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How can you optimize your Las Vegas SEO traffic? Read carefully below. I am the Las Vegas SEO Expert who can boost your traffic and dominate your local niche. I rank in many US locations for competitive terms, and I could reclaim your Google rankings. My proven White-hat strategy will remove all the issues blocking the SEO performance.


About Me

Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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phone: (815) 981-8846
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It is always sad the widespread ignorance on SEO. In a meeting the other day with a FinTech team (million-dollar business), I had to deal with short-sighted ideas coming from their Head of Marketing. She was saying that she could boost SEO with ads. Their CMO was keeping apace as. Apparently, it was the first time for him listening anything about the search engines. Not surprised by their metrics showing a -42% drop MoM. Another example of a multi-million Finance firm and their in-house SEO manager pulling a mere 4% SEO performance YoY.

As if the above is not enough, coders show a superficial understanding of SEO. It is problematic as they advertise and sell SEO-friendly websites. The alleged search-friendly pages will soon prove to be non-compliant with Google policies and will need fixes to perform as expected. Again a sad story here. Business owners with problematic pages should not wait for any Google rankings before taking down all the SEO issues.

Do the right thing and hire me as your Las Vegas Search Consultant who will protect you from failing marketers. My work starts right on your page with an audit to pinpoint technical and content blockers that impact the search performance. In my checklist, there are variables like website speed, redirects, metadata, backlinks, content structure, keyword mapping, CTAs, conversion metrics. With the search engine optimization channel an animal by itself, I will cater its unique needs, traffic sources, audiences, and ROI. Note that most of the consultants out there will disrupt SEO growth with spammy tactics. I suggest you find a consultant who ranks in many US locations and can provide visits, clicks, conversions. An objective metric is the high rankings that last more than two months. If you manage to get rankings like that, then people visiting or living in Las Vegas will visit your pages from search skipping the competitors. My strategy includes the best content structure, blockers removal, brand visibility, conversion maximization. Doing some branding is always beneficial to having customer trust (SEO will have a positive effect on the Direct channel - branded searches). The essential metrics are clicks, conversions, content relevancy, rankings. My strategy touches all devices/platforms, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



How do you work the SEO?

The last decade I have seen SEO consultants with very different tactics. Nevertheless, you may assess the work by checking if they:

I know that the above checks require in-depth knowledge, but there is no other way. I insist on verifying the quality of work because it is sad watching businesses fail online because they threw their money to spam services. Most of the time people will not disclose their clients, and that is legitimate as a competitor may harm them. However, there are ways to assess the work when you know your competitors and the people who work for them.

My strategy has content as the primary tool for lead generation. It is a White-hat tactic nothing to do with over-optimization like Article Marketing. I research what topics interest my Las Vegas audience, prepare the material, then use platforms like Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, industry sites, social networks, etc. to promote my content. It follows quality criteria like readability, engagement, conversion optimization. I release it at the most favorable time when the readers will likely make a buying decision. As regards the web page I see fast results with a clean, spam-proof page, as it dominates the searches and receives massive traffic. In brief, I provide top-notch, engaging content, well-structured pages, do all client work in-house (no outsourcing, check below for the why). Search engine optimization can scale up to 200% during the first three months, out-performing any digital channel.


What should I expect from SEO?

Performance: Only targeted SEO traffic can generate more leads. When you run paid ads you outbid the competitors, then they react with higher bids until both exhaust your budgets. An experienced SEO professional with five to ten years in the industry can deliver massive traffic. You do not get so much traffic, and you do not pay so little when running ads. Social media is not worth to try as the ROI is significantly lower than every other digital channel. Overall, SEO crushes all digital channels looking into visits or costs. Do not mind people saying otherwise; they have never invested in SEO to see results themselves. Branded searches will fall into the direct bucket (in your Google Analytics under Acquisition / Channels). The attribution should go to SEO as it generates there but falls into the direct. Note that branded searches originate when one opens the browser and types in your domain or brand.

Specialization: Your in-house team (if you have one) will get the SEO consulting they miss and will never find online. So many marketers have no idea what it means to be safe in SEO and are damaging pages that may never recover (burned). To burn a domain is when you have to abandon it and start from scratch with a new one (serious drawback). I have a decade of cleaning webspam, so I will go ahead and remove every toxic backlink that risks your rankings.

