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Content above-the-fold, resources outside the visitor's screen delayed. Comply with the Google Core Web Vitals metric, a ranking signal from 2021.



Fix Google Search Console Errors


Fix Search Console Errors

Fast Google Indexation, Sitemaps, Spam Backlinks, Speed Metrics, Structured Data (Schema Markup), Layout errors.



Google Maps Scottsdale

Google Maps

Push your business to the Top 3 Google Maps listings that show up on all devices.



Video SEO

Video SEO

Don't wait for your site to rank. Rank your videos in the YouTube top results and advertise to 1,3 billion users.



FAQ section


What is SEO?

SEO is a marketing approach that focuses on improving online visibility. While the term is widely used, it is also commonly misunderstood. One of the most significant trends for organic SEO is the importance of advanced links. Advanced link-building strategies can increase your website’s Domain Authority (the score given to your site between 0 and 100) and thereby improve your overall visibility online. Advanced link-building goes beyond establishing generic directories, guest blogs, paid links, and web 2.0 blogs. Each of these strategies involves placing content on third-party sites with backlinks to your website, but some of them generate spam links. The more websites that point to yours with a substantial DA, the more visible your site will become.


What Are the Best SEO Tactics?

Secure your website with HTTPS (Google ranking factor). HTTPS encrypts information sent between the visitor and server (the green lock icon on the address bar). You will need to install an SSL certificate on your server (the hosting can help you with SSL installation).

Build a fast loading website under 2 seconds (Google ranking factor). Google nowadays uses the mobile index, so the speed is paramount for the best user experience and low bounce rates. Content Delivery Networks (CDN), server cache modules, image compression, lazy-loading page elements, responsive templates, and cache plugins can boost the speed.

Find low-competition keywords that match user intent. You need traffic today, and going for the high-competition keywords will take months or years. If you match the search intent by providing answers to less competitive queries, you will earn traffic in a relatively short time. Create content round-ups, lists, any content that offers well-researched information on a topic. Write naturally thinking what the reader wants not what the search engine needs.

Create short descriptive URLs, offer content length above 1,000 words, optimize your post titles and descriptions to earn clicks. Study your analytics, understand how people come and go, what works best, and stick to it. Plug a responsive theme and optimize your images to load fast on all device screens. Interlink your posts/pages without over-optimizing the link anchors.




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