wifi not working

Ubuntu no WiFi Adapter Found

Here I give you a solution that worked for me after numerous attempts to use my previous wifi card with Ubuntu. My solution is on how to make wifi work with Ubuntu. I provide some checks below and a clear solution if time is the number one factor for you. If your adapter is not recognized prepare to spend enough time digging into manuals and online forums as I did.   What to do when you can’t make your wifi adapter work in Ubuntu? Starting with my proposed solution: I just bought a new adapter that has the highest potential […]

solved: the following packages have been kept back

How to fix – The following Packages have been kept back – Error in Ubuntu?

How to solve the notification message that your Ubuntu system cannot upgrade some packages? Regardless of the packages, it is annoying when you cannot upgrade your system. The following packages have been kept back listing your packages 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded. Solution But we can force APT to upgrade the packages we need by running a simple command: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   If you enjoyed the content please consider making a donation. Thank you! [paypal-donation]   Need a Google Top 10 Ranking? Select your package and when you checkout there will be […]