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How to Promote an Event on Social Media 2

I look into the planning and execution of event marketing campaigns in social media. It is digital marketing that I would like to talk about here and not other forms, i.e., TV, radio, printed, etc.   Note: Restrictions apply when playing the video in specific countries. If the video does […]

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Instagram Marketing – How to Setup & Grow Your Business Account

Active Instagram accounts range from 1,000+ to 100,000+ followers. Read how to keep the fans engaged, add location stories, use hashtags, and track everything.     Contents 1. How Instagram can help your business 1. How Instagram can help your business 2. Tracking the ROI of Instagram 3. Why do […]

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Snapchat Marketing – All You Need to Know to Promote Your Business

I will explain here how to promote services and products on Snapchat Marketers are exploring the power of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram but why on earth spending money on Snapchat? Questions and doubts come into play. Is it effective? Will I be able to justify the spending to my client or […]