Site optimization is critical

Building a robust infrastructure will benefit the most on your rankings

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Having an optimized website is critical to SEO performance

Strong roots yield more crops they say, and it's never too late to lay a solid foundation for SEO to grow naturally.

site optimization

Evergreen SEO

It needs a solid ground to flourish. A robust site with lots of rankings in competitive and long-tail keywords bases on its site structure. That's what search engines love, why not meet their needs?

Building a search engine friendly site is not an easy thing to do as there are many on-page factors to consider. You need an SEO consultant to help you accomplish this goal. If you are building a large site or redesigning your old one, the project might be huge and will take weeks to complete.

Having reservations

Is it worth it? It is. You will see the gains after having the search engines read the entire structure and assess the quality of work done on-site. Usually, in a month or so, the first results are shown in the rankings. As they build authority, websites tend to go much better, and their rankings scale over time. Long-tail keywords rank easier and quicker, while the whole site is getting a traffic increase. It is a recommended thing to do, and our best results come from optimized sites. What do we do?

We record the current situation and the overall marketing needs or strategy of the owner, taking into account the statistics and the traffic potential. We make a detailed plan of the structure and content. The aim is to make things simpler, user-friendly and search engine compatible. We use evergreen methods that will last for the next 3-5 years at least. We optimize the interlinking of pages, taking measures against duplicate content, correcting any coding that might interfere with our goals, monitoring and adjusting till we are satisfied with the site performance.

On-site optimization is a separate process to address with the proper care and expertise. You need to avoid taking hasty actions and shortsighted decisions as they will not result in any gains. You need to have the whole picture and follow your experience on-site construction or redesign.

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