Make an Extra Income from BTC

This program is for people who don't know how to make money from investing in financial products and learn a bunch of technicalities, then test their strategy for months with high risk losing their capital.

Usually, the investment pays off in 5-7 days, but I like to put an additional week to keep the pressure off both parties. You may send any amount over $50 via Paypal or deposit BTC to this wallet 3HvFpdHp3CoBNpEVZKWQ2buzQBCxnyDf2G.

This is not a scam or Ponzi-scheme. I am a real investor with dozens of transactions daily. It took me more than a year to come up with a strategy that pays off huge gains. Disclaimer: I get a commission investing your funds.


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Strategy Explained

Feel free to verify the charts by consulting any BTC/USD price chart.

The screenshot below shows BTC price going up from Jan 25, 2020 till Feb 4, 2020. In Jan 26 BTC was trending at $8,335 and surged to $9,405 in Jan 28.

make money with BTC



Example #2

Another example from January 2020, when BTC price starting at $8,151 jumped by $1,003 in 10 days.

Bitcoin buy alert



Example #3

BTC going from $7,203 to $8,466 in 6 days.

Bitcoin buy signal


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