Ethical SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a sophisticated job and calls for commitment and in-depth knowledge. Google changes the industry as you read those lines, with new search products and engine tweaks. As Google makes the number one source of traffic, it is vital to comply with spam policies. I monitor hundreds of updates per year. The latest happen the last week of March 2018, the Mobile-first Index (read below). Before that, there was a core algorithm and content quality update followed by a Google statement (see image below) that web pages with no quality content cannot recover when hit!


High-level SEO: It is Google that raises the bar for the marketers putting them under stress about what works and what does not. Google never releases information on the updates; there is no clear way what to fix, only general guidelines. Plus, they have mechanisms to detect spam patterns. Agencies, freelancers, service providers (SEO outsourcing) to the first two groups, like SEO automation and produce loads of search spam that breaks a site in no time. All three above groups and especially the providers, will go ahead and blast the client page with tons of spam. Google aggregates data and fights back protecting its search products with page-by-page penalties, site-wide (domain) de-indexing, algorithm updates hitting millions of pages, manual actions. It is a crazy industry.

Risks: Google rolls out hundreds of changes that you lose track if you do not follow. You do not have the same deal with Bing, Yandex, Baidu, & Yahoo. They provide so little traffic so who cares? Still, SEO is easier now than in the past, why? You have large numbers of marketers blasting their clients, so they unwillingly shrink the competition doing me a favor. Nowadays, even in competitive niches, competitors do not stand a chance against my tactics, why? I spend hours following the updates, devising new strategies, testing stuff; I build the best landing pages that you find in the market; I process all client work in-house (no providers, no spam). My competitors outsource client work to reduce costs thus I gain the competitive edge. Read the stats in this article on Outsourcing.


Do you run mobile SEO?

Generally yes, but I will need to know your niche to check if it can be beneficial. It is a new sub-industry that needs to justify the spending. Speaking of which let us see what we have today:

Voice Search is the new marketing toy with Search Assistants:


What are your SEO solutions?

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), Negative SEO Monitoring. I am also offering Video SEO, Mobile SEO, Travel SEO, Legal SEO, Medical SEO.


SEO in Las Vegas

I will end your SEO blockers and reclaim traffic. I follow the optimized content approach, which is the safest way. I build the best content structure and landing pages - funnel visits, increase conversions. I do my best to have your pages ranking in the first-page so Las Vegas will see your page instead of your competitors. I add to my strategy Google Maps, Social Media, and Video optimization as additional ways to maximize visibility. A couple of examples: When someone visits the Las Vegas Google Maps listings, he will get suggestions from nearby businesses - your listing will show up there. When someone is looking for YouTube videos, your content will rank among the first results. When people log in to social networks, they will read your posts weighing on their buying choices.


Marketing view

In brief, I will start with an SEO audit, come up with content ideas, build landing pages, set expectations, and costs, schedule activities, track (MoM, YoY) performance. There is no restriction on the types I could optimize, i.e., on-site, off-site, videos, product listings, landing pages, etc.


How do you optimize content?

I have two powerful tools: one of them is Content (the other is my technical fixes). I know that working with texts will not harm the client site and will generate engagement. I deem backlinks too risky, no ROI, raise a flag (over-optimization) that Google punishes. I refrain from automation, i.e., content distribution via Article Marketing, as it brings no value, and it is spam. Guest posting is also spam (Google thinks so). I work with a handful of optimized content that creates engagement, as the safest way to boosting rankings and building the best backlinks.


What do you think of search spam?

My tactics are White-hat, thus spam-proof. I keep away from spam, so I am confident of my work and its value to the client. I monitor the updates and process all client work in-house (no outsourcing). Spam has no business here, and my client site is unbreakable.


How do you get paid?

I work with a retainer for six months; then you may extend if you see the ROI. If your site is problematic (penalties or technical issues), I fix it. If it has no SEO blockers, you measure the ROI from the third month.



I optimize web pages in the state of Nevada and the cities of Carson City -- Enterprise -- Henderson -- Las Vegas -- Paradise -- Reno -- Sparks -- Spring Valley -- Sunrise Manor.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
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