Why Ηubspot is not fast enough


Ηubspot adds scripts and styles on top of your page scripts. You can make a Ηubspot page faster but there's no way that it can give you a 90+ speed. Ηubspot can go up to 60–80% on Pagespeed insights.

Ηubspot has a limited speed potential and the only way to abide by the new speed algorithm, particularly on mobile phones that defines which sites will rank, is to combine the Ηubspot second funnel with a faster landing page furst funnel created outside of Ηubspot.


Examples of Ηubspot pages


I'm talking about cloning the design and transferring it to Wordpress or an HTML/PHP page that will render faster than Ηubspot can only dream off.

Here is an example of a long landing page with many images and videos that was cloned from Ηubspot to Wordpress (Elementor):


Ηubspot to Wordpress


And this is what the Ηubspot page could do in terms of page speed score:


Ηubspot page speed


The page retains all the Ηubspot visual elements but is built with Elementor on Wordpress. This way we have 100% control on the system and we can max out the page speed.

I should not, Elementor is not the best solution for Wordpress speed and the page could have been coded with div containers and styles. Since the clients are not familiar with HTML editors and coding principles, this is a compromise between visual representation, speed and functionality.



Here another example of a Ηubspot page BEFORE it is transferred to Wordpress:


Ηubspot is not fast


After the transfer and rebuild with Elementor on Wordpress it maxes out its speed.


Ηubspot after the transfer and rebuild to Wordpress