Edmonton SEO Expert

Edmonton First Page starts at $500/month. Ted has Google First Page Rankings in 90 locations.


Edmonton First Page starts at $500/month



Edmonton SEO First page positions in Edmonton (local search results). Prices start at $500/month.

Video SEO Your videos rank on the YouTube first search page (Optional service).

Google Maps Your business page shows up in local map listings (Optional service).

No outsourcing All client work is done in-house following high-quality standards.


About Me

Ted Politidis, First Page SEO Expert; Masters Degree; 10+ years in Digital Marketing; Google Certified Partner; SEO Certified by the University of California, Davis.

Reach me at: ted@ergoseo.com


I will show you only a few results I've accomplished for this website using my winning SEO strategy.



Ecommerce SEO Eshops require special attention.

Medical SEO Awesome results in any health-related niche.

Legal SEO Prospects will find your services in their area.

Home Services Roofing, Plumbing, Landscaping, Moving, Cleaning, Electricians, Pest Removal, Restoration, Design.

Technology SEO SaaS, B2B, Startups, Mobile Apps, Science, Industrial, Conferences, Event Promotion.


Top SEO Results

You watch your traffic analytics and wait for Google to give you a breakthrough. I say enough with waiting, why do not you go ahead and outrank your competition now? Ten years of experience in SEO have helped me design landing pages that produce first-page rankings. Additional features such are the high conversions, following Google guidelines, survive any Google update, and still report outstanding SEO performance.

I use the same page setup together with my unique SEO strategy to rank in Canada, US, UK, and AU regions. I do not need old-school SEO tactics like backlink packages and blasts, article marketing, social bookmarks, link directories, guest posting. More to that, my pages could rank even with no backlinks. That is the opposite of what most SEO consultants will do to grow the SEO traffic. Tactics like the above destroy client pages, but still, it is good when you have competitors that work like that as they will never beat my landing pages. I also like to exploit all content opportunities and use Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, and other platforms to generate leads. Read below for details.


Take my Pages & Rank Fast

I have applied the same strategy on this page and others that now rank in Canada, US, UK, and AU for SEO terms. So, how many SEO marketers can show such rankings? My pages will remove the need to monitor your competitors, save you a lot of money, and make you confident of your SEO.

Hire me for six months, see if the results make you happy, and extend the works. When I work in a competitive niche, or I am dealing with a penalized site, then it is reasonable that I need more than six months. After you fill in the form on this page, we can jump on a call.

I work towards making each client page the top performing in SEO terms, with no issues, and traffic that nobody else can tap. When you hire me, you will appreciate how many opportunities there are out there with most of the business owners still buying inefficient backlink packages or running Google Ads. What they end up doing is to exhaust their budgets and spam their domains. When your page has one or more issues, no SEO packages on the market can help you. When you buy thousands of backlinks, you break your SEO performance.

Do not expect from Google to educate you about what it changes with the updates, nor what to fix when you have a penalty. If you have already worked with an SEO professional, they may have problems understanding how Google thinks, and they may fear the coming of another update. It makes sense since Google changes impact millions of web pages. For example, the Mobile-first Index now treats preferentially the mobile versions of pages. If your page is not mobile-friendly, forget visibility. You will not worry about Google when you have my pages because they rank thanks to their unique setup and Google compliance easily.

Another plus is that my landing pages could rank even with no backlinks. They do not need any spam like backlink blasts, keyword stuffing, machine-generated (spun) articles, guest posting, etc. Get the best pages in the market and let the others experiment with SEO.


SEO in Edmonton

Get the best landing pages in Edmonton for fast and permanent rankings. Anything that Google may change can do nothing else than benefiting my pages. The unique SEO setup also generates the best SEO (contextual) backlinks in the market.


Solutions for any Location

In Canada: Calgary -- Edmonton -- Hamilton -- Montreal -- Ottawa -- Quebec city -- Toronto -- Vancouver -- Winnipeg.


Reach me at: ted@ergoseo.com



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