What is SEO for Excavation Contractors?

SEO is the single method that can permanently put your excavation website in Google Top 10. Local directories don't get you enough customers. Google Ads fail to generate clicks as they miss 9 out of ten people skipping the ads and scrolling down to find excavation services listed with SEO. Those contractors in the top 10, get all the visits from your area. Nobody is looking who's on the second page. Google puts those contractors' sites on page one because it finds them as high-quality for the search query.

What is more, users' behavior shows to Google that people tend to prefer visiting those ten excavation services, so it makes sense to have them at the top. Your excavation website should be on page one too. Get in touch, and I will make it happen.


Excavation site speed optimization

A-level (90+) Speed

Content above-the-fold, resources outside the visitor's screen delayed. Comply with the Google Core Web Vitals metric, a ranking signal from 2021.



Fix Google Search Console Errors


Fix Search Console Errors

Fast Google Indexation, Sitemaps, Spam Backlinks, Speed Metrics, Structured Data (Schema Markup), Layout errors.



Google Maps Excavation

Google Maps

Push your business to the Top 3 Google Maps listings that show up on all devices.



Video SEO

Video SEO

Don't wait for your site to rank. Rank your videos in the YouTube top results and advertise to 1,3 billion users.




How Can a Excavation Contractor Be Found Online?

The best thing to do is to sign up for my program at $289/month. You will find the Starter package at the beginning of the page. The program starts with a brief chat to define goals and keywords, then I make technical and content improvements, and rank your site. The program eliminates obstacles that compromise SEO performance, brings to light content opportunities for better rankings, and tweaks site speed. This SEO program at $289/month typically provides page one rankings. It takes a few weeks if your webpage is located in the first 50 positions, and a few months if it doesn't. For extra traffic, I could create and rank videos from your work and rank them on YouTube page one. YouTube videos make it faster to YT top 10 than webpages because YT works differently than Google.


SEO for Excavation Companies



What is local SEO for Excavation services?

Local SEO can bring you, customers from your area because Google Maps are featured in Google search results and mobile devices, plus in voice search assistants. The benefit is the visibility coverage on all device types and people living or moving in the area. Note that you will need a prominent listing to grab some visibility, a top 5 listing is the minimum. Plus, the website will need optimized content, location signals, fast site speed, and mobile-friendly setup.



How much is SEO for Excavation companies?

The SEO program costs only $289/month. When you jump to the program, you can have all technical errors fixed, boost the loading speed, and offer relevant content for page one rankings. Please share your feedback, and we can find the best solution.



When will my site reach the first page?

Estimate for local results only: As a rule of thumb pages which rank in the first 50 positions, will require a few weeks of work. Those ranking beyond the first 50, will require a few months.




Excavation topics

We could create more content on topics people search online to get more leads. For example:

  • What is excavation work?
  • What are the types of excavation?
  • What is over-excavation?
  • What is topsoil excavation?
  • What is the rock excavation?
  • What is muck excavation?
  • What is earth excavation?
  • What is cut and fill excavation?
  • What is a trench excavation?
  • What is basement excavation?
  • What is dredging?
  • What is the depth of excavation?



  • What is shielding in excavation?
  • What is open cut excavation?
  • What is battering in excavation?
  • What is footing in construction?
  • What is the minimum depth of footing?
  • What is construction grade?
  • What grade level means?
  • What is sloping in excavation?
  • How wide are concrete footers?
  • How do you calculate the footing size?
  • Do you put gravel under footings?



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