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The France SEO Expert ranks your page in the top French Google results. Accompanied by a brilliant SEO strategy, he augments your traffic and conversions.


About Me

Ted Politidis, SEO Expert and Coach; Ranks in many regions in France, the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia for SEO terms; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

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Efficient SEO Strategy

If you start today the project, it will take a few weeks to rank in first-page positions. To list more search terms and stabilize the placements it takes a few months. SEO is a progressive thing contrary to paid, display ads. With ten years in SEO, you can be sure that my landing pages are the best out there. I work White-hat (following Google guidelines) and avoid risks. My focus is on a steady flow of traffic and permanent visibility. At the core of my work is content, no backlinks creation, no shady tactics that break SEO. With content, I can exploit all traffic opportunities and generate leads online. I use platforms as in Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, and others.



Rank Fast, Rank at the Top

My work will make you the SEO traffic source, and you will not envy anymore your competitors. Leave the details to me and take the time to grow your business. Jump on board today and give six months to mature and fruit. Count more than six months when you market in a competitive environment or have a penalized site.

I will exhaust first your page visibility potential in niche searches. Then, I will work on the SEO conversions. The first conversion step is the clicks on your titles and descriptions in Google. As explained above, I work with content and avoid backlinks, private blog networks. The point here is getting quality traffic not breaking the SEO efforts. So, white-hat work, clicks, conversions from organic search.

When you have a working method, Google will reward you with enough traffic. My pages see no negative impact from search engine updates that demote millions of web pages. I would say that my pages rank higher after a Google update because the others lose positions. Leave the SEO experimentation to your competitors and start growing your traffic.


SEO in France

You will enjoy fast, permanent rankings, traffic, and conversions from Google France. You will stop fearing the next Google update and run behind useless backlinks. Following an update, your pages will stay put or do better than their competition.


SEO Boosters

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Ads (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), Negative SEO Monitoring. Niche-specific: Video SEO, Mobile SEO, Travel SEO, Legal SEO, Medical SEO, Real Estate SEO, and any other niche.


Solutions for any Location

In France: Bordeaux -- Dijon -- Grenoble -- Le Havre -- Lille -- Lyon -- Marseille -- Monpellier -- Nantes -- Nice -- Paris -- Reims -- Rennes -- Saint-Étienne -- Strasburg -- Toulon -- Toulouse.


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