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How do Agencies outsource their SEO projects?

Examples of offers I have received to outsource my clients’ SEO Projects. Disclaimer: I am against the model of outsourcing SEO as I believe that most of these providers deliver nothing but spam and as a consequence the client website drops from the search index. The services you get fail […]

interactive visits

The Definitive Guide to Marketing for Startups

I will show you how to create a marketing strategy for your Start-up business. What to expect from this article: How to define your audience How to target your local market How to set the marketing KPIs How to research the competition What are the best channels for your Start-up […]


DMOZ is shutting down on March 14, 2017

The Open Directory Project (ODP) aka the DMOZ online directory will no longer be available from March 14, 2017. Why should anyone care about an online directory closing down? The news is that Google built its (Searchable) Directory ( discontinued in 2011) upon the ODP listings structure. The Search history […]

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The Advanced Guide to Marketing an IoT Startup

In this article I will present to you the SEO audit I run on a startup website in the IoT industry. You will find out how they perform in the most important incoming traffic channels, suggestions to optimize their marketing and other stuff. Contents A small intro about this Startup […]

sitemap indexation

Good indexation example

Getting your pages found by Google can be a real pain. But when your site is optimized good things happen. Your original sitemap may have only 1K pages but Google has discovered and indexed 9 times more pages on your site. It’s like having Google bot programmed to discovering pages […]

german travel state of seo

German Travel SEO Industry in January

Google shook again the German travel industry in January. SEO rankings present spikes and fluidity. Read more: Marketing on Snapchat How to get more Instagram followers and increase engagement How to merge multiple Google My Business (GMB) listings 6 reasons why you need a Mobile Responsive Website Accelerated Mobile Pages: […]


SEO of the Day – 31/1/2017

Lots of keywords on Google Germany. With every Google update working in favor of the website (the G images on the Y axis), their organic traffic remains low. That means they don’t get enough traffic regardless of their 1.1K keywords in the Google index. Read more: How to merge multiple […]

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The Definitive Guide to Marketing on Instagram

Do you know that active Instagram accounts range from 1,000+ to 100,000+ followers?   What to expect from this article I will talk in this post about growing a business account, keeping the fans engaged, adding location stories, using hashtags, and tracking everything with metrics.   Contents How Instagram can […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing on Snapchat

I will explain here how to market on the new social network; Snapchat Marketers are exploring the power of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram but why on earth spending money on Snapchat? Questions and doubts come into play. Is it effective? Will I be able to justify the spending to my client […]

guest blogging service

Another Guest Posting Service

Here is another spam message from a top authority blog posting provider: Read the post on why this technique is spam. —————— Offer #1 Disclaimer: The websites mentioned below are not even aware that Emma intends to bring them, clients, so don’t jump to conclusions that they engage in spam […]

disadvantages of paid backlinks

12 disadvantages of buying backlinks

The intent of writing this article is to help webmasters understand the risks involved and the low-value of using old growth methods. Update: June 15, 2017 Gary Illyes (Google) at the last SMX Advanced Conference while on stage he said that buying links from sites that sell guest blog posts […]

Google My Business listing

How to merge multiple Google My Business (GMB) listings

There could be instances where a client of yours has more than one listing in Google My Business. Google and people in the forums suggest you keep the best (optimized) listing, obviously having the most reviews, and delete the others. Now, removing the other listings may work to a point. […]


6 reasons why you need a Mobile Responsive Website

There are technical requirements and costs involved in any solution that makes a website mobile-friendly. There are not necessarily high but business owners need to consider every option. This article gives 6 reasons why you really need to consider making your website mobile-friendly. Let’s give a brief history. The shift […]

guest posting

Another Example of Guest Posting Spam

This time, the catch is on the low price, yet effective. Note the ‘reputed’ guest posting, the long experience (decade), the ‘influential’ character of this spam technique, the hilarious ‘barometric indices’ and the detailed process which adds a touch of professionalism to the offer. Read the post on why this […]

blog spam

Avoid this spam technique

This offer comes from Emma Smith ([email protected]) in my private email account. Supposedly, Emma is a real person that did a little of Linkedin research and grabbed the opportunity of offering her help in boosting my blog’s traffic. Note the bad grammar, the fake last name ‘Smith’ the catchy female […]

accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages: What are the benefits?

With the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Google is seeking to offer to the mobile users a better content experience. In this post, we address some questions related to AMP pages. Watch the informative video on AMP format   Of course, the adoption of the AMP standard has a […]

app extensions

How to use Ad Extensions in Adwords (Infographic)

The new features in Adwords help to increase the visibility of your ads and increase clickthrough rates by adding ad extensions. Ad Extensions are a new feature in Adwords. Let’s examine what they offer to advertisers. Why would an advertiser an advertiser want to use ad extensions? Google Tests have […]

mobile test results

Mobile-Friendly and Speed Test on Google News

I thought it would be interesting to run a mobile-friendly and speed test on Google News ( – US edition) given the opportunity of writing a post on Accelerated Mobile Pages introduced in Google News. I mean, if Google is pushing us all into optimizing all our properties, it makes […]


Accelerated Mobile Pages in Google News

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source initiative to make the mobile web as fast as possible. Big industry giants have joined the project and are regularly publishing AMP-versions of their content. Google started showing AMP pages in relevant mobile search results back in February this year, and they […]

dominating google

Dominating the first page of Google results

There was an interesting article lately published on about a case study they did on the Google first page results. Apparently, they found 16 big brands dominating Google first page for money making terms, ‘money keywords’ or ‘generic’ keywords as we call them. Which is sad, of course, because […]

last click model

Upcoming changes in Adwords

Google announced changes in the ad services The facts are that over half of the trillions of Google searches happen on mobile devices. Google will be introducing changes in AdWords at the bid setting section, which will be split by device type. And more to that, Google is updating text […]