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Do you have the best landing pages in Minnesota? Are you getting enough SEO traffic? Read carefully below. I am the Minnesota SEO Expert who brings back your organic traffic. I rank in many US locations for SEO keywords, equipped with a proven White-hat strategy that works like a charm.


About Me

Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
email: ted@ergoseo.com
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I will start by saying that there are no hidden secrets to SEO. Any website is capable of reaching massive traffic if it has the right approach. Things go south though, if the internal team or the external agency ignore basic SEO rules, and disrupt your online business. Here are two examples: The first one a Head of Marketing outlining to me how she can boost SEO with paid ads. Can you do that? Certainly not. Then what is wrong? She invests in a myth, and her (million-dollar finance) Start-up drops by -42% MoM. The second example when developers sell SEO-friendly websites. What is wrong here? Well, the sites do not comply with Google policies and need a bunch of fixes. Just to showcase the confusion and ignorance in the market that break any SEO performance.

I am the Minnesota SEO Consultant equipped with a strategy that grows your traffic. I will present here a couple of ways to achieve the goal. I run an audit to pick issues like technical and content blockers for page performance. In my examination, I analyze variables like website speed, redirects, metadata, backlinks, content structure, keyword mapping, CTAs, conversion metrics. I then research traffic sources, audience segments, and expected ROI. I optimize the content and build some of the best landing pages in the industry. Read more below.

It is relatively easy to disrupt SEO when you work with ignorant marketers or spam providers. I think what you can do best is to hire this Minnesota SEO Specialist who ranks in many US locations and delivers rankings, clicks, and conversions. I will start by well positioning your pages, so searchers from Minnesota prefer clicking on your pages instead of the competition. One of my strong points is building some of the best landing pages in the market. My strategy works well with any device/platform, i.e., desktop, mobile (phones/tablets), voice search, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.



SEO strategy

I bring in more than ten years experience in the search industry and website quality standards. If you need tips, read below how to check before you buy services. If you need a top-notch SEO Consultant contact me by using the orange buttons on this page. To test the offers, you might want to know whether they:

Note that the above tasks require an advanced SEO background. I list them here because clients should be aware before throwing money into the pit. If you face problems in checking or they would not disclose their clients, you could match the service of someone in your niche. There is a risk in revealing client results as some competitors might want to get nasty (negative SEO).

My strategy has content at its core, a White-hat technique. I do not over-do it with over-optimization methods, i.e., Guest Posting, Article Marketing, or backlink blasts. The battleground is Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, industry sites, social networks, etc. I have some quality criteria in place such as readability, engagement, conversion optimization. A domain with no spam background could govern the searches in the niche and provide massive traffic.


SEO Expectations

Performance: Targeted traffic, lead generation, and conversions are the best metrics. Crush any digital channel with SEO, either you look at clicks or spending. To sustain a paid budget, you need to have a pocket full of dollars, and again the gains are so few. Your bids reflect on the competitor campaigns, one outbids the other, and all pay more for limited benefits. When you do SEO the right way, you have less competition because the competitors either break their sites or stay away from ignorance. You spend less than running ads, and you have massive traffic as you occupy the first results. Social media is good for branding, bad for revenue. To consultants suggesting otherwise, ask them if they ever run a real SEO campaign and what were their results. If they like automation and easy money, then SEO is not their home. The direct channel floods with branded searches (the attribution though should be the SEO channel as the searches generate there; check Google Analytics under Acquisition / Channels). So, when you look at the organic channel add to that a percentage of your Direct (correcting the attribution).

Expertise: When you hire this SEO consultant who ranks in many US locations, you could transfer valuable knowledge to your internal team (if you have any). I will keep spammy marketers from your site as I audit and fix websites for more than ten years.

