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The steps you need to take for further improving your site SEO performance

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Not a rocket science

As a webmaster, you need to market the right way your website. I believe the first step is to understand your audience, how they think, what they need, how they are searching for knowledge to satisfy their needs.

Empowered with the ability and knowledge to understand the needs of the audience, the webmaster/marketer can proceed on making the right decisions regarding the creation of website content and the way to promote it.

Keyword research is done right

Doing the research to define your target audience will also reveal the keyword opportunities to rank and create content that offers some value to them. Creating value for the public is is a major step as it helps to build trust, user engagement and buzz.

It is important to note here, that evaluating and filtering the final group of SEO keywords, requires setting realistic goals, within your budget and website potential. When I am optimizing a new website or targeting a new niche, it makes sense to me lowering my expectations, make some work, then wait for the site to grow in traffic flows and get stronger SEO-wise, before setting a more advanced goal.

Mapping the keywords to landing pages

It helps when we improve the site SEO performance, to build the right amount of landing pages with all the selling elements in place and where we expect the incoming traffic and the conversions to happen.

Of course, those landing pages are built following the above steps, meaning understanding and defining the audience, targeting the right keywords, and placing them wisely on the page.

The outreach part

Let's pass on now to what you can do on the website as it is also critical to improving the SEO performance. A site with the best content ever on its niche does not bring anything to the owner if its content is unknown to the audience. That is why the marketer needs to reach the audience using external tools and social networks thus creating the buzz necessary to uplift the content and make people understand the value of the site. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube are some of the biggest networks to share the website content and more content optimized for the audiences to drive traffic, shares, and backlinks to the site.

Another thing you can do is to find other website owners who share the same niche with you and promote each other's content by any means.

These are some tips to get you started. Remember, audience(s), content, optimization, and social buzz are too important to be left out of your strategy.

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