What did a Mobile-Friendly Test Show on Google News?

I thought it would be interesting to run a mobile-friendly and speed test on Google News (https://news.google.com – US edition) given the opportunity of writing a post on Accelerated Mobile Pages introduced in Google News.

I mean, if Google is pushing us all into optimizing all our properties, it makes sense to assume their products lead the way, right?

For the purpose, I used a Google tool that runs the mobile-friendly test and at the same time checks the speed of the site.

Well, the results of the trial were unexpected.

The site is mobile-friendly but is not fast enough for mobile devices. “It looks like your site could use improvement” wisely said.


mobile test results


It tops up in mobile-friendliness, as expected since Google invests for two years now in offering content and services to mobile users.


mobile friendly test


Google tool says that Google News “..is slow on laptop and desktop devices. In today’s world, people expect an instantaneous response — any delay can cause them to click to another site.” I could not agree more with Google, so they need to fix that.


mobile speed


Now, how fast is on mobile phones? Google News is not doing well at all. “Nearly half of the visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds.” Again, agreed.

mobile speed test

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