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▶ I'm Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach.
▶ I rank in many regions in USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms.
▶ Masters Degree, 10+ years in Digital Marketing.
▶ Google Certified Partner, SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.


Does your page show up in the Honolulu searches? Are you getting enough SEO traffic? Read carefully below. I am the Honolulu SEO Expert with a sharp SEO strategy that allows me to rank in many US locations. I could work with the same success on your Honolulu page.



More than Ten Years in SEO

I will not try to sell you hype, useless SEO packages, penalize, demote, de-index your pages or kill your domain. I have worked hard over the last decade in Search Optimization and Website Quality Standards. I am the consultant to hire if you need high-level SEO services.

Here are the tactics I have blacklisted over the years, which I recommend to avoid: Backlink blasts, Article Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Link Directories, Guest Posting. So, the question is how to work and grow the organic channel. The answer is to study your customers, and offer them content in Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, and referral traffic. Read below for more details.


My Website Ranks in many US Locations

How many experts can claim that they rank in different locations?

I will crush your competition either you take rankings, traffic or spending. Have you found yet an affordable way to run ? Does advertising pay back? I am offering here to dominate your niche with my proven SEO strategy.

Every day it passes by your competitors are leaving out massive opportunities for you. They work with inexperienced consultants or buy cheap SEO packages that have a single effect, kill their pages. When one has thousands of backlinks just for the sake of pushing SEO, does he have any chance to survive the next Google spam update? I do not think so.

Google puts a lot of effort into updating its results. After two updates in March 2018 (one was the Mobile-first Index, a major one) and some shuffle in April, it now blocks pages with low content value (image below).


What I do best is building top performing landing pages. With an optimized page, you could outrank your competitors right off the bat. I work with elements that Google likes to see and avoid wrong tactics, i.e., backlink blasts, keyword stuffing, content automation, and outsourcing. It is possible that most of your competitors still a couple of them, but I would not worry as they make it easier for us. Be sure to read the article on: Agencies and Outsourcing Stats.


Ways to Boost Traffic

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), Negative SEO Monitoring. Niche-specific: Video SEO, Mobile SEO, Travel SEO, Legal SEO, Medical SEO.


SEO in Honolulu

I will take your page and make it the top SEO performer in Honolulu. I build the best landing pages, fix all the technical issues, and outrank your competitors.


Why Work with Content

It is safe, works for lead generation, builds customer trust, conversions, rankings, and the best backlinks in our market. Do not break your SEO performance with Content Automation, Article Marketing, Machine-generated articles (spun), or Guest Posting.


Top-notch SEO Services

Dominate the searches in your niche. Start with small gains and spending, then expand if it makes sense. My killer, White-hat strategy, works with content and sinks all competitor tactics, i.e., backlink blasts, automation, PBNs, black or grey-hat stuff.



With low to medium competition, I suggest go with the six-month retainer. With competitive niches or technical issues start with the 12-month just to give Google enough time to assess the work.


End notes

Your page becomes the key-player in Honolulu. Contact me below to find out more or get a quote.



I optimize web pages in the state of Hawaii and the city of Honolulu.


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