What is up with the Accelerated Mobile Pages in Google News?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source initiative to make the mobile web as fast as possible. Big industry giants have joined the project and are regularly publishing AMP-versions of their content.

Google started showing AMP pages in relevant mobile search results back in February this year, and they have now announced the introduction of AMP pages in Google News on all their mobile platforms – The Web, Android, and iOS.

The new AMP features in Google News is an AMP carousel of up to 14 front-page headlines and stories of the day. Users may then click on the story and see the AMP article viewer.

Users can browse up to 14 headlines there quickly, and click on any item to jump into the AMP viewer, optimized for fast-loading those AMP articles.

amp icon

All elements in the viewer can be swiped to continue to more stories from the carousel and are labeled with the AMP lightning bolt icon within the regular News stream to inform users if they are fast for browsing.

According to Google, AMP pages load four times faster and use ten times fewer data than their nonAMP’ed page. So, the impact for publishers and readers will be considerable. The AMP pages are currently available in the English US Edition, with the other languages and editions rolling out soon.


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