Medical SEO Awesome results in any health-related niche.

Legal SEO Prospects will find your services in their area.

Home Services Roofing, Plumbing, Landscaping, Moving, Cleaning, Electricians, Pest Removal, Restoration, Design.

Technology SEO SaaS, B2B, Startups, Mobile Apps, Science, Industrial, Conferences, Event Promotion.


You will be amazed by the lack of knowledge and experience of people dealing with SEO. In a meeting with a FinTech team (million-dollar business) the other day the Head of Marketing was telling me she could to boost SEO with paid ads, while their CMO could not get how we optimize a landing page. It comes as no surprise to me that their metrics show -42% growth MoM. In another multi-million Finance company, the internal SEO manager managed to produce a mere 4% organic growth YoY. It is a pity them being niche leaders but last in SEO performance.

There are issues with programmers too. When you buy a website, the developer might have sold it as SEO-friendly only to find out that it does not comply with Google. They build sites against with coding errors, use old methods, and have a distorted sense of what you need to optimize for SEO. I will make this clear: When you have SEO issues, your page will never make it to the first page.

I am the guy who will protect you from failing marketers. I will run an audit to pinpoint technical drawbacks and content issues that deter SEO. Amongst the things I check is website speed, redirects, metadata, backlinks, content structure, keyword mapping, CTAs, conversion metrics, and more. Keep in mind that SEO has its peculiarities, needs, traffic sources, audiences, and ROI. Most of the marketers out there will break your website with spammy tactics. I recommend finding a pro who ranks in many US locations, knows how to handle search spam and grow the site. I mean to receive more page visits, clicks, conversions. A giant leap forward is when you rank on the first page; now the Charlotte residents will prefer visiting your pages instead of your competitors. I optimize page content, fix technical issues, and augment brand visibility. Conversions are the first goal that generates revenue. On the other hand, branding helps to build customer trust that drives sales and grows the direct channel (SEO benefits the Direct). I like to look into the following metrics: clicks, conversions, content relevancy, rankings. My work addresses all devices and platforms, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.


How does SEO work?

SEO consultants have their tactics, but you could compare them based on the results. Do they break the client site? Do they produce spam? My strategy is unlike to others I watch. Of course, I share some tactics, but when it comes down to combining tactics, work quality, scheduling, intensity, you will find it little similarities. To put it in simple words, I use content (White-hat method) to generate traffic. I work with the online material to match it with my audience (here, the residents of Charlotte) and expose your solutions or products. I use platforms like Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, industry pages, social networks, etc. When I find out what your customers need to read, I go out and create the proper material to reach them. I then pick the right time for my outreach at the best time for their buying decision. When I have a spam-proof website, I dominate the search and generate massive flows. I offer value in the form of top-notch content, well-structured pages, refrain from outsourcing work. With all above qualities, your domain achieves first page rankings and enjoys evergreen, and targeted visits. Search engine optimization could take over all digital with an increase up to 200% in the first three months.


What should I expect?

Expect targeted traffic that generates more leads. Note that when you run paid advertising, your bids will provoke outbids from competitors, and you both end up spending more. With social media, you settle with a low-performing channel. SEO is the opposite thing. It will crush all channels, except email marketing (regarding costs, not visits). SEO will benefit the direct channel, so there will be more branded searches (typing the domain or brand). I will be the consultant to your in-house team (if you have one). I will decontaminate the web page from any spam that could remove all pages from the Google index. There are marketers out there who miss the SEO point and can cause extensive damage. You can have light damage and recover, or get a hard hit and burn the site (you will need to let go the domain and start from scratch). I recommend having one or more backup pages to reduce the risks when things go south, and why not, dominate the searches.

Now, why is SEO so cumbersome to develop? As you know, Google provides most of the free traffic, has a series of search products like paid advertising. It makes sense that they fine-tune their products or introduce new features all the time. Amongst their goals is to offer the best user experience, minimize server resources, and drop all spam from their engines. As an example of the ton of updates rolling out, the most recent and critical one was this week (the Mobile-first Index, read below). Another core update they released about two weeks ago, on their algorithm plus some content quality tweaks. The latter introduced a new find with Google stating that when hit it is impossible to recover with no quality content!


