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I make your online properties more visible in the web, that means more targeted traffic and leads

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First Page SEO

ERGOSEO provides high-end SEO Services to corporate websites from Europe, Australia, and the States. I focus on augmenting website traffic via top search engine results, while at the same time building up your website authority.

I also offer website SEO Audits, Consultation and Coaching. I have a strong background in optimizing websites for the search engines i.e. content optimization, page interlinking, optimized silos/site structure, duplicate content elimination, website migration, page redirects, etc.

Result-oriented SEO services

I are always updating our knowledge, testing stuff, staying alert for algorithm updates. I never outsource my services; I do in-house SEO, and I have a lot of ways of delivering first page rankings.

Please note that I do not offer cheap SEO services. My services cost but a fraction of the inbound traffic and sales that you will be getting when we position you as an authority in your market.

Rankings demand resources

premium seo

It requires commitment, hard work, patience and money invested. If you can satisfy all the requirements, you have potential. If not, check what you can get from cheap SEO services or do PPC.

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