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▶ I'm Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach.
▶ I rank in many UK, US, Canada, and Australian regions for competitive terms.
▶ Masters Degree, 10+ years in Digital Marketing.
▶ Google Certified Partner, SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.


You have reached the Leeds SEO Expert. My optimized landing pages will restore or grow your SEO traffic in Leeds. Ranking a page for competitive keywords is feasible with reasonable spending.



Top-notch SEO

If you are waiting for Google to rank your page you are wasting your time. Without optimization (SEO) Google will not see the things it likes on a page (content, relevancy, location, traffic signals, etc.). The question is can your consultant do the job. Contact me now, and I will take care of all things Google. My landing pages include ten years of SEO experience combined with an unbeatable setup that gives you first-page rankings. My pages abide by the Google guidelines, exploit all visibility opportunities, and over-perform in Google and other platforms. Continue reading below.

My proprietary pages rank in many UK and US regions. Hire me now to apply my efficient ranking approach on your pages, and say farewell to old-school SEO, i.e., Backlink blasts, Article Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Link Directories, Guest Posting, Link Building Packages. The above spam tactics are the safest way to kill a website. Sadly, most SEO consultants use these tactics for all their clients as it is the only thing they know. I say, build a content structure that makes sense, focus on the customers instead of building backlinks. I have many examples of my pages ranking without backlinks, that is the level of optimization I apply. Take my pages and generate leads from Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, and other platforms. Read below for more.


Why Work with Me

I stand behind my words with facts. My method produces actual rankings as my pages rank in the UK and the US for competitive SEO terms. The same strategy and pages I can offer you now. You will be so so confident of the project performance that you will not spend a minute watching the competition or worry about the growth, but you will go ahead and build new business. Hire me to apply my efficient method to your pages.

Feel free to work with me for six months, then extend the contract if it makes sense. Note that it will take more time if you deal with stiff competition, or you have a penalized site. Hit the buttons on this page, and we can find a way to the best of your interests.

Hire me to make your page the strongest in the niche, so nothing threatens its growth. When your competitors buy inefficient backlink packages, they only damage their web domains. Ten years in SEO are more than enough to understand that most of the SEO packages in the market generate thousands of backlinks that disrupt SEO. But link packages cannot bring real growth (visitors, conversions). Take my top performing pages and never worry again about backlinks.

Google hits websites with quality penalties, rolls out (March 2018) the Mobile-first Index to index only the mobile versions of pages, and demotes low quality pages. No package in the market can help you fight Google, and it will only make things worse. SEO consultants and marketers do not have enough information to process Google changes. As a result, they fail to fix issues. Google updates do not harm my pages, but rank than even higher due to their unique SEO setup.

My SEO pages rank even without backlinks (for medium or low-competition keywords). I say let your competitors experiment with what works in SEO today, while you work with the best landing pages in the market.


SEO in Leeds

Do something for your online business. Have the best landing pages in Leeds, and enjoy fast and permanent rankings. Never worry again for a Google update, generate the best SEO (contextual) backlinks in the market. Say goodbye to spam tactics that damage your pages: Backlink blasts, Content Automation, Article Marketing, Machine-generated articles (spun), Guest Posting.


SEO Boosters

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), Negative SEO Monitoring. Niche-specific: Video SEO, Mobile SEO, Travel SEO, Legal SEO, Medical SEO, Real Estate SEO, and any other niche.


Closing note

You can have the best landing pages in Leeds with top SEO performance. Opt for the six-month retainer and extend if it makes sense. Contact me below to find out more or get a quote.


Solutions for any City

In the UK: Belfast -- Birmingham -- Bournemouth -- Brighton -- Bristol -- Cardiff -- Coventry -- Edinburgh -- Glasgow -- Leeds -- Leicester -- Liverpool -- London -- Manchester -- Middlesbrough -- Newcastle upon Tyne -- Nottingham -- Sheffield -- Southampton -- Stoke-on-Trent


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