Google will keep on making the life hard for marketers. No wonder that SEO Consultants dedicate only a few resources to testing and quality work. When you can minimize spending why not outsource to other agencies and freelancers, right? Well, it is a questionable practice. Outsourcing client work is the safest way to load the site with spam backlinks. You see the service providers stick to old tactics (automation and spam) as they have a limited budget. Now, Google is vigilant to spam. Their engineers have developed tools (pattern identification) that spot all things menacing their search products. Google when it finds spam will hit it hard either with a site-wide penalty or take a horizontal approach and release updates which impact millions of pages.

Note that only Google updates its engine so frequently. Engines like Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and Yahoo do not provide enough traffic and optimize so little. With updates that reach more than half a thousand per year, the way I do Google SEO is the same with some tweaks. It sounds strange, but it works great. I monitor the changes, build the best landing pages, do all client work in-house, and provide value to clients. It is a fact that agencies jeopardize the work quality by outsourcing to smaller firms and freelancers for the sake of lower costs (check the article on the outsourcing stats). Google has the arsenal to fight spam. They can match domains with toxic profiles with over-optimization patterns and struck them with non-recoverable penalties. You get no advice nor warning from Google. Your agency will blame Google for the hit and not themselves (not at all professional).


What about mobile SEO?

To do mobile marketing, you need to know the funnel, metrics and optimization requirements. We have new technologies and products in marketing. We have:

Voice Search creates new marketing opportunities. Here is the list with Search Assistants:

With so many new products new niches and customer segments emerge, a challenge to marketers. The first step is to offer mobile-friendly pages as Google decides to crawl these versions first. How else could you reach the Charlotte residents when moving within your service radius, and expose them to your solutions or products? The mobile page offers you a window into a new market.


What are your services?

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Negative SEO Monitoring.


SEO for Charlotte

Hire me to fix your failing or non-existent SEO. I will prepare the reach to local customers with optimized content. I will build the best website structure out there and funnel visitors to landing pages. The key is to rank the content high enough, so people find it with no effort. I complement my marketing with Google Maps, Social Media, or Video Marketing. Here is why you need visibility: A searcher goes through Google Maps listings, gets a suggestion to visit your business because it shows up in Maps. A viewer searches for YouTube videos and finds your content ranking in the first listings. In Social networks, people see your posts when ready to make a buying choice.


Marketing blueprint

The steps are SEO audit, content ideation, landing pages, budget and targets set, marketing schedule, exploiting opportunities, tracking performance (MoM, YoY). The goal is to drive lead generation with optimized content (White-hat approach).


What do you need to run SEO?

I will need your insights when planning my strategy. I would appreciate if you share any available reports, i.e., visitors, conversions, channels, keywords, referrals. There is no limitation to what content I could optimize, i.e., on-site, off-site, videos, product listings, landing pages, etc.


How does content help SEO?

Content is my number one SEO tool, it is White-hat and generates engagement. When you have limited experience, and you build backlinks, you will break the website. Google punishes link builders for over-optimization. When you run Article Marketing campaigns, you provide no value to your page, and Google will penalize you for spam. Content remains the safest way to boosting rankings. Google wants to see topic relevancy, and you can only achieve that with contextual backlinks. My strategy is to enhance the content instead of over-optimize it. I produce a handful of optimized articles and promote them to interested readers, so I create engagement and drive conversions.


How do you treat spam?

I reiterate that my work is spam-proof. I do White-hat work, and I am confident that I provide value to the client, so there are no concerns. I monitor all updates, keep all work in-house (no outsourcing). The clients enjoy a website that does not break because of spam.


Payment options

Small business, Startup or an established firm, I recommend working with a retainer for best results. I suggest working for six months, then extend if you see the ROI. If your site has no prior issues (penalties or technical blockers), you will measure the ROI from the third month.



I optimize web pages in the state of North Carolina and the cities of Cary -- Charlotte -- Durham -- Fayetteville -- Greensboro -- Greenville -- High Point -- Raleigh -- Wilmington -- Winston-Salem.


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