What is Black Hat SEO?

Black-hat SEO is a term used for a specific set of techniques in the SEO industry deemed sinister against other parties or their actor.     Note: The video video contains only about 26 tactics. To get the whole picture read the article below containing 48 tactics. Restrictions apply when […]

seo scam

SEO Scammers: The Bottom of the Barrel

What they do: They research a niche, pulling professionals that rank on the Google search pages and then contact them offering hype. They are masters in Ponzi schemes: They scam one party, then use the stolen money to move to the next one with the same scheme or an upped […]

pitching to an SEO and fails

Where You Fail When Pitching Services to an SEO guy

1. Don’t offer services when you have no credibility (important). I get daily emails from people who advertise services. I haven’t worked with any of them so why trust them that they do everything they say? I don’t know if they can deliver the quality I need, and if they […]

personalized results

The “Filter Bubble” – How Google is influencing what you click

This is a non-sponsored repost from DuckDuckGo Blog: Over the years, there has been considerable discussion of Google’s “filter bubble” problem. Put simply, it’s the manipulation of your search results based on your personal data. In practice this means links are moved up or down or added to your Google search results, necessitating […]

outsource seo

How do Agencies Outsource SEO?

Examples of offers I have received to outsource my clients’ SEO Projects. Disclaimer: If you message me, you accept that I will post your message here! I am against the model of outsourcing SEO as I believe that most of these providers deliver nothing but spam and as a consequence, […]

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Startup Marketing – How to Generate Leads

I will show you how to create a marketing strategy for your Start-up business. What to expect from this article: How to define your audience How to target your local market How to set the marketing KPIs How to research the competition What are the best channels for your Start-up […]

traffic sources

IoT Startups – SEO Audit & Marketing Strategy

I run a SEO audit on a startup website in the IoT industry. Read how they perform in the most critical incoming traffic channels and fixes I suggest. Contents Introduction What is the mission of the IoT Startup What are their Target Audiences / Customer Segments Business Goals / Targets […]

guest blogging service

Guest Posting Services 1

This page presents offers from Guest Posting providers: Disclaimer: 1. I wll NEVER use your services because I manage all client work in-house.2. I stay away from external providers especially coming from third-world countries, i.e. India, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, etc., for the following reasons: a) lack of professionalism, b) lack […]

nofollow Wikipedia

12 Disadvantages in Buying Backlinks

This article has been referenced in Wikipedia ( as a source for assessing the value of paid links. The intent of writing this article is to help webmasters understand the risks involved and the low-value of using old growth methods. Gary Illyes (Google) at the last SMX Advanced Conference while […]

blog spam

Avoid this Guest Posting Spam Technique

This offer comes from Emma Smith (emmasmith076 in my private email account. Supposedly, Emma is a real person that did a little of Linkedin research and grabbed the opportunity of offering her help in boosting my blog’s traffic. Note the bad grammar, the fake last name ‘Smith’ the catchy […]

dominating google

Big Publishers Dominate Google’s First Page

There was an interesting article lately published on about a case study they did on the Google first page results. They found 16 big brands dominating Google first page for money making terms, ‘money keywords’ or ‘generic’ keywords as we call them. Which is sad, of course, because if […]