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How can you optimize further your Omaha SEO traffic? Read carefully below. I am the Omaha SEO Expert who will fix your organic traffic problems. I rank in many US locations for competitive terms, and I will put my proven White-hat strategy into getting you higher rankings.


About Me

Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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phone: (815) 981-8846
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There are no hidden secrets. SEO is simple if you know what you are doing but can be complicated when you ignore basic stuff. For example, having a Head of Marketing telling me how she could boost SEO with paid ads when their Start-up shows metrics dropping at -42% MoM. Or, when a programmer advertises the websites, he sells as SEO-friendly. He needs to know the Google policies before advertising because then I go in and fix all problematic coding that blocks the SEO performance.

I will be here to protect you from failing marketers. Let me explain how I do that. I start with a page audit, which brings up technical and content blockers that impact the search performance. I look into variables like website speed, redirects, metadata, backlinks, content structure, keyword mapping, CTAs, conversion metrics. Then, I research what I can do to grow within the niche like traffic sources, audiences, and ROI. By protecting your site, I mean rejecting those tactics that disrupt SEO because they are spammy. It is best to when the consultant ranks in many US locations and can deliver what you need, namely rankings, clicks, and conversions. The consultant should manage to rank your site high enough, so people in Omaha click through your pages skipping the competitors. My strategy requires building the best structure, removing any content or technical blockers, maximizing visibility and conversions. Then, when I promote the branded searches (read below), I build customer trust facilitating sales. My strategy fits all devices/platforms, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



How do you work the SEO?

My decade experience in SEO says that there are so many different tactics. Nevertheless, you may assess the work of SEO consultants by checking if they:

I know that the checks I am suggesting, require profound knowledge, sadly there is no other way to verify the quality of services. Checking the work might help to avoid losing business from trusting spam services. It is legitimate when people are not willing to disclose their clients as the competitor might run negative SEO on them. Still, there are ways when you pick a competitor and the consultant working with them.

My approach uses content to generate leads. It is a White-hat tactic with no connection with over-optimization activities like Article Marketing. I start by getting to know the Omaha niche, prepare the topics, then use platforms like Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, industry sites, social networks, etc. to promote the content. My texts fulfill criteria for readability, engagement, conversion optimization. I pick the best time for the readers when close to making their buying decisions. When I work with a web page without spam background, I could dominate the searches and provide massive traffic. Wrapping it up, I offer top-notch, engaging content, well-structured pages, process all client work in-house (no outsourcing, read the reason below).


What should I expect?

Performance: With targeted SEO traffic you generate more leads. When you pay for advertising you outbid the competitors, and they fight back, exhausting each other′s budget. A top-notch SEO specialist can provide massive traffic at an affordable cost; ads cannot do that. Social media is not worth mentioning with no ROI. SEO crushes all digital channels either you take the number of clicks or the costs. People suggest otherwise? Did they ever run a real SEO campaign to have results themselves? The branded visits originating in search will fall into the direct bucket (check Google Analytics under Acquisition / Channels). The branded searches instead of attributing to SEO fall into the direct channel, but still, SEO produced them. As a side-note: branded searches originate when people open their browser and type in your domain or brand.

Specialization: Your in-house team (if you have one) will appreciate an SEO consultant with the knowledge they will never find online. It is sad when SEO specialists have no clue what safety is for SEO and burn their client websites. As a consequence, business owners abandon their domains and start from scratch. I have ten years of cleaning spam when I find out problems I go ahead and remove the toxic backlinks that jeopardize your rankings.

Ethical SEO: Search Engine Optimization is too sophisticated. Google performs changes in the search industry as you read those lines, releasing new search products and tweaking its engine. Google makes our number one source of traffic, so it makes sense complying with its guidelines. I track hundreds of changes per year. The latest Google update, the Mobile-first Index (read below), rolled out during the last week of March 2018. Right before, I monitored a core algorithm and content quality changes. Google went out saying (image below) that if your page has no quality content, you cannot recover from a hit! Here is why SEO is too advanced.


Advanced SEO: Google continuously makes SEO hard to work and withholds information about the changes, so webmasters never know what works now and if they endanger their sites. Google has mechanisms to detect spam (pattern identification). Agencies, freelancers, service providers (outsourcing), are into automation and produce tons of search spam. They will go ahead and blast the client page with loads of spam until eventually it breaks and goes out of business. Google collects all the data and when it deems fit, will go out and protect its search products releasing site-wide (domain) penalties, de-indexing actions, algorithm updates hitting millions of pages. See how crazy the industry is.

Risks: With hundreds of changes from Google you can lose track if you do not follow. Bing, Yandex, Baidu, & Yahoo do no update often but with so little traffic they provide, who cares? All things aside, the way to do SEO is way easier now than in the past, why so? Because nowadays marketers like to blast their clients, shrinking the competition unwillingly to my favor. Even in competitive niches, competitors now do not stand a chance against my tactics, why is that? I dedicate hours following the changes, planning new tactics and testing what works currently; I build the best landing pages in our industry; I manage all client work in-house (got no providers, excluding spam). It is good finding others outsourcing client work and me gaining the competitive edge over them. Read the stats in this article on Outsourcing. For all the above reasons SEO runs smoothly here.


Do you do mobile SEO?

Generally yes, but I will need to know your niche first. Speaking of mobile let us see what we have:

Voice Search offers now an array of Search Assistants:


What are your SEO solutions?

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), Negative SEO Monitoring. I am also offering Video SEO, Mobile SEO, Travel SEO, Legal SEO, Medical SEO.


SEO in Omaha

I will pull away all the SEO blockers and claim back your traffic. I work with optimized content, an approach, which is 100% safe for natural growth. I use the best content structure and landing pages to funnel visits and generate leads. I add more ways to maximize visibility like strategy Google Maps, Social Media, and Video optimization. Let me give you a couple of ideas: When someone visits the Google Maps listings in Omaha, gets suggestions from nearby businesses - your listing shows up here. When someone is searching for YouTube videos, your content ranks in the first results. When people log in to networks, your posts influence their buying decisions.


Marketing perspective

My SEO audit will direct the technical fixes, content ideation, landing pages to build, expectations and costs, activities to schedule, metrics to track (MoM, YoY). There is no limitation on the types I optimize, i.e., on-site, off-site, videos, product listings, landing pages, etc.


How do you work with content?

One powerful tool I use is Content (the other is technical improvements). Working with texts is safe for the client site and generates engagement. I hold backlinks too risky to have, they show no ROI and trigger spam flags. Automation is dangerous also as it drops the quality and amplifies content distribution (Article Marketing), plus it is a spam technique. Guest posting can be spam (Google says so). For my part, I work with small numbers of optimized content to create engagement, boost rankings and create the best backlinks in the market.


How do you manage search spam?

My SEO techniques are White-hat and protect the client from search spam. I am confident of my work and the value I bring to my clients. I keep track of Google updates, manage all client work in-house (no outsourcing). Spam has no business in my shop.


How do you get paid?

I work with a retainer for six months; Feel free to extend if you see the ROI. If your site has issues (penalties or technical), I go ahead and fix all problematic areas. If it has no SEO blockers, you see the ROI from the third month.



I optimize web pages in the state of Nebraska and the cities of Bellevue -- Columbus -- Fremont -- Grand Island -- Hastings -- Kearney -- Lincoln -- Norfolk -- North Platte -- Omaha.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
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