How to Make Money with Bitcoin

Get 30% profit in 2 weeks guaranteed.
Program designed for people who want to make an extra income from Bitcoin.



Make an Extra Income from BTC

This program is for people who don't know how to make money from investing in financial products and learn a bunch of technicalities, then test their strategy for months with high risk losing their capital.

Usually, the investment pays off in 5-7 days, but I like to put an additional week to keep the pressure off both parties. You may send any amount over $50 via Paypal or deposit BTC to this wallet 3HvFpdHp3CoBNpEVZKWQ2buzQBCxnyDf2G.

This is not a scam or Ponzi-scheme. I am a real investor with dozens of transactions daily. It took me more than a year to come up with a strategy that pays off huge gains. Disclaimer: I get a commission investing your funds.


Strategy Explained

Feel free to verify the charts by consulting any BTC/USD price chart.

The screenshot below shows BTC price going up from Jan 25, 2020 till Feb 4, 2020. In Jan 26 BTC was trending at $8,335 and surged to $9,405 in Jan 28.

make money with BTC


Example #2

Another fresh example from January 2020, when BTC price starting at $8,151 jumped by $1,003 in 10 days.

Bitcoin buy alert


Example #3

BTC going from $7,203 to $8,466 in 6 days.

Bitcoin buy signal



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