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What is SaaS SEO?

Your website, as the main platform opened to the public, is where you expect prospects to convert into customers. SEO for SaaS-based companies and solutions offers all the quality requirements that Google needs before considering your website for its main search index. A typical set of requirements is comprised of clean code, optimized content for the target audiences and search queries, fast-loading pages, and external quality signals.

With a lot of big companies competing for SaaS solutions, the search engine expert needs to narrow down the target content to the sub-niche so the client can see good results in a reasonable time. So, it does not make sense going for the most competitive keywords with a webpage that has no quality signals. Most of the work to promote the SaaS solutions in organic search is done with different types of content, i.e., listings, articles, videos, graphics, etc.







SaaS site speed optimization

A-level (90+) Speed

Content above-the-fold, resources outside the visitor's screen delayed. Comply with the Google Core Web Vitals metric, a ranking signal from 2021.



Fix Google Search Console Errors


Fix Search Console Errors

Fast Google Indexation, Sitemaps, Spam Backlinks, Speed Metrics, Structured Data (Schema Markup), Layout errors.



Google Maps SaaS

Google Maps

Push your business to the Top 3 Google Maps listings that show up on all devices.



Video SEO

Video SEO

Don't wait for your site to rank. Rank your videos in the YouTube top results and advertise to 1,3 billion users.




How Can a SaaS-based Company Be Found?

First we need to define the Where. By that, I mean the online locations or properties that the SaaS offers are advertised or posted. Organic search works with promoting a lot of content, and some overlapping (not conflicting) with other types of digital marketing cannot be avoided, i.e., content marketing, social media, video marketing. It does not overlap with paid ads, though.

Having cleared that, we are talking about finding your SaaS offers or material in Google search, social networks (lead generation), and YouTube or other video hosting sites. For each traffic source, medium, or channel, we need different content types and approaches. The same stands for the various audience segments as your prospects may have different demographic characteristics, interests and geographic locations.

Having done our homework and to give some practical examples, prospects will find your solutions when submitting relevant search queries in Google; They will see your content when browsing social networks (the ones that meet the SaaS needs); And receive suggestions to watch your videos when they look for SaaS in YouTube or view a competitor's video content.



What are the SEO costs for SaaS companies?

The monthly costs may start from $289/mo for a period of 6 to 12 months. Usually, in the first three months, we know how successful we are and what to tweak for even better performance. To avoid any misunderstanding, I don't imply that you will see the top 10 rankings in 3 months, though it's always a possibility. The nature of the SaaS market, with many established companies sharing the top 10 requires more work than other niches. The goal to rank is secondary if in the first months you are already getting leads from the organic search (and the direct channel - branded queries or typed domain queries).



When will my site rank on page one?

The competitive nature of the SaaS market requires at least 6 to 12 months of work. That said, there are many keyword opportunities to research beyond the obvious found in online tools and these we will exploit for fast top 10 rankings and start generating traffic.



SaaS topics

We could work on creating content on the following topics where prospects are seeking SaaS solutions:

  • What is SaaS?
  • What hardware does SaaS require?
  • How much does SaaS cost?
  • How much can SaaS be customized to my business needs?
  • What are examples of SaaS?
  • What are SaaS tools?
  • Is SaaS the same as cloud computing?
  • How to access SaaS?
  • What companies use SaaS?
  • What is SaaS in cloud?
  • Who owns my SaaS data?
  • What are SaaS operational limitations?
  • What are the two main types of SaaS?
  • What is SaaS architecture?
  • What is a SaaS based company?
  • What are the 3 types of cloud computing?
  • What are the disadvantages of SaaS?
  • Are all SaaS cloud based?
  • Why is SaaS popular?
  • What is the difference between hosted and SaaS?
  • How would you implement a SaaS solution?
  • How does a SaaS model work?
  • What if a SaaS vendor goes out of business?

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