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A list of SEO tools that fit well into any marketing strategy

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Free and Paid SEO Tools

Put any of these tested high-performance tools in your SEO arsenal.

site optimization


  1. Visitor Analytics - Stats
  2. Monitoring website rankings
  3. Site reports and suites of tools
  4. Link Building
  5. Proxies
  6. Captcha breakers
  7. Keyword Research
  8. Educational material on SEO, Web Design, Mobile Apps
  9. Content Creation
  10. Link Exchanges
  11. Speed Checks
  12. Sitemap Creation
  13. Domain Registration & Hosting
  14. Productivity
  15. Traffic Generation
  16. Sales Training & Lead Generation

Analytics - Stats Packages

Google Analytics: This free tool is used by millions of webmasters as it provides a lot and detailed information about the traffic sources and actions taken from visitors on the website. Free Tool for All Users

Clicky Web Analytics: A user-friendly free stats package. Free Tool for one website and up to 3,000 daily pageviews) for All Users.

Bitly: Bitly provides analytics about the web pages or other URLs you have shortened. Free Tool for All Users

YouTube Analytics: Free Tool for All Users

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Rankings Monitoring

Semalt: A professional analytics tool that tracks the rankings for your website and your competitors. Free/Paid Tool for All Users.


Traffic Travis: Traffic Travis provides competition and keyword research, website rankings, backlinks monitoring and more. Free/Paid Tool for All Users.

SE Ranking: A paid rank tracking tool that provides more reports e.g. competitor monitoring, backlink tracking, keyword suggestion. Paid Tool for All Users.

Rank Tracker (SEO Powersuite): An independent and accurate rank tracking software that is also offered under the SEO Powersuite, provides detailed tracking and white label reports. Paid (Free Trial) Tool for Advanced Users.

Rank Checker ( A Firefox plugin with little accuracy. The positive side is that it is Free Tool for Novice Users

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Site reports and suites of tools

Traffic Travis: Traffic Travis provides competition and keyword research, website rankings, backlinks monitoring and more. Free/Paid Tool for All Users.

ΜΟΖ (former SEOMOZ): Competition, backlink analysis and more. Paid Tool for Advanced Users.

Open Site Explorer (OSE): by ΜΟΖ. Paid Tool for Advanced Users.

Raven Tools: Social media marketing, PPC Research, PPC Management, SEO Metrics. Paid (30 days Free Trial) Tool for Advanced Users.

Google Webmaster Console (former Tools): GWC is a free tool giving vital info about your website health directly from Google. Free Tool for Advanced Users

SEOQuake Toolbar: SEOQuake is a plugin for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, providing info about Pagerank, Indexed Pages, Domain Age, Alexa Rank, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook shares, Robots.txt and more. Free Tool for Novice Users.

ΜΟΖ Toolbar: It's a free plugin for Firefox and Chrome, providing valuable site metrics. Free Tool for Advanced Users.

SEO Powersuite: SEO Powersuite includes four powerful tools: Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass, Link Assistant. Paid (Free Trial) Tool for Advanced Users.


SEO Spyglass (SEO Powersuite): SEO Spyglass is a backlink report and analysis tool providing valuable info about your site, the competition with Pagerank, Alexa Rank, IP address, anchor texts, link value and more data. Paid (Free Trial) Tool for Advanced Users.

Website Auditor (SEO Powersuite): Analyzes your site for broken links, code errors, duplicate content, 404 errors, etc. Paid (Free Trial) Tool for Advanced Users. Offers competition analysis in both organic and paid search. Paid Tool for Advanced Users.

Monitor Backlinks: It helps track your rankings and backlinks, prepares to disavow reports and monitors your competitors. Paid (Free Trial) Tool for Advanced Users

SE Ranking: It's a rank tracking tool with backlinks and competition monitoring, keyword suggestion and more stuff. Paid for All Users.


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Link Building

Manual creation: If you build every link manually on a steady growth rate you will see very positive results. Use Web 2.0 sites, Quality Link Directories, Manual Blog Comments, and more. Free for Advanced Users.

GSA Search Engine Ranker: builds backlinks 24 hours a day. Not based on a database of submission sites, it will find you new websites for you and submit your website. Paid for Advanced Users.

