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Do you have the best landing pages in Missouri? Are you getting enough SEO traffic? Read carefully below. I am the Missouri SEO Expert who will fix your organic traffic. I rank in many US locations for competitive SEO key-phrases, and I will put my proven White-hat strategy into work by securing the traffic you need.


About Me

Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
email: ted@ergoseo.com
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I will say this first; There are no hidden secrets to SEO. You can grow a site relatively simple if you have a modern approach. However, if your internal team or external agency do not follow basic rules, SEO will break your online business. I hear, for example, a Head of Marketing (million-dollar finance Start-up) telling me how she can boost SEO with paid ads. No doubt they drop at -42% MoM. I then find coders selling SEO-friendly websites that will need a bunch fixes before they become Google-compliant. All the misconceptions and marketing errors can break the SEO performance.

I am your Missouri SEO Consultant who can grow the channel. Let me give you a couple of hints. I run an audit to pull up any technical and content blockers that can impact the performance. I analyze variables like website speed, redirects, metadata, backlinks, content structure, keyword mapping, CTAs, conversion metrics. I then get into traffic sources, audience segments, and expected ROI.

You have no clue how easy it is to disrupt SEO when you fall into failing marketing or spam. I suggest you hire the Missouri SEO Specialist who ranks in many US locations and delivers rankings, clicks, and conversions. I will start by securing the best positions for your pages, so customers from Missouri opt to visit your site instead of your competitors. One of my strong points is that I build some of the best landing pages in the market. My strategy will work with all devices/platforms, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



SEO strategy

I bring in more than ten years in the search industry and website quality standards. When someone asks me what to do, I say check the work of the SEO specialists before hiring them, find out if they:

I am aware that the tasks I listed above require in-depth experience. I list them because it is vital to have a way to assess the work before you spend money to buy spam services. If a consultant would not disclose the client results, accept it. They may fear that a competitor might harm the client pages. You could always match their work with a client in your niche.

About my working strategy, it is all about content that generates leads. I use this White-hat technique without over-doing it, i.e., over-optimization like Guest Posting, Article Marketing, Backlink blasts. I prepare my content and promote it to platforms like Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, industry sites, social networks, etc. My texts meet quality criteria such as readability, engagement, conversion optimization. If your web page is clean of spam, I could dominate the searches and deliver massive traffic.


What to expect

Performance: Targeted traffic equals quality leads. SEO can crush any digital channel comparing clicks or spending. Advertising makes you bid for higher ad placements with the competitors trying to outbid you, and it all results in higher spending. SEO is cheaper than ads and provides massive traffic (ads cannot beat it). Social media campaigns bring you no ROI, so they are good only for some branding. Do not let people persuade you otherwise, ask them if they have ever run SEO campaigns for real (we are talking no automation here). SEO will bring you branded searches that will show up the direct channel (check Google Analytics under Acquisition / Channels). Branded searches occur when searchers type the domain or brand name in their browsers.

Expertise: Having an SEO consultant who ranks in many US locations, it means valuable knowledge transfer to your internal teams (if you have any). It also means that you will not deal with spammy marketers that break your domain and start from scratch. As said earlier, I run these kinds of audits and reclaim traffic for more than ten years.

Ethics: Search Engine Optimization is not for everyone marketer. One needs to have a sense of ethics not to produce spam. The data shows that search specialists do ignore basic rules or use unethical techniques. After all, I would be very cautious naming everyone out there who advertises SEO services, a search professional. You see, search spam violates Google policies, and Google fights back with severe penalties throwing people out of business. In March 2018 I tracked the Mobile-first Index update (read below) and a second one, on the core algorithm optimization and content quality. According to Google (image below), there is no chance to recover from a penalty with no quality content.


The state of Search: Google uses sophisticated tools (pattern identification) to detect all kinds of spam. You never know with Google what works now and what is risky to do. Agencies, freelancers who automate their services produce tons of search spam. When you sign in for an account, they go ahead and blast your site with loads of spam. The service providers will never admit it, but that is what is going on. In due time, Google discovers that your site has violated its policies and you have to abandon it for good. Google is a private firm with search products, stakeholders, and revenue, so when they see spam, they bash it with site-wide (domain) penalties, de-indexing actions, or release algorithm updates impacting millions of pages.

Why my work is different from spam services or failing marketers:

  1. SEO providers blast their clients with spam. When they do that, they leave room for the few White-hat consultants in the market to deliver impressive results.
  2. Google fights back with hefty penalties and no information to help webmasters. If it is hard to track the updates, it is harder if not impossible to mend a hit. Few marketers have a clue what to fix, and the data shows that they cannot react. I like to track the changes, test new methods, and I have a system that works as we speak.
  3. My method produces some of the best landing pages in the search industry.
  4. I like to keep all client work in-house. I do not outsource, and as a consequence, I do not have to deal with spam. When most of the agencies and freelancers, outsource client work they give me a huge advantage. Read how much outsourcing there is in the market: article on Outsourcing.


Mobile SEO

Today the following changes revolutionize the mobile search:

As regards Voice Search, we find an array of Search Assistants:


My SEO and other solutions

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), Negative SEO Monitoring. I am also offering Video SEO, Mobile SEO, Travel SEO, Legal SEO, Medical SEO.


SEO in Missouri

I will eliminate the SEO blockers and reclaim your traffic. I will do that with optimized content, which I have found to be 100% safe approach. I will build the best landing pages in Missouri to funnel visits and generate leads. I use Google Maps, Social Media, and Video optimization to reach massive visits (no artificial boost). To give you an example how my approach works, take for instance your listing in Google Maps. People with mobile phones moving in Missouri will get suggestions from nearby businesses. Or, the example of YouTube, ranking your videos amongst the top results.


Marketing synopsis

My SEO audit will delineate the required technical fixes, content ideas, landing pages, targets and costs, activities, metrics to track (MoM, YoY). There is no limitation to the forms of content I could optimize, i.e., on-site, off-site, videos, product listings, landing pages, etc.


What is content for SEO?

I utilize content to grow the organic traffic. I like it because it is modern, effective, safe, and creates conversions. I need only a few articles to boost rankings and build the best backlinks you could find on the market. I refrain from content automation (Article Marketing), a spam technique. Guest posting is spam too. Whoever works for the sake of backlinks delivers no ROI, and triggers spam flags.


About search spam

My SEO tactics are White-hat and protect the client from spam. I have a killer SEO strategy and keep all client work in-house (no outsourcing).


What are the payment options?

Hire me with a six months retainer. Feel free to extend if you see the ROI. With competitive niches, I need 12-24 months. When you start seeing the ROI, I suggest you keep the retainer to dominate your niche (maintenance).



I optimize web pages in the state of Missouri and the cities Columbia -- Independence -- Kansas City -- Lee&s Summit -- O&Fallon -- Springfield -- St. Charles -- St. Joseph -- St. Louis -- St. Peters.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
email: ted@ergoseo.com
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