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How to Optimize Metadata?

I recommend inserting your main keyword in the title, the Meta Description, and the H1 heading. The other headings below h1 can use a variation of the keyword in a way that makes sense for the reader. Click-through rate (CTR) is a significant signal to Google. All the metadata above should use natural language with the intent to attract clicks, not manipulate the search rankings. If you don't have the best title and description, nobody will visit your page regardless of its rank. And even if you're #1, but your page copy reads as unnatural, you won't be for long as you'll have many drop-offs, high bounce rate, and Google will demote your page. So, CTR plays a significant role in ranking a page. If you are on the first page, it is possible to take the place of the first website just because people prefer your page (given that they bounce from your competitors and stay longer on your page as more relevant to their search queries). I recommend you optimize your titles and description; the latter should show up entirely on the search page and not cut off. Experiment with different sets of titles and descriptions to see what works best.


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