Ethics: When you deal with sensitive matters like revenue, website health, Google policies, etc., you have to take into account that Search Engine Optimization is not a software platform where you push buttons. It is a business that requires expertise, knowledge, ethics, and has consequences if you violate policies. The data we have shows that those who manage or provide SEO services, ignore basic rules and use unethical methods. Interesting to note that most of the people who advertise SEO services are salesmen and not search professionals. Google protects its search products, so it makes sense when it reacts with severity to defend its products. To give some perspective, in March 2018 I registered a Google update, the Mobile-first Index (read below) along with a core algorithm change and content quality tweaks. Google has changed its stance saying now (image below) that there is no possibility to recover from a penalty with no quality content.


Search industry specifics: Google employs an array of tools (pattern identification) to ascertain search spam. The webmasters cannot expect full disclosure from Google on its updates. The result is that you never know what works now and how to protect your domain. However, this does not seem to put any concern to agencies and freelancers who automate services and produce tons of spam breaking client websites. The most common thing when the client signs in, is to go ahead and blast his site with loads of spam to push for fast results and to keep the money flowing in. Things like that never arrive at the client′s ears, and some of the reasons are above. When Google runs across a site violates its policies it is where problems start. Google (Alphabet Inc.) is a private company with search products, stakeholders, and revenue targets, so it is natural to assume they have zero tolerance regarding spam. The way Google reacts is by releasing site-wide (domain) penalties, de-indexing actions, or algorithm updates impacting millions of pages.

Why my work is different from spammers:

  1. SEO specialists blast clients with spam so the few White-hat consultants can easily crush the competition.
  2. Google releases detailed information on its policies but bits and pieces about fixing a penalty. Only the hard-working professionals know what to fix (information monopoly works both ways). The data shows that marketers are leaving the SEO industry, creating opportunities for the ones who stay. On that note, my system works as we speak.
  3. I produce some of the best landing pages in the search industry.
  4. My policy is to process all client work in-house (no outsourcing), ergo I have no spam concerns. My clients have more opportunities to compete as large numbers of agencies and freelancers outsource client work. Read the data on outsourcing here: article on Outsourcing.


Mobile SEO

Mobile search changes as you read these lines:

Voice Search is a growing subject with an array of Search Assistants:


My SEO and complementary solutions

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), Negative SEO Monitoring. I am also offering Video SEO, Mobile SEO, Travel SEO, Legal SEO, Medical SEO.


SEO in Minnesota

I will remove the blockers and restore your traffic. I use optimized content, a 100% safe approach. I will produce the best landing pages in Minnesota to funnel visits and generate leads. I will add more ways to augment visits like Google Maps, Social Media, and Video optimization (no artificial boost, 100% White-hat techniques). The platforms work this way: For instance, when your listing is in Google Maps suggestions come up to people′s phones from nearby businesses. When they are on YouTube, your videos show up amongst the top results and build further your traffic.


Marketing story

My SEO audit outlines the required technical fixes, content ideas, landing pages, targets and costs, activities, metrics to track (MoM, YoY). There is no limitation to the forms of content I could optimize, i.e., on-site, off-site, videos, product listings, landing pages, etc.


How content changes SEO?

Content is the best to grow the search traffic as it is 100% safe and eases conversions. I use a few articles to boost rankings and build the best backlinks you could find on the market. I avoid content automation (Article Marketing) and Guest Posting because Google considers them spam techniques.


About search spam

My SEO techniques are 100% White-hat and do not relate to spammy services. I have a killer SEO strategy, which follows a content approach and I avoid outsourcing client work.


Payment options

I work with a six months retainer. Feel free to extend if you see the ROI. In competitive niches, I will need 12-24 months. If your site is full of spam, then it takes longer because Google will need time to review the new domain profile.



I optimize web pages in the state of Minnesota and the cities of Apple Valley -- Blaine -- Bloomington -- Brooklyn Park -- Burnsville -- Coon Rapids -- Duluth -- Eagan -- Eden Prairie -- Lakeville -- Maple Grove -- Minneapolis -- Minnetonka -- Plymouth -- Rochester -- Saint Cloud -- Saint Paul -- Woodbury.


Contact details:
phone: (815) 981-8846
email: ted@ergoseo.com
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