Aggressive or Intensive SEO

If you are into this, you should stop right now!

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You might be harming your site

This post is for serious business people and website owners who invest in their sites and worry for the next day to come for their business.

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Our website talks about our brand

Our way of living makes everybody want to grow and develop at a fast pace. Rapid growth, quick money, top search engine rankings, massive sales. Is that what you need?

Sorry, it's not going to happen. Simply it won't. Because things don't work this way in the real world. Get out of this illusion!

Step back for a min and think

Just sit back and think for a sec. How is it possible, to take a new or 'thin' website and bring it to the top 10 in one or two months? How feasible is that?

How do you think you can fool the search engines and get away with it? Just how possible is that to happen? How on earth, you spend a couple of bucks and out of the blue you find yourself outranking strong competitors and beating down search engines algorithms?

Let's be real. Don't let anybody fool you. No more irrational promises and shady gimmicks. Why don't you let your website grow at a natural pace?

I know how it goes. You don't have incoming traffic, no phone calls, zero sales. Someone made you a tempting offer for a couple of hundred bucks and there you go, you find yourself hoping for top rankings with a 'thin' website.

Let me tell you one thing, though. You can't imagine how wrong this is that you're doing right now. You're not aware that you are already messing up with your backlink profile, showing abnormal growth. Soon, the negative results will be evident. In the best case scenario, you will make it to the first three pages in short time. The bad case scenario is that you will get an over-optimized anchor text penalty, and your rankings will disappear.

Too much trouble, not worth it

The worst case scenario is that your site gets de-indexed overnight, and things are irreversible. Do you want that to happen? I don't believe anybody running a serious business has the nerve to risk so much. I think you don't know how things work in the SEO industry, and your SEO-illiteracy led you to make this serious mistake.

Aggressive SEO is the last thing you want to be doing right now. Google has taken measures to eliminate fast ranking schemes, and websites are threatened with severe toll when engaging into aggressive, fast, over-optimized anchor text tactics. Plain and straightforward, it doesn't work, and it's too risky.

We all make mistakes, what matters is what we learn from them. Maybe there is still time to amend the fault, take now the decision to end the campaign and work hard for your site. Build authority, make it stronger, and rankings, traffic, and sales will come in due time.

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