TheHoth: A known provider of packages for local or bulk backlinks. Paid for Advanced Users.


GSA SEO Indexer: get your webpage into the major search engines within minutes where you previously needed to wait days or perhaps several weeks. Paid for Advanced Users.

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You will need proxies when you build links; you monitor the search engine rankings from your PC or other online services that require changing your IP.

Hide My Ass: provides rotating proxies and can be used in your second workstation running queries or many simultaneous processes. Paid for Advanced Users.

GSA Proxy Scraper: a powerful, easy to use, proxy scraping software that can harvest and test thousands of proxies quickly and reliably with a few simple clicks. It has a powerful Port Scanner and other useful tools. Paid for Advanced Users.

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Captcha breakers

You need a Captcha breaker when you face repeated queries or submitting data to online forms, creating accounts, etc.

GSA Captcha Breaker: you won't need to type in captchas manually or pay others to solve them again. Paid for All Users.

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Keyword Research

KeywordXP: KeywordXP offers sources for building your keyword pool: related questions, competitor analysis, 801 variations of a seed keyword, cost per click, advertiser competition, keyword trends, long tail keywords, domain checker. Paid Tool for All Users.

Traffic Travis provides competition and keyword research, website rankings, backlinks monitoring and more. Free/Paid Tool for All Users.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner: It's the standard when doing keyword research and looking for opportunities. Free for All Users

Google Trends: Provides data for the modern trends or seasonality for a particular keyword phrase. Free for Advanced Users

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Learning SEO, Web Design, Mobile Apps, etc.

Search engine optimization 2015: Smart internet marketing strategies and SEO learning.

Treehouse: Teaches web and mobile apps design, an online tutor service. Paid for Novice Users.


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Content Creation

It is essential to research and create the right content for your audience, then publish/share it to great community sites. Can be Free or Paid depending on the way or service employed.

Copyscape: A useful tool to check online plagiarism. Anonymous people copy your content dozens of times per week. Free/Paid for All Users.

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Link Exchanges

Link Assistant (SEO Powersuite): It makes link exchanges a smooth and organized process via emailing features. It even tracks if your link is not there anymore. Paid for Advanced Users.


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Website Speed

Google PageSpeed: provided by Google, you need to start with the official tool as it offers tips to fixing all issues. Very reliable and detailed tool with Geo locations and browser technology. Shows the pyramid of problems, and offers suggestions. Free for Advanced Users.


Pingdom: checks load time, website performance, etc. Paid for Advanced Users.


GTMetrix: A handy tool with a breakdown of suggestions.


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Sitemaps Creating a sitemap with a 500 pages limit. Free for All Users

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Domain Registration & Hosting

Namecheap: Excellent support team and low price domain registration.


Hostgator: Hostgator provides cheap domain registration.


iPage: Cheap hosting. Paid for All Users.


WP Engine (WordPress Hosting): WP Engine (WordPress Hosting) for WordPress blogs offering security, load time, scalability, CDN). Paid for All Users. WP Engine gives a coupon of 40% off annually on all plans. Click below.

40% Off WP Engine

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Productivity Get 1 GB of FREE space on Dropbox, the productivity-storage tool. Free for All Users.

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Traffic Generation

There are always automated tools when the webmaster is not comfortable with organic traffic.

Visitor Boost: Incoming traffic in low prices. Paid with Free Trial for All Users.


ineedhits: Offers a suite of tools for increasing website traffic and page views, plus Newsletter Advertising, Banner Advertising. Paid for Advanced Users.


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Sales & Lead Generation

For those starting in Internet marketing, sales and lead generation.

Audience Drill creates a profit pulling ad for higher conversions over Facebook. Locates target audiences dig into interests and gives an inside look at your competitors' marketing. Paid for All Users.

John Thornhill's Inner Circle: John Thornhill offers training, support and joining to his mastermind group. Paid for All Users.

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Terms & Conditions

All offers listed on this page offer no guarantee for immediate results or sales. The buyer should read the content on the sales page carefully.

We get a commission from all sales, but that does not make us liable to customers requests or refunds. All support issues and returns are on the sales page.

Using automated tools may be counter-productive for your website health, so they should be utilized with caution from inexperienced users.

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