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- My name is Ted w/ a Masters Degree & 10+ yrs Experience in Digital Marketing
- Have managed 6-digit Budgets
- Google Certified Partner
- Certified in SEO by the University of California, Davis
- Startup Mentor & Organizer of Marketing Groups w/ 160+ members.

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Search Marketing in Virginia

I offer high-end SEO services in Virginia VA. With my services, you will generate more online leads. I secure your business listing in all places visited by your target audience. Instead of seeing your competitors, they will find your brand.

I stress the fact that, regardless of the existing or future competition, all websites in Virginia VA have equal chances to show up in top positions.

Rank in the Search Engines for the Best Keywords

I help businesses in Virginia VA, generate more revenue online regardless of the company size, niche or competition in the search engines.

My working method is to maximize their traffic, leads, brand mentions, and then optimize for conversions. Conversions are the key metric as you don't need any traffic, but traffic that converts, and builds more trust in regards to search engines or end-users.


Intelligence and Competition Research

Virginia SEO Expert

Start with researching the local niche and align with business goals


The best audience insights

Virginia SEO Company

The intent behind a user search query, and how to exploit it


Landing Pages

Virginia SEO Agency

Your best pages optimized for conversions


Get found in more online places

Virginia SEO Consultant

I beat your competition by mentioning your brand everywhere

Virginia SEO Services

How good is my SEO?

  • I need to keep current with all those Google changes that happen month after month and affect all search queries related to Virginia. To rank an online property, you need to know what works now and what does not.
  • As the searches happen in more devices, you can expect that people will search, visit, and transact with their cell phones, tablets, and other devices, i.e., the Internet of Things (IoT). So the customer journey is complicated, and all channels/devices contribute. The key is to show your business within the top results when a client is looking for similar products/services or is physically nearby.
  • If your website is mobile-ready, you will have more people visiting as data shows that most of the queries are now happening on mobile devices. What happens if your site is not mobile-friendly? Simple, I transform it into a modern one without leaving the old looks. The important is to have it ready for mobile as Google is now favoring websites with Accelerated Mobile Pages or simply put, fast mobile websites. Google is seeking the optimal user experience and will serve only the fastest pages.

What does the Virginia SEO Expert offer?

In brief, website optimization, content optimization, and a lot of promotion with content relevant to your products/services. As I am an online marketer I need to raise attention to your offer, so I need to find online the people interested and put your offer in front of their eyes so they can make their decision right on the spot. Please note that people tend to think about before converting, so you should expect multiple visits before making a transaction.

My plan to grow your brand online follows these steps:

  1. Strategy - Marketing Plan: At the planning phase, I check how your business needs can align with the online growth potential, then detail each campaign into the marketing plan taking into consideration where your competitors stand and how much budget you can allocate. It all then translates into action steps, a publishing calendar, budget splits, and targets to meet.
  2. I am an expert with analytic methods and very technical. I will build an action plan that your programmers or my team can run, i.e., how to create content, what parameters can be optimized, how to target local clients in Virginia VA.
  3. With the best content, I will populate your business offer and influence people into making a purchase decision based on your products/services firm points. I will act as a brand ambassador taking your business to the next level, and exploiting to the fullest the power of the digital channel.
  4. I will monitor every campaign, and share the performance with your marketing team/manager. Backed up with strong analytics you will know what and when performs well so you can keep the growing trend, and spend efficiently.

To rank locally (local SEO) in Virginia VA, you do not need any other help. Research the niche and the local competition, create the content and optimize it for conversions, promote the content. That is all.

So, here are the services that can help with creating an influx of visitors attracted by the business offer: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Local Maps listings, Google Adwords (Paid Search), Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing (Video Optimization), and Mobile Marketing.


What locations I serve

I work with businesses in the following locations in Virginia VA.

Alexandria -- Chesapeake -- Hampton -- Newport -- Norfolk -- Portsmouth -- Richmond -- Roanoke -- Suffolk -- Virginia Beach.


SEO Expert Virginia

High-end SEO Performance

I like to have full control over my campaigns, that is why I never outsource my SEO services to external, foreign providers that work for peanuts as most agencies do. Making sure that I provide the highest quality to my client, and feel confident that the job gets done with the greatest expertise.



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