• Mississippi SEO Top 10 Rankings (state search results).
  • Video SEO: Your videos rank in YouTube Top 10 (Optional service).
  • Google Maps: Your business page shows up in local map listings (Optional service).
  • No outsourcing: All client work is done in-house following high-quality standards.
  • Ecommerce SEO: Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop, CS-cart, OpenCart.

What Are the Most Common SEO Services?

Technical SEO deals with all setup and performance matters from website coding to crawling, indexing, website speed, content auditing, fixing issues. Technical SEO is crucial for the performance of the organic channel. A website that's lagging has redirect issues, or poor content and navigation structure will have many drop-offs (high bounce rate) and never get significant traffic.

On-Page SEO is about optimizing metadata from titles and descriptions to images and internal links. It all starts with competition and keyword research, then passes to mapping keywords to landing pages, and lastly, optimizes on-page content. On-site SEO is also about performance, so it measures traffic and conversions from organic traffic. Researching and creating content that responds to search queries is crucial to getting more traffic.

Off-Page SEO seeks to lead generation better and achieve higher rankings in the search results. It's about creating content published off-site, increasing brand awareness (mentions), and advertising the website offers. Of course, link building is fundamental to off-page efforts and intrinsic is the need to monitoring the quality of backlinks to avoid search spam and negative SEO (spammers, competitors trying to destroy SEO performance).

Local SEO is about optimizing brand listings in local search results (Google Maps, mobile devices, 'Near me' results). Professionals give extra attention to customers finding them online around their area. Research shows that 72% of consumers that did a local search visited a store within five miles. I do the same, and I bet most of you are reading this do the same.

Video SEO is about optimizing videos for YouTube search results. Video SEO is not saturated as Google SEO is, and there are many opportunities to rank videos in national or local results. I offer this service with a brilliant method that delivers awesome results to my clients.


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