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My name is Ted and I will help you generate more Leads and augment your Traffic in Wisconsin WI.

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Search Marketing in Wisconsin

Build an online brand in Wisconsin WI, and generate more leads. I will make sure that your business is listed everywhere so that prospects and clients visit your website instead of your competitors.

Note that all websites in Wisconsin WI, regardless of the competition, have equal chances to attract more customers.

Optimize for the Organic channel

I help businesses in Wisconsin WI, make more revenue regardless of the company size, niche or competition.

By that I mean augmenting their traffic, leads, maximize the brand mentions, optimize their conversions, and build more trust in regards to search engines or end-users.


Intelligence and Competition Research

wisconsin search marketing

I research your local niche to align my actions with your business goals


It is best to know well your audience

wisconsin seo

Understanding the online intent of a customer query


Landing page optimization

search marketing wisconsin

Conversions optimization is the most important website action


Show your business name everywhere

google seo in wisconsin

I make sure your company relates to all Wisconsin queries

online marketing WI

How advanced is my SEO?

  • Google changes its algorithm almost each month. All those Google changes affect the Wisconsin queries.
  • Most searches happen on mobile devices. People, leaving or transacting in Wisconsin use their cell phones. It's what I do all the time, and I am sure you do the same. That means that your business needs to show up first when a customer is close to it or within the radius you service.
  • Have you optimized your Adwords bids now that the right sidebar ads are gone? The Adwords budget is never too much. There are always areas that you can squeeze to get the maximum out of your campaigns.
  • Do you have a mobile-ready website? Is it optimized for the Accelerated Mobile Pages algorithm? Page and website speed is important because Google is looking for optimal user experiences and will only serve the fastest pages.

I know this all too much technical jargon and you need results. What you need is a dedicated expert who can take your Wisconsin website to the next level.

What do I need for Google in Wisconsin?

There are plenty of things that need your attention. Most of them are technical, so you will need all sorts of helping hands: i.e. a strategy planner, someone who works on the plan, an expert to measure the marketing performance, and an expert influencer.

In brief I could lay out the following requirements:

  1. Strategy - Marketing Plan: During the planning phase, I will analyze your business requirements, build a marketing plan, research what your local/area competition is doing, and set your budget and expectations.
  2. As I am an expert with exact methods and technical implementation, I will translate all my findings into action steps i.e. how to create content, or what elements on your website can be optimized for queries within Wisconsin WI.
  3. Then I will pun into play my power as an influencer, populating the business message. Essentially, it is a role of a brand ambassador who takes the business to the next level, bringing in the power of the digital channel.
  4. I will monitor every marketing action/campaign, and I will share the performance with the marketing manager. My digital analytics experience will help adjust for better results and efficient spending.

That is all that it takes to rank a website in local searches in Wisconsin WI, and start generating leads and making sales.

The services I provide are Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Google Adwords (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Mobile Marketing.


Locations that I serve

I optimize websites in the following locations for visibility in Wisconsin WI, and local listings in Google Maps.

Milwaukee -- Wisconsin.


seo expert wisconsin

Experience and High Performance

Best is when I have full control over the client's properties, so I never outsource my SEO services to external providers as most agencies do. That is to make sure I provide the highest quality to my client and get the job done. My tactics stay current with all the changes in the search industry.

The entrepreneurs who have worked with an expert SEO consultant know very well what services to expect and what is their value to their business. Years of experience and methods that still work secure the optimal results for the client with the highest traffic opportunities. Not all industries and markets are the same, and traffic can vary from business to business, but the tactics are the same and apply to every online